THESE MISSILES GO 3000 MPH | Most Advance Anti-Air Pantsir

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. SU100Y

  2. nothing better than seeing cas players getting annihilated

  3. Phly u see how u done a masterclass for the tiger 1, do another masterclass for tiger 2 or panther

  4. Godzilla boi 2021

    Still not faster than my math teachers handwriting

  5. I just comment hi

    Hi, day 4

  6. To all those fed up with this i do have a solution. Up close like 6-7 kms of pantsir the missile cant pull much. Just fly in circles around it and most of them just fire off their missiles and waste ammo. I find this extremely satisfying once they are out, bomb then to Kingdom come. I use su22 and the tornado for this. Good luck pilots….

  7. that’s why nobody, except tards ans hackrs plays high tiers, it sucks. And all you just showed is how this crap is uneffectif and total shit

  8. 0:56
    I like how you took a solid 8 seconds to stop and think about that statement lmao

  9. fantastic

  10. Shame on you phly! SHAME ON YOU! You are an important youtuber and you are complicant to the russian Bias in this game! You do nothing and say nothing about it! You are part of the greed that surrounds gaijin, you stay silent and dont speak up on the unbalance bs top tier is. Top tier is complete unbalanced russian sided lies dude! They make the US tanks so essy to blow up and the russian tanks super tanks! They give russia hwlicopters with missles bs missles that outperform everything! They give russia spaa that outperformes every other nation! Its BIAS bs and you sit and act exited about the launch of vehicles like this! Sell out

  11. I’ve heard of a system on American aircraft that when radar achives a lock it auto fires an agm back to the source.

  12. attempt #31 use the M134 turrets on the huey and role play as a gunship

  13. Day 8: Hey Steve may you please make a nice long and long introduced video on the T-10M and even try to get a nuke with it, this would be super highly appreciated Phly.

  14. Martian Lives Matter

    Russia don’t need your American reverse gear propaganda. Russia only know one direction, forward.

  15. Day 292: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  16. Russia Top Tier: Best tank and tank lineup, best SAM/SPAA, best IFV, best dedicated fighters, arguably best CAS in the 27k (plus they’re the only ones allowed to fly), best helicopters that are also basically the only helicopters that can kill everything….

    Seems fair

  17. Put the F-117 Nighthawk in the game

  18. And meanwhile ,China Tor has everything totally worse than this thing,in same BR 11.3

  19. Your_Future_Waifu

    Day 34, we’ve seen the Sturmtiger and ASU-57 at top tier, Now we want to se the RBT-5 at top tier WITH OddBawz and Spookston


    Everytime I bring out an F-14 or F-16A I get fucked in ground RB. I cant ground pound at all without worrying about fucking SPAA missiles..

  21. Will jets ever get anti-radiation missile?
    a jet carrying it can force enemy anti air to be very carful, even shutting down their radar

  22. Attempt 5. Play the F8 Crusader because it is a super rad plane you haven’t shown on the channel before!

  23. Most OP thing in the game tbh.

  24. CaptainFactoid386

    No mercy or pity for aircraft

  25. Russian milk truck fight back harder


  27. me 262 c-1A but you only use the booster for combat (the booster can be switched on and off multiple times unlike some rocket boosters)

  28. Idk if anyone noticed but the M18 got bumped down to 4.7??? I played a couple games with it and did pretty decent, it also seems like it got a speed buff. Or maybe I’ve been playing war thunder to late.

  29. 00:11 do you like green eggs and ham? Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?

  30. Ivan Korobeinikov

    you can intercept rocket in direct hit mode

  31. Day 2 of asking for the Sherman firefly

  32. This vehicle destroyed my 11.3 lineup. I wish Gaijin would add anti radar missiles. Would make things easier and fair again, but of course russian bias is still a thing in this game and will always be.

  33. Another superbiased Soviet shit.

  34. imagine that any faction that plays against Germany and sweden fianlly feels like how is it to play against them, never had planes but was trying to play with drones, every single time i would take a drone in the ussr, i wouldnt even get close to town, just instantly die 30 sec after i spawn . and fianlly when ussr have the same power, everyone cries about it

  35. You can just hear the sarcasm and disappointment in Phly’s voice.

  36. ვახო ტურაშვილი

    waiting for drone guided 380 mm artillery


    Day 29 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace while being the MVP on your team

  38. pantsir vs german flarakrad is like comparing stormor to a adats (US) …. bc not even british adats has a autocanon…

  39. War thunder from BR9,0 is unballanced.

    from 9,0 i see nothing but russians with those lame ahh ERA tanks, they legit have easy game, you gotta aim for weak spots, gun, driver hatch or belly, no chance of pen anywhere else, while they can ez gg kill you anywhere 100% penetration anywhere lol no sweat gg, i bet many of them dont even use gunner sight and just play third person, because they dont need to aim for your weak spots when your whole tank is weak. fr…okay, the point is, russian tank, has ERA what you cant penetrate, has only 3 spots you need to aim at to penetrate, while everyone else you can shot anywhere to penetrate, just few top tiers from germany and USA where you cannot penetrate the sides of the turet. Russian tanks with ERA starts at 9,7br right now, but even some tanks with composite armor in the turret you cannot shot thru starts at 9,0br, russians have clear advantage starting from br 9,0. yes they have slow reverse speed, but you dont need it when they tank your shot(tank your shot aka you dont have time to aim for weak spots so you whip your round into their ERA) and they kill your whole crew in the turret the first shot, also the fact they have autoloaders, so even if you happen to kill one of the crews, they will still reload faster even if your whole crew is alive. so really your only chance of survival against russian tanks is to shot their gun barrel, breach or if you are 100% sure you will hit their ammo thru the belly to 1shot kill them. also the fact, just today, they changed lots of br on the tanks, moved lots of 9~10br up by 0,3br, but didnt really touch russians, made them even more stronger, smh.

  40. Daumantas Straukas

    your sound effects are the best!!!

  41. Phly stop this high tier bs, play some fun low tier

  42. Also Pantsir is pronounced pAnts-eur

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