The_Biggest_Channel_Announcement_Ever.mp4 200,000 Special – Future, Plans, 55,000 Gold Winners!

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Source: DezGamez

Big Announcement, Channel Update and Future Plans, Giveaway Winners 55,000 Gold Giveaway!

What’s up?


  1. EDIT: HOLY SH**, the comment section is ON FIRE, damn, thank you very much for all the nice words, my friends! ❤
    Thanks for the 🔥200,000🔥 subscribers once again, my lovely friends! Hopefully here’s to another 100,000! ❤
    Btw, some winners once again received Gold Packages from my “PaysToWin” account, because main one got BLOCKED from sending out more gifts, LOL, AGAIN:
    Anyway, feeling super happy to share this kind of stuff with you today, have a good one, my friends! 🔥

    • This is annoying. We are here for WoT and you tell us about something not related. The title was “the biggest channel announcement”, not your biggest personal announcement. This video would be a big thumbs up if you would just put the right title on the video. Now you have just wasted our time telling us something totally off-topic to your title. Just one more step toward un-subscribing and blocking this channel. Stop click batting with false titles.

    • Maarten van Roest

      PapaDez congratulations. Being a dad is awsome. Sleep is a problem but the reward is the best.
      Good luck with your channel.

    • GG Dez. Be blessed, hope you manage to find a good wife, baby, life, work balance.

    • Congrats!!!!!… you are officially BOOMER….our second boomer-contributor together with Marty_vole XD

    • @Andrew White if you can’t be happy for the man, just scroll on by. We don’t need your rude and if I’m honest, unnecessary comment here. Unlike you, we actually enjoy hearing small updates about Dez and his real life. It makes him personable and relatable. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. It’s common courtesy really.

  2. Congrats to being a successful father.

  3. congrats

  4. Congrats dez 👍👨‍👩‍👧💞

  5. This awesome! Congratz man!

  6. Congrats, DezGamez… Noting is bigger than becomming a parent, nothing is more imortant and it’s one of the most enjoyable moments in one’s life.

  7. Congratulations uncle Dez!!! ❤

  8. Congrats, DEZ!!!

  9. Congrats man, so happy for u

  10. Lazar Mladenovic

    Congrats Dez! This is most EPIC title any of us can get and I hope I get that one soon. I hope that past year will be the toughest one in your life! This will be good times. Say hello to little Dez from your awesome community 😉

  11. im happy for dez and congratulation to all achievements . i stop play world of tanks due all is base in rng and even if you most skill and you well prepare tactic you stab by game to back . and new equipment make game worst . but will follow because your videos is epic and chill 🙂

  12. Congratz! Keep doing ur job !;) u’re doing well!

  13. Dez, Congratulations on this life-changing event for you and your partner. A little one is one of the most drastic yet rewarding events in a person’s life. I wish you all the luck and health.
    However, to be the coolest father in the world you also have to be able to platoon with your sons, like me 🙂

  14. Unlicensed Memes

    Congrats man, atleast 2020 is a good year for you 😀


  16. Mattias Tellram

    Super congratz PapaDez!!!

  17. Awesome! Great to hear that, hope he becomes a beast like you!

  18. Congratulations 🙂

  19. Unlicensed Memes

    WG does not deserve the money, even though i play this game a lot its like self harm. I’m addicted but the product is trash. Arty, gold, wheels, all the reason for the bane of my existence and MANY others. So for that, i hate WG.

