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World of Tanks just banned tanks from ranked battles – here’s what I think!



  1. I would love a ranked mode where everyone has the same equipment and skills available to them! No pay to win nonsense, no grinding the game like a job, just pure skill.

    • nah, that would be too good of game design. we can’t have that

    • Yes please… I moved from USA to Asia, and I do not play this game anymore as I dont want to create another premium account. As I have already played this game for 4 years, I know how OP a premium account is in this game. 🙁

    • That’s a disadvantage. It is ranked, not any f2p mode. You are able to use whatever you want, cause that’s the point.

  2. 12:25

    Yep, this is *Big Brain Time.*

  3. For the Pure Ranked Mode suggestion, have a menu where a player chooses a tank, then each of the crew members skills, then the tank equipment. Now the players have a dedicated Ranked Menu where no player has to worry about unfair advantages in ranked.

  4. those pricks in the reward tanks, just use arty now, sit in the back making ranks doing fuck all, i cannot believe these morons complained about reward tanks, at least you have SOME way to fight back against them, at least it’s SOMEWHAT fair, and you can still use SOME skill or tactics to combat them, 3 pos artys tho, no one thinks thats worse?, you can shoot an EBR, you can shoot a t95, you can use gold, HE, ram them, out flank them, but you can do literally nothing, not a thing vrs 3 artys, and worse, you cannot shoot non reward tanks if half your crew is dead and your perma stunned for 5 solid mins, there is no arty safe position from conc gc’s and t92 who can still splash you thru a building.

    yes, they are hard to hit/pen, and yes they are somewhat unfair, but not even close to as unfair as arty is, you cannot shoot back at arty at all, you just have to take hit after hit from some 4k pr guy who takes your chevs and ranks up because he’s doing 2k dmg a battle sitting in the back safe as can be, SO thats our next goal, remove arty so we can actually play our tanks, play the game, use skills and tactics

  5. Why doesn’t WG just lower the average alpha of premium rounds on WoT, just like in WoTB? It was one of the best changes made to the latter.

  6. bjorn van der hoop

    Finally whooooooooo

  7. Well, when arty hits 2 shoots and finish 4th and me with 48 patton hitting 9 shoots 1 kill more damage plus spot damage and finish 11th by experience. Well that is preaty fair! And I won’t talk about fu.. ING lag!

  8. What does ranked look like for an Australian player? 300 ping to a Hong Kong server.

  9. Mieluş Alexandru

    Everyone is playing ranked as if they were losing, right from the start of the game. I’m talking about experienced and good players here as well as us, plebs. And they continue to do that even on randoms, distroying every single random game. That’s my main issue with ranked.

  10. They even banned the fv215b (heavy tank not the 183) LOL

  11. Cleaver end game strategy.

  12. i personaly think that 10 to 20% of vehicle capacity “gold” shells max and no premium consumables is the best decision wargaming could make.

  13. Revisit Warthunder please or start another channel IDK🤷‍♂️

  14. Well now I have to pay real hard earned money to win the Australian sentinel tank what fun 😭

  15. Ocean1cbanana2 [AW2RE]

    Im still annoyed that my laptop’s broken. I’m missing so much!

  16. playing without gold ammo is way more interesting and challanging. Gold kills it.

  17. I have more fun = Everybody has more fun. Cool logic.

  18. “Fair for all, level for all”. Please NO. Where does that end? Everyone has to use the same tank?
    In contrast to the reward tanks, improved equipment and good crews can be acquired by everyone! And I don’t want to get punished for having invested a lot of time to get to a good crew and improved equipments.

  19. Finally the true Skill will be seen without using op tanks and 50% or 70% less gold damage

  20. ok maybe I could start updating my game now

  21. so you get out from your swamp, got wifi connection and found 2weeks old news?

