They BUFFED RAMMING! 🔥 | World of Tanks E-50M Field Modification

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ausf. M Ramming Gameplay with New Field Modification. World of Tanks Field Modification 2021 – New Equipment Loadout Feature. 2021. World of Tanks Update 1.14+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Setting up E-50M
02:30 Full
03:10 Announcement
05:10 First Battle
09:10 How it Works?
11:50 Second Battle
16:38 Third Battle
20:30 Conclusion & Details

This I am back on the server to test out the ultimate ramming E-50M, because they straight out buffed the ramming skills of tanks with one new field modification upgrade!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. I wish you absolutely fantastic weekend, beautiful people! 🙂
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    00:00 Introduction
    01:00 Setting up E-50M
    02:30 Full Setup
    03:10 Announcement
    05:10 First Battle
    09:10 How it Works?
    11:50 Second Battle
    16:38 Third Battle
    20:30 Conclusion & Details

  2. Bobject with this setup?

  3. I’m not sure these extreme builds are going to help less experienced players.

  4. Hopefully this update makes the patton faster.

  5. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Man, this was fun. But I belive it is not the most competitive set for this vehicle.

  6. Fastest heavy tank amx-50b!

  7. 19:07 Wait, that FV was dancing?

  8. Ramming is stupid. Kiddie crap, in the real world you would never risk damaging your tank.

  9. Wow that setup is beasty. Maybe I will use it when it comes out 🤣🤣

  10. i rammed a t62a with my e50m and did almost 1100 damage

  11. donny cheah de lin

    im beginner i very fast died

  12. Damián Casabuena

    Imagine this build in the 112, the fastest heavy tank with heavy armor, instakill in tier 8 hahaha

  13. That was a super crazy fun video bro thnx

  14. Would love to see IS7 going at 70km/h and snap shot everyone LUL

  15. That is absolutely hilarious! 🙂

  16. @5:53 that EBR105 player got fucking skull fucked lmfao XD

  17. WG – We like to hear your concerns.
    Player Base – !@#$%^&*() and !@#$%^&*
    WG – Present more possible issues with games.


  18. Call it RAM 50 now.

  19. Jonathan Richard

    He hits more snapshots on the move then i hit fully aimed shits with a accurate gun like leo

  20. Constantino “TinoB20”

    they will change this, cause…
    German tank.

  21. This is fantastic vid mate 🙂 like button was Smmmmmmacked!

  22. The only thing WG didnt Nerf is Ramming. If they do that Im quiting this game..

  23. my ramming tank is my Lt-432 😀 well to ram lights but i shall try the E50 than hehe

  24. WG is making this game to complicated whitout no reason, add more maps and get rid of ebr’s.

  25. How do I enter the giveaway please?

  26. Oh Boy! I love ramming already and it will be even better😄

  27. 18:40 E50 M is heavier than T57 heavy so no wonder

  28. Goran Jovanović

    This jump and no die😂

  29. Imagine this build on Awful Panther…

  30. Michelle Verduzco

    A ramming kv-5 is possible?

  31. great giveaway

  32. *Circon has joined the chat*


  34. So WOT has become MarioKart.. also WOT have now bypassed their premium ammo – pay-to-pen – mechanic..
    Jg E100 should have a +++pen -gun health -gun reload for stuffing more propellant that covers all ammo types. A +++dispersion reduction boost -weight capacity, -vehicle traverse for sit and snipe.
    Good that EBRs have met their match..

  35. Nice build.
    Question, do you think WoT is getting more complex? Maybe raising the learning curve to play for newer players? Are there many new players starting out? Is development more about player retention rather than new player acquisition? If so is that why development is made to make the game more complex?

  36. I like the look of these. WG should remove arty missions

  37. That perfect cliff jump thooo * – *

  38. E50 will be the best credit maker now because you dont even need to fire shells you just need to ram people 😀

  39. Maybe try CS-63 nyoooom edition

  40. catalin stratulat

    EU Creat0rs
    I think it’s another way to spend more credit
    Assemble modules you pay for, disassemble modules you pay for
    research you pay ……. etc

  41. amazing traverse speed!

  42. Aleksandar Drekic

    That uncle line…LOL…XD

  43. Can you make Centurion AX good?

  44. Can I get airbags with that?

  45. I can’t decide what tier X medium russiuan tank should i choose. 😣
    Any suggestions??

  46. now imagine what stupid meme build E25 are gonna be like….undriveable…….

  47. As i said . This tuning makes them op. Imagine stock tiger 2 or is 3 or t 32. Makes u cry with such a monster chasing u to ramm. Absolutely no chance for free to play players.

  48. I wonder if you could do a light/wheeled hybrid ramming build, ie heaviest light tank with full ramming build including new buffs…

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