  20. Congratz Dez

  21. Congrats!

  22. Dez is the “dadda”……..Excellent…..Glad you are all doing okay.

  23. Congrats, most likely your time will fly faster then before… we always say time flies when you have kids. ..

  24. SHIP….(!!!) as we have talked before, THIS is another great segment.
    Your news, your reasons for keeping it personal, its all respected and I don’t think many would pass on a harmful word to you for trying to maintain your privacy during the first year. Those things are very private and no one should judge why you focused on these issues.
    –I think your girl, your manager, your stronger half, the one with a good opinion towards “reasoning” in your aspects, your views, encouraging, challenging you to find new ways to move forward in your channel…she’s on track, she’s locked-in, she deserves a good cup of coffee, maybe a few foot rubs!!!!
    Good job Momma, keep him on his toes! Hunter/Gatherer.
    –I would like you to consider something, as funny it may sound, but I wonder if WG/WOT’s would consider it.
    A Baby-dez helmet figure/skin for the game (like on this channel with the helmet in blue) with baby words to use as voice-overs for game-play action. one phrase could mean, that one bounced, etc…in baby talk? Imagine the sound clip for being stunned by artillery…baby crying in the ears of the players being stunned? adding to the annoying Arty mantra of the game!!
    Imagine where this came from in my mind and I hope you are smiling. It could be legacy for him as the channel grows, a segment in time.
    I would sponsor that initiative.
    Video-logs? Sure, why not. people would love to see the aspects of your home-grounds, the views, historical features, culture. its community.
    besides you, how many other subscribers have been to Estonia? (I’ll wait….).
    The things you do for your subscribers, adding to their days with such moments, receiving a gift, a prize an segment on their epic battle, win or lose…thats a good thing. Thats called, Enabling.
    its a hidden thing that we chosen few have done for decades in the unconventional profession…we bring you to the facilitation point, getting you to build something using your own skills. And now, you get to see it for yourself when you witness it; you witness it because of your own hard work.
    Now, your life, your personal life, has grown too.
    You know from me personally, in my day’s while in other countries, one of my few moments that gave me something to distract myself in was THIS Channel.
    for 20 minutes or so, I could take a break…so it affects us all, gives us something to watch, maintain connections, add comments, or just watch someone have a good battle…and you portrayed them. You need to continue showing their epic fails or lose segments. People will either applaud or sigh in disbelief at that crucial moment, then, hopefully laugh about it…because after all, its a game.
    remember this, your family is first…do what you must, even if you walk away from this to take a break and go fishing or to the park with your family…do it.
    You only get 1-shot at this…mistakes will be made…learn from the lesson.
    All the best and Im glad you shared this update.
    PS. Don’t forget, you owe her some foot rubs!

  25. Congratulations 🎉👏 Dez.
    You are now a Father 💪.
    Make sure he doesn’t get hooked with world of tanks.

  26. Congratulations papadez, its a huge positive change to your lifestyle and enjoy your life 110%

  27. Sebastian Meier

    Gratulations to you. Wish you and your family all the best!

  28. Daniel1988 Jones

    Congratulations man glade things are getting back on track and you do great work for the community Thank you.

  29. Arvin Dave Velasco

    PapaDez or DaddyDez hmmmm?? 🤔🤔🤔

    Gratz again on your 200k subs and grats on your BabyDez you will be a great father sure of it.

    Thank you always for your hardwork and content. May God always bless you man. 👍👍👍

  30. Faidon Karamesinis

    I am one of the previous contest gold winners: u kinda vindicated part of my life philosophy.


  31. Congrats to the mother DEZ for the MiniDez ! Enjoy life and the baby.

  32. Omg im so happy! This is the best suprise ever!

    Server: DezHouse
    Name: Little Dezy


  33. Lionnel Lacouloumere

    Congrats Dez !!!

  34. Congratulations, Dez! Time to put the baby seat on the motorcycle and do another cruising video!

  35. Dez, we wish you the best from heart!🙂

  36. Congratz !!

  37. Gratz, Papa Dez & especially Moma Dez. 😉
    As long as Mom and boy are healthy, all is well.
    When will Baby Dez start to post at YT, 2? 😉

  38. William Eichenberger

    Congrats!!! My two year old changed my life a lot (sometimes a little less WOT playing of course) but definitely for the best. lol

  39. Congrats man! big ups from New Zealand

  40. Congratulation Dez, You have got another tanker in progress. Hope, everything will be ok. Love from The Czech Republic.

  41. LIttleJimmy Jingles

    Congratulations Dez! You will make a great Dad! Papa Dez! No wonder you were moving rooms around in the winter…..nursery? You will have to start an account for him so he accrues some goodies!

  42. Hiteshwar Ramesh

    Congrats Dez!! Face reveal at 300k pls

  43. advice : PUT ALL THINGS UP that little dez will gap everythings 😉

  44. Papa Dez congratulations

  45. Congratulations papa Dez!

  46. Congrants for the baby


  48. Congratz dez! Hope he is going well ! 🙂

  49. Sebastiaan De Vries

    gratz from holland DEZ! i think you will be a great father, also gratz to the miss manager 🙂

  50. Yay!….. Giveaways 😀

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