  22. Damn so i cant use my FV215b anymore, so Im left with just 1 t10. That sux

  23. Its amazing that the solution is to ban overpowered vehicles rather than balance them.

  24. I m agry with this decision, just why ban fv 215b?

  25. QB You hit it right on the Head for me!! I am one of those average players that doesn’t even attempt the Ranked Battles because I have dreaded those 6-7 SKill Crews in the Reward Vehicles with the super veteran players. Thank you for this video!! This NOW makes me want to try the Ranked Battles to see how I really do!

  26. FINALLY !!! WG has heard the cries of the Community !!! Hopefully, they will keep on listening on other Big Problems of the Game !

  27. Well WOT is trash game in last 8 years, and too many player’s quit for reason ! Anybody who still playing is a sheep

  28. having 1 good game and posting it lmao

  29. Sounds like a communist system idk dude might bust out the ushanka if it happens

  30. I’m a player who has a 50% and that’s only because I fire 7 gold rounds. If I was playing ranked battles, it wouldn’t be different. Try and play the game like that the whole. it’s been years since I ever suggested to play world of tanks with my friends unless they’re willing to fire gold rounds.

  31. Xd now it’s purely tested skills not just OP tanks, this ranked feel more better

  32. No such thing as “OP”. Its called Technological Advancement and people can’t handle progress.
    I guess its good that Tech tree tanks are only in ranked but so called Premium Tanks like obj 279 e or Chieftain cant be altered or changed as you’d make it Historically inaccurate and then lets just say. “Whats the point of making it world of tanks” if one would change a tank to suit the people’s requirements. You can’t change the history of any tank, no one has the right too.

  33. Inb4 qb realises pubbies will find a new excuse when they don’t succeed in ranked… Oh wait now it’s equipment and crew skills.

  34. Intelligent Vegetable

    they finally listened… wg finally listened

  35. No, wargaming NEVER listen players! They NEVER DO what they say will do! THEY ALWAYS TWIST players askings! We want a FAIR MODE since YEARS AGO! And we got RANKED! NO SKILL needed, only alot of months of playing, in order to get better tanks with improved equipment!
    Into the mode , WG NOT RANK THE PLAYERS AFTER OVERAL ACCOUNT RESOULTS, BUT AFTER MODE RESOULTS, and those resoults are gained with those uneven tanks, equipment and crews!
    But is true, OVERALL, the game improved over the years! But less fun and more adiction…

  36. how did he have so much gold ?

  37. Agreed

  38. They ban reward tanks but continue to allow arty to be played 200iq

  39. Why not put (gone sexual) in the title if you’re going to turn into a clickbait YouTuber.

  40. looks like I’ll be giving Ranked a try for the first time… Can’t believe WG listened.

  41. László Tömösközi

    trying so hard to commentate a game like it matters what skills you have, playing, one of, is not the best tanks for ranked, GG

  42. Asshole Flanders

    Now if arty would be removed from ranked, it would be amazing, Malinovka wouldn’t be so ass to play

  43. Please ask them to ban Clan war tanks against T8 as well. Its a joke how OP they are, it cant be allowed

  44. Andrew Fitzsimmons-Evans

    I really only play WOT when ranked battles are running.

  45. Be happy they took out the rewards vehicles… you’re nitpicking if you want to blame skills. You want skills & equipment? Buy em. Cause you can. The playing field is far more level

  46. If Ranked needs to be protected why not randoms? I dont see why clearly OP tanks like the 907, T95 Chief, (e), should be allowed in randoms? Make a special mode for OP tanks.

  47. I really appreciate your relentless effort in uploading world of tanks videos consistently even though i don’t play the game anymore but I guess it’s still a fun game to watch others play. I still remember back in the day where i used to be an enthusiastic world of tanks player where i would study the game in depth lol. Anyways i still enjoy being able to watch your well-made videos. xD

  48. While they are at it they need to ban Clan reward tanks from Pub matches also.

  49. Great game, well played.

  50. y they gotta ban my deathstar…. i cri evry tim lol

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