There’s a reason i used to BAN this map..

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Another day, another ace, but man this map bad!


  1. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Only thing i love on this map is the background music lol

  2. That me! 0:04

  3. I have Paris banned, and when I get a premium for free I ban Airfield.

  4. I like the map for the most part but it definitely think it could be improved. Give it a Kharkov rework. Open it up a bit more. Something, wargaming… something.

  5. Thank you! I hate this map with a passion, with arty its even worse. Highway, This, Minsk, Pilsen are the ones i hate the most

  6. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I hate Abbey and Murovanka cause I always get the same fucking map like I’m so fed up with the match maker honestly ….

  7. They should put in a minimal of 20 map bans then I might actually enjoy the game for once.

  8. I never played this map… I dont wot anymore and just looking at the mini map at the start of the game I said hell no… Small map. Wide open. No concealment anywhere. No buildings or city or hard terrain for the heavies. And 0 place for LTs to go spot for the team etc. Yeah this map is trash

  9. Glad i quit this trash game.i think its over a year now.and i had 80k+ gold and 2500wn8.2011 account(im just bragging but yeah i really loved it at some point)still really cinematic game to watch on a big tv screen or big monitot

  10. Fuckers in WG need to allow to ban at least 10 maps. Even that don’t would be enough, how bad idiots in map design are.

  11. Most popular banned maps are Ensk, Himmelsdorf

  12. Paris and God knows what.

    Most reworked maps play like ass, so by that standard we would play on 3 maps or there abouts.

  13. I honestly really hate this map too, certainly with a heavy. There’s literally no where to go except for the factory if you don’t have decent gun depression without getting hammered by TD’s in the bushes. Nice game though! 🙂 It’s not bad enough to ban for me.

    I currently have banned Paris, a map I just can’t make to work for some reason, and Minsk too. Both terrible maps in my opinion. I don’t like Airfield but that’s okay because there’s at least decent cover from TD/arty, so not bad enough to get rid off. Also don’t like Abbey, Mountain Pass and Empire’s border because of the overabundance of corridors, even in a well armored heavy that isn’t fun. And last but not least: Province which is so small you can’t move without getting killed. It’s basically the most impatient team that loses 9/10 (1/10 the other team is retarded and doesn’t use their advantage). That one would take the place of either Paris or Minsk if one of those would get better.

  14. I never banned this map. Whilst I acknowledge that it’s really bad – I find it’s quite easy to get big damage games here. Some of my best games have been on this map, over 9k in a T30 for example.

    • I put up with it for the same reason, had some really high damage games playing in the south with meds, farming the top tier heavies sideways in the north from the ditch never gets old, if enemy yolo the ditch at the start though, it usually ends up bad for the allies, I find this anyway.

  15. snowisthebestweather

    Erlenberg and Airfield are my banned maps. 2 massive camp-fests.

  16. I hate Ensk. Small map and generally matches have 3 artillery on each side. Impossible to play

  17. They need to give us map bans on console 🙁 I’d ban fjords and serene coast

  18. But there’s a cute puppy dog on the mini map

  19. See, there’s 3 things that keep me watching Circon even though I’ve not touched WoT in like 4 years now: you’re outrageously funny, you’re a great player who also tries to help others improve, and you actively point out good plays/behaviors from other players (instead of just focusing on the bad stuff like a lot are tempted to).

  20. T95/Cheiftain is my favorite MBT thus added to the game :^)

  21. Fjords is quite bad as well IMO

  22. Jandre Labuschagne

    Lakeville is worse. Change my mind. Such a crap bag. 2/3 of the map is unpassable. If you are grinding heavies or somewhat armored mediums it’s OK. Otherwise it’s shit

  23. Unpopular opinion: I actually quite like this map, and the music oof, the fucking cherry on the top

  24. Oh sure, this is one of the better maps in the game. Ensk, Empires Border and Kharkov are the real headache maps.

  25. Double the size of this map and I guess it would be fine. Or at least better than now.
    The actual size is so stupid, it could be a bigger CoD Map.

