The Worst Vehicle In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

People often debate about which tank or plane in War Thunder the worst, but for me it’s no competition. The Type 93 SPAA is the single most useless vehicle in the entire game. Its Type 91 missiles (pretty much the equivalent FIM-92 Stingers) are broken in numerous ways, which means that even though it can only engage air targets, it needs to be extremely lucky to get a kill on one.

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  1. Type 93? I believe you mean japanese Humvee avenger ripoff.

    (What is it with japanese top tier and being ripoffs of other countries… I mean jeez, the Type 90 is just a japanese Leopard 2A4)

  2. Didn’t you make a video saying you wanted something like this added to warthunder?

  3. Your missiles are pacifists

  4. I mean the only good thing is it’s drifting ability

  5. This is just sad

  6. w onder what brainless dude at gaijin set this vehicle to 9.7.. even the Wirbelwind is better at high tier

  7. wow, so happy I stopped playing this garbage and only gave gayjin $30

  8. You mean the faatest?

  9. 2:18 Weow

  10. Anarchy And Empires

    I don’t know if anybody noticed but it wasn’t just you that missed the American Helicopter you were shooting was also shooting you with hellfires and they all f****** missed, you can tell because there’s a rock that gets orbital bombed about a hundred meters away from you.

  11. Those missiles really like tracking the ground.

  12. When i got it i frequently keeped asking people in chat if all SAM are so retarded.

  13. The missile knows where it isn’t

    And that is on target

  14. Чамэrоo!ゝ_く

    Its like the game only knows rear aspect AAM lol

  15. It literally couldn’t even hit a prop. SMH.

  16. The vehicle isn’t bad.
    Some of the players are simply saying “No.” to the missile.
    The missile cant him them without their consent.

  17. at least it serves its purpose which is killing air targets (every now and then), but if this is the worst vehicle in wt i wonder where the stormer lies.

  18. “The missile DOESN’T know where it is”

  19. Why did you include a bunch of clips of people using flares lmao

  20. Worst vehicle is china

  21. thats beacuse the type 93 wasnt designed to be used for killing things. its made for people who wanna tokyo drift but cant afford forza horizon

  22. 2:18 rocket did incredible job, that was very hard to not hit this xd

  23. So basically playing the type 91 is like playing war thunder as a basic infantry unit using the ai rpg from COD 4 that always weave out at the last second

  24. Shakey launcher at 1:22 was my fave part 🤣

  25. The worst vehicle is the 4 maxim gaz because 7.62 vs armor isn’t very good

  26. It may be bad but its fun

  27. The missile don’t know where it is because it doesn’t know where it isn’t.

  28. So the missile pulls a Switzerland right before it hits a target?

  29. that gotta be the worst missile i have ever seen

  30. Me using the type 4 anti air in warthunder and watching him complain about this

  31. Краб Крабович

    cool fireworks

  32. I wish they worked like the UN varient on mercenaries the game lol

  33. Can we get a 1.0 vehicle that is just a Humvee with a .50 on the roof?
    Or the other Humvee with a missile launcher on the roof.

  34. With a vehicle like that, it’s not wonder Japan lost the Wars. The thing would miss a battleship.

  35. italian m113 tow is worst thing in this game for sure !!!!!!!!!

  36. They should replace it with a Toyota hilux with some nice missles on the back

  37. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    Looks like the missiles were more coded to deal with jets flying in fast straight lines than anything else… and it even failed to do that half the time.

  38. Theres a reason why its called miss-ile

  39. It’s cool they put fireworks launchers in Warthunder.

  40. It’s like 25 % of the missiles just go “nope”

  41. 2:17
    Okay, now I get it xD

  42. Missile: *tracks perfectly
    Also missile, 100m away from target: lol nope, screw you I am going home chief

  43. For someone that has extensive use of a HMMWV. Yes. Turning sucks in these things… @Spookston
    Not exactly the same vehicle, but the Type 93 is chassis is based off it. They both weight a shit ton for a wheeled vehicle of it’s size

  44. Gaijin took inspiration from how much stinger is needed to take down a hind in Metal Gear Solid.

  45. It’s pretty much just a cap rushing vehicle seeing as it’s worthless as an spaa essentially

  46. “The type 93 is the worst vehicle in war thunder” life of Boris would like to talk with you about something’s in private
    [YES] [YES]

  47. The worst vehicle is the type 90 ATM

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