These Tier X Finally Getting Buffed! | World of Tanks Medium Tank Rebalance

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Medium Tank / Rework / Rebalance. World of Tanks E-50M Rework, 121 Rework, Rework.
: From WG

Today I am going to talk about one long-awaited buffing to medium tanks, to E-50M and 121 line buffs. Community has been waiting for it for a very long time, but finally seems like WG is going to do something about it – E-50M, 121 and tech tree tanks leading into those vehicles will receive a buff.

What do you think?


  1. Which rework are you looking forward to the most? Anything in this episode, or has WG forgot something?
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  2. All these recent buffs are min 5 years too late. While premium rounds, absolute shit fiesta of TX MM and OP tanks stay the same.

  3. as if the 140 needs a buff.

  4. Is this buff for both blitz and regular? Another question, not sure if you have contact abilities but wz 113 needs a rotation buff, it’s like a E100 turning

  5. Wtf WG. Bloody obj. 140 doesn’t need any buff anymore! Totally biased.

  6. Rat Flavored Ice Cream

    They also need to buff the K91

  7. progetto 65 needs a buff

  8. Idc what they do give us the f keys back I actually loved the comms they suck now

  9. They BUFF obj 140 when t62a is a trash

  10. Buff to E50M is stupid… it will have same armour as E100 and looks twice smaller. In my opinion it shouldn’t get it , because it is good as is…

  11. Now that they lower the damage by premium ammunition HEAT / APCR by up to 50% it is useless to be Super Heavy and have 3000 HP if a Medium shoots HEAT at you every 5 seconds you do not last anything, you have to implement the damage by netration at more penetration less damage.

  12. I have been playing 121 recently and the armor is just absolute paper, maybe it was rng but even my turret was getting penned a lot… lets see if this buff does anything to save the 121

  13. I don’t see any improvement to the Obj. 140, I think WG is drowning in spin with that tank.

  14. Looks like they made the 140 have the same armor as 121 but now it has speed/mobility/firepower over it… and gun depression


  16. I’ve been wondering. Is the E50M hull same with E75?

  17. Now Chinese Tanks Medium Become New Obj430u

  18. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    I just want to see CDC buffed

  19. E50M buff is very welcome. I may now go back to try the WZ-120 again too (for the 3rd time). Wish me luck 😛

  20. WG logic of making medium tanks with heavy armour and heavy tanks like T110e5 with better armour, better gun handling and same DPM as medium counterpart M48 Patton. The balance department brainfarts still going strong.

  21. Only buff e50 turret if upper plate gets weaker becouse every med in tier 10 or 9 have good turret armor have weak armor down.

  22. If they buff it its not a med its a heavy tank. This is what u want?

  23. There is no deffrence now between heavy and medium tanks gg wg

  24. Buffing the turret armor on the E-50M has been needed for a long time; unfortunately, I didn’t see any buff to the gun, with the worst in class DPM (not counting auto-loaders). Poor pen and low RoF make the gun just bad compared to other MTs. The gun needs the same RoF buff that _every_ other MT gets when going from T9 to T10.

  25. What about the t-62M???

  26. So typically the buffs put the efective armor at around 260mm. With avg of 268mm pen you have around 50% change to pen. But with skill rounds it will go through every time. Why would anyone risk shooting standard rounds for a 50% chance to do no dmg when you can just shoot heat for autopen.

  27. World of Tanks soon to be World of Hull Downs.
    I won’t be surprised if everyone would be playing tiers 3 to 6 instead of 7 to 10 since tiers 7 and above are World of Premium Rounds.

  28. Why they buff only obj140 and not rest of tech tree… T54 doesn’t required armor buff, but it has poor gun handling and outdated pen on brawling gun, and sniper gun just doesn’t fit that tank…and it has poor DPM

  29. Oeh…still no improvementa for my amx 30b…wish they would atleast put pen back as it used to be 260 before they fcked it up

  30. Robert LaFountaine


  31. Hello Dez. Good to hear about chinese tanks. They are a bit … meh… So Dez, ne hangar. Seems we (EU server) don’ t have same event like on RU servers. Shame… They have to solve the ridle. And try to find train vagon with 1 000 000 WoT Gold coins. Lucky bastards… Where are EU server 10 WOT Event???

  32. Why would they nerf shell velocity on the WZ120? The tank was already trash and needed a big buff, but no ofcourse it can’t be anywhere near as good as the soviet blyat

  33. T-34-3 wasn’t affected by this changes? I love this tank, it’s hard to play but can easily change the match from clear lose to win. It just needs a little bit more accuracy because at +200m it’s almost derp gun

  34. WZ 120 has 3 degrees of depression and they don’t even buff that, while the object 140 goes from 6 to 7, in a patch meant for Chinese and German tanks..
    The new shell velocity is of the Chinese tanks are utter garbage as well.
    Wargaming obviously hate China.

  35. Just stopped at 4:44… Am I already dead ? Is this a dream ?…I can’t believe it :O

  36. Justin justintheman

    I think the centurion ax needs turrent buff

  37. Problem with German tanks are a design flaw of the tanks. Flat turrets should be easily penetrated than round ones… makes no sense to buff E50 turret, E100 and the rest of the lot. They are outdated tanks and shouldn’t be competitive. And you shouldn’t have armored tanks with high DPM and good mobility, makes no sense.

  38. big thx for great content, btw what modules you suggest for E 50 or E 50M?

  39. So with making the tier 10’s way overpowered compared to the tier 8 2 tier spread, they need to make the MM +/- 1 since tier 8’s struggle to pen most Tier 10s already they might as well tell tier 8’s to just suicide when a medium is armored like a heavy.

  40. My favourite tank is finally getting buffed!!!!!!

  41. And how about the IS7 penetration ? Or the T69 in tier 8? WG are not focusing on the important things

  42. I like how they claimed to have buffed the Chinese medium line and then just nerfed the fuck out of it.

  43. Imaging still playing wot

  44. Call me wrong but as i do remember the T34-2 is not a premium tank

  45. Buffing other tier 10s instead of nerfing the OP 430U will just make tier 8 even more of a nightmare than it already is…

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