These Tanks Feel GREAT Now in World of tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing 1.12.1 which finally frees non fully traversable turreted vehicles and makes them feel GREAT!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Happy Anniversary QB!

  2. Just Doing It Jim

    I wish I’d known this when I was playing the Obj 416 in the sandbox server! In sniper mode the target would move just out of my field and I’d hit the “A” or the “D” key to swing around and suddenly I was aiming somewhere else! Quite annoying!

  3. when you cant move, just ALT+TAB to desktop, and come back to the game. at least on live server

  4. عبدالرحمن بلهراوي

    Lol, how stupid did they have to be for not adding it till now 🤬🤬
    Maybe they believed it is more realistic that way?? BRUH
    these added features have been always standard even for non turreted TDs in wot Blitz

  5. cheers for qb

  6. I still love the K-91 line, the low profile is fun.

  7. congratulations ! on the 6 years of marriage.

  8. the conway is fully traversible if you have the 120mm on…its only with the140mm does it stop at 90 degrees

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and the wife!

  10. Im only here to say they shouldn’t be reworking HE and arty. They need to rework spotting/bushes/camo or something, I’m tired of being out spotted by heavies in bushes/shooting in bushes in my scouts with 30-40%+camo rating.

  11. “Six anniversary”. You should probably lead with that.

  12. My only concern is inadvertently negating camo netting/binocs in the stealth snipers, but the benefits probably still outweigh this.

  13. Happy Anniversary QuickyBaby! Sit back and take it easy.

  14. While in general chat in HK server some chap complaining bout MT reload for 8-10 sec rekt his game I guess he did not meet a savage K91 tear apart your tracks your hp and your brain to process wtf is happening

  15. Just wanted to say thank you for pushing that fact the most players dont like the HE or arty changes . thx

  16. “hey hey hey im testing here, im testing here in a live process” XD

  17. Always hated that feeling in tds

  18. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Actually Mr. Frampton would speak fluent german, if HE changes have hit the Sherman in 1943.

  19. Happy Anniversery

  20. Happy Anniversary too you and your charming bride…

  21. I’ve been playing without the automatic hull lock, turning in sniper mode and manually locking the hull with the X key for years, without any mods.
    Not sure what’s the change now…

    • The change is the camera. Currently in sniper and even normal mode you can’t look around without the whole tank moving unless you lock the Hull, or in sniper mode you can’t do that at all

    • Ah, ok. I don’t play that many fixed turret tanks, but with arty for example I use the right mouse button to prevent the tank from turning.

  22. Happy anniversary QB.

  23. Happy anniversary to you two. 🍻👍🏻

  24. This was on WoTB since forever XD

  25. Qb can u play wot console again

  26. even a broken clock can be right twice a day

  27. 6 years Gordon Bennet, It was only yesterday that you thought your m8’s were trolling you on the T’interwebs pretending to be her lmao

  28. What a contrast to he/arty/crew 2.0 update,i cant belive wg thought of this

  29. WG: *Hey kiddo, want these changes that would have been cool more than 5 years ago, now in 2021?*

  30. Ik still mis that you can select only tech tree tanks

  31. But how about the Excalibur

  32. I like that they are putting some quality of life updates but still, the game required skill to play, it was your job to remember stuff and calculate whenever or not you gonna make the play, i feel like with all these make it easier updates there is gonna be a soon auto play button so you can afk play while you are in job.

  33. congratulations on 6 years of mariage

  34. Happy anniversary QB

  35. Battlehits in vanilla client when

  36. Oh well thats new…. using this with mods for like 3 years or more…. now WG takes whats BASIC QoL WoT stuff and makes it core. we need custom crosshairs and 6th sense icons, and its almost perfect. then some garage QoL mods and its fine

  37. does this apply to non turetted Td’s? or only to non-fully traversible turrets like the ELC with the 90mm and K-91?

  38. Does anyone know how can i bind the mouse 4 or 5 for enabeling voice chat (to speak)


  40. Wait a second. I remember playing the ELC bis many years ago and it had hull-turning by default when aiming past the maximum radius of the turret traverse. Was actually a bit annoying. I’m assuming they changed that at some point for limited traverse tanks and never gave options until now?

  41. Do these changes apply to tanks with fixed guns

  42. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Gosh enabling horizontal stabilization makes me vommit..

  43. At 6:08, is that a Premium ‘Managable Bonus to XP” and Reserve Stock, on the Free2play account? Or did QB spend some blueprints to get free premium?

  44. Wait… Are you telling me, that there are limited data packages in the UK for home internet? What the hell? I never heard about anything like that before. I live in eastern-central Europe and we never had limit on home data

  45. AMX ELC! Does it still have the 90mm gun?

  46. Happy Anniversary QB & Peppy!

  47. For the love of God, please, stop adding in the title the phrase ” in world of tanks “

  48. 4:32 ah yes QB beatboxing very cool beat

  49. Happy anniversary QB!! Wish you all the best in life!

  50. Looks like that WG still hates Modders since they do much better work on Programming things that Players like than them !

    I cannot wait until WG says that Modders are forbidden to do their Work or WG say that Modders should work for them , for Low Money since …. well…. they do better work !

    Happy Anniversary QB and what a nice Live play when the Servers quit again ! When will WG finally fix those errors anyway ? That would be a much more needed Fix than those rediculous things that they are trying to do ! I mean HE Changes and Crew 2.0.

    Why change those instead of making the Game more stable ? Why not give US something nice instead of ONLY give something to them ? I mean Money with that !

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