  26. It’s not just on this map, nearly every 1.0 map has very strong “TD camping ridges” on or near base which provide wide open killing fields in multiple directions they can engage from absolute safety and frequently also hard cover.

    Just bad map design pampering to bad players.

    • And flattened out alot of the terrain to suit tanks with poor gun depression, like Russian tanks.

    • Pretty much the entire field is useless. You get shot from everywhere. Removes effectively half the map from being playable area, save for Mario Karts. The mid ditch I think is a bit too strong, it’s virtually impossible to dig someone out of it, and it makes the village harder to push.

    • I really wish they could make these middle dead zones actually usable, so much wasted space, even just a another ditch running east to west like the one north to south would make it usefull.

  27. Fudgerino McDoogle

    wait wait wait *hold up*

    *which T95 are we talking about*

    • Fudgerino McDoogle , the clanwars reward Chieftan. Mobility of a lightly armoured medium, armour of a superheavy, penetration of a TD, and usually packing more Gold than Fort Knox.

  28. that first shot Circon……
    Just, GOD DAMN!

  29. Ensk when i have prem time + Himmelsdorf all ways turned off encounter as 90% of the time morons play them like norm maps >> love to watch scouts and dumb meds and heavys try to push a base thats not there

  30. Wow TDs are just as boring as SPGs

  31. most maps suck, if only WG spent the time they did on the soundtrack on better map design. Too many maps with useless open spaces that stimulates camping

  32. Alessandro Borelli

    I banned Erlemberg. I can’t play it, especially with a heavy in the village while teammates always seem to lose the flank and I get shot from everywhere.
    Maybe I simply don’t know it well enough to be comfortable with it.

  33. Nice to see you punishing wheelie-bois circon. Thanks for the years of quality content and fun,

  34. Shinyone Incarnate

    The clown cars remind me of going to the carnival, stepping up to the both, & trying to shoot the moving ducks. Can anyone say rigged.

  35. Thats why i ban this map, morons camp in midt, then they smart 1 comes from flanks = Game over.

  36. I gave a thumbs up for the game play.. but disagree with your comments and thoughts about the map. Its one of the few maps that is not a “corridor” map. Keep up the good work!

  37. Instead of introducing a new map every year, WG is just happy to sell a new premium every second week … disgusting …

  38. 8:28
    *So you have chosen death*

  39. Laughs in Mines and Airfield

    • thodkats , Fucken Airfield! The only play you can make on that map is to wait and hope the enemy team fucks up more than your team does.

    • @Playwme Bawls you said it brother. As Skill4ltu put it very accurately : you push you lose. xD

  40. FR though, why does this heavy tank-chassis TD have less HP than the Borsig?
    Then the next tank in the line has freaking 1800HP… what were they thinking lol

  41. Your first shot on that EBR. HOW DID YOU MISS THE WHEELS? RNG is never that good to me.

  42. *Wheelie boi goes into the wheelie bin!*

  43. I actually like this map right now – me and it have an arrangement whereby I have good games on this map…

  44. I hate those ridges near the base, same goes for cliff and kharkov. You try and make a play just to get shot by a bushwanker in base. This map has some potential but this feels lazy

  45. I still ban this map.

  46. Circon – slapping wheelies into the bin since 2019 so you don’t have to.

  47. Was he being sarcastic about this tank being bad? The gun seems to behave well.

  48. Hallmark of WG’s new shitty map design, where half the map is either:
    Flat ground that is all but impassable because it’s flat and uncovered so you get shot to death trying to move, or
    Literally unplayable as there’s a bunch of mountains, buildings or other shit that only serves to make artillery more useless and funnels everyone into concentrated areas of play.

    Ironically, one of the maps I despise for the latter reason, Mountain Pass, served up my most recent ace tanker.

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