THESE ARE INSANE | Challenger 1 and B1 Cent | Armored Warfare Assault

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Source: Schwalbe

2 of the best top tier in away in one video

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. منوعات الالعاب

    No no com ARK

  2. ark video please 🙁

  3. i’ll probably try out the tank game tho lol but ark tho :(((

  4. I thought you were dead

  5. Kinda like Wot blitz

  6. Sorry I haven’t been able to get big videos out. I messed up my wrist and it hurts to record and edit so I’ve been taking some time to hopefully get better 🙁

  7. Hi what dis

  8. du passiv ich aktiv

    Ark please love you (:

  9. God damn it i just 11/25 but u facking done

  10. Ark please??

  11. Nice to see this again good work as always schwalbe

  12. Fong Iman • 50 years ago


  13. What is this game

  14. Yeah I play this… I don’t have the Challenger 1 but I have T-64BV xD this Challenger 1 seems very OP. And the B1 is completely broken.

  15. Plz download ark survival
    i learn more somethings from u

  16. Isn’t amoured warfare in mobile just bots?

  17. How do you record live videos, because I want too for my channel

  18. Me look title of vid. (Serously i can’t think of anything lol)
    Me:Two insane tanks?…
    Me after vid.

  19. this game just laggy
    i cant describe it in another way

  20. Vroom vroom

  21. Hi schwalbe love your vids sm ????????

  22. ORABIGaming TheBossMaster

    congrats for the 50 subs.

  23. I want ark :<

  24. I think everyone likes the ark vids better hope your wrist gets better


  26. I forgot this game existed lol

  27. ?????? What is this?????? Play ARK M8 i think thats what ALOT of people would LOVE to see alot more of on this channel. The game suits u. Not this game where tanks go pew pew and no one knows whats happening. But alot of people know whats happening on Ark so upload some of that. Please…..
    Edit: I do have to admit the tank thumbnails look pretty cool xD

  28. Make ark videos

  29. Hello long time no see <3

  30. Ohhhh pls ark videos

  31. ı hate tank videos

  32. Ark please

  33. How did you get so much gold?

  34. What I hate is that now, the more humans you have, the easier it is to win…

  35. Congrats on 50 k and 800 vids!

  36. Anyone got tips what to tame and to do before level 50?? Im struggling because i only have like a trike, a raptor and a pteranodon, i dont know what to tame after

  37. ARK pleassss

  38. So what are the abilities and what do they do, is it like the other challenger?

  39. Isn’t this basic,y blitz

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