They Called Me CRAZY for This Build! | World of Tanks Ramming Setup / Build

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Ramming Equipment Build and Crew Skills. World of Tanks Funny and Interesting Setups / Builds. World of 020 Anniversary.

This the video I had SO MUCH fun making, recording, editing what not! Let me introduce you one really stupid, but at the same time fun build featuring ramming. I tested out 2 subjects – E-50M, which known rammer, and also on a LIGHT TANK WZ-132-1. Yes, a light tank with a ramming setup.

How did I do? How much fun I had? Well, let’s take a look!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– German E-50 Ausf.


  1. So, what do you think about this? 😀 Crazy, Stupid, Fun, … ?
    Anyway, I hope you are having the best weekend ever, considering the circumstances. ❤

  2. Oh boy can’t wait for thousands of people to start throwing games like this

  3. E50M was like daddy

  4. The best ramming tank in the game was the Aufklärungspanzer Panther. It existed before the new physics and would be awesome to play now.

  5. Nick Christiansen

    I think you’ve gotten bored with the game, like the rest of us…

  6. Behold the E50 auf. M Kamikaze Guide

  7. Behold the E50 auf. M Kamikaze Guide
    Edit:Gud content,loved it.I think this build is super awesome

  8. How come that the driver has a German name? Is this a special crewskin?

  9. I have this build on my KV-4, i have done over 1,500 ram damage in one go before going down hill.

  10. i have tricked out my pantera for ramming, though not to the extent of the e50m in this video. idk why nobody mentions it, but the pantera is an extremely good rammer at tier 8. it can go at 60kph with a p/w over 20, has 80mm frontal armour and weighs over 45 tonnes. it can easily clip someone out then ram them to death. i just rammed su130pm in a game for 650 while only taking 140 myself. while the premium progetto has better stats overall, ramming is the thing only the tech tree tank can do.

  11. Nest episode: Ram testing. See what the effects of controlled impact, upgraded suspensions etc are.

  12. General Saufenberg

    i`m sure it`s fun, but how often can you ram something?
    i assume, a propper build is way more usefull for you and your team, than this ramming build.

  13. Krystian Olszański

    bad touch gets a new meaning 😀 (edit tbh those touches with progetto and amx 13 105 reminded me of old wot, o ho and oi ramming when you just were touching tanks by going left and right while in contact and just eating hps of tanks slowly but surely )

  14. I take controlled impact on an spg, always funny when a light goes for a ram kill and commits suicide.

  15. Dude can you be realiztic, only one tank in this game meta follows what you prpose. Most players do not have that many skills. Please make videos general public find useful. Light tanks are most likel going to spot so they need vision and camo, why would I boost my driver skills ?

  16. Pay to win, cheaters and toxic community….great game.

  17. Michael Pettigrew

    I dont know if the skill and perk percentages are the same between versions, but they are shown on world of tanks console. On console controlled impact increases ramming damage and decreases damage you take by 15%.

  18. Skills From North

    Just take a bobject with that kind of setup and go medium flank like yolololololloo, I have to try when I get the tank 😋

  19. This looks like a job for Skill..

  20. overlord map this is op haha

  21. For some reason i am not even surprised to see you having a horse as commander there .-_.-

  22. hy all , the tier 10 is a huge trap for players !!!

    let me tell you why :

    First the EBR is to fast , to overpowered and to hard to hit !!!! – it is not a tank is a machine!!! – absolut garbage , it can circle you around and u can do nothing !!!! or u could have luck and hit him !!!!
    it is absolut ludacris !!! , i think it is meant for arty , go fast and kill the arty !!!! – at least with arty u could have some chance !!!!
    EBR is ruined the game , but is not the only thing !!!!
    The number of credits after each battle is a joke !!!! , it is the same number like on lower tier !!!!! for real wtf is that !!!
    if u don’t have some milions credits u cannot play only tier 10 – the minus in credits it is huge !!!!! even when u play decent !!!
    if u play with gold – like u should do if u want to be competitive – just open the wallet !!!!!!
    like i tell you before u cannot do much damage if u don’t have 270+ penetration , even with that u could not penetrate !!!!
    with td’s the heat make 300,400,500 – medium damage could do more but rarely !!!! depend where u hit a tank , but usual is like that !!!
    with normal tank’s it is even lower !!! like i say before tier 5 max 6 damage !!!!!!
    with kv-2 or oi on tier 6 u would do more damage and the felling is much higher with low cost per round !!!!!!
    why should u want to play on tier 10 ???? a good question , the matchmaking is the same :
    stupid bots , low penetration most of the time , crappy armour if u play gainst gold ammo , huge credits cost after each round
    stupid ebr tanks and of course the double barrel don’t forgot them !!!! , so i ask you what is the fun for you to play at tier 10 ????

    If u are a regular player , just try to have fun , it is not the point strees your self to get higher tier’s !!!
    it is verry frustrating to players !!!
    I don’t think they will change much in the game !!! it is no interest because everbody with few exception are happy !!!!
    The garbage matches presented on youtube are irelevant ( not all , but the majority ) , why no one with few exception show the reality of the game!!!!!!!
    Probably Klaus Kelerman is one of the few that show the reality and talk about that … others just show the best 30 -50 match and they beat bots to make 4000 damage !!!! what a joke …
    at least show pvp or clan matches when u beat real players !!!! and respect for that … but to show stupid bots game when u even have time to aim !!!! for real … is sad
    But i know nobody care with few exception …. in rest is alot of tipically bulshitt !!!!

    The reality in the game is so different from what u see on internet keep that in mind !!!!

    Good luck all .

  23. Him: I have no more ammo to fire at the enemy
    Him: *dies*
    Me: I have no more bullets to fire at the enemy
    Me: Wait


  24. Epic demic dealing damage.
    Nice refreshing video to keep us entertained Dez.. Ur really do honor ur name ur truly Nutz. As always keep up the good work u mighty Beast

  25. 1: Get the tier 5 Leopard
    2: Controlled Impact/Spall Liner/Vents
    3: Find an ELC
    4: Queue the Coffin Meme Song

  26. I use e50… cause it is more interesting when you meet a tier 7. This is the setting that i use at t34-85 found it is quite good, and i have them for more than 6 years with that equipment.
    Gj Dez for WZ!

  27. Allow me to explain some stuff… when you ram someone it counts as a little explosion that happened in between the 2 tanks (per QB’s words). Bs this standard, tracks DO indeed eat up ramming damage (as tracks eat HE shells). Because of this logic, the more heavily armored vehicle also sustains less damage to their vehicle. Something like an E50M is both Heavy, Fast, and has decently good armor in the front. This is why when it rams something like a Leopard it’s so catastrophic. A Leopard has paper armor and is light. I would say that yes the suspension does help reduce damage to your tank because it essentially has the tracks absorb more ramming damage. Although it is a bit strange because from what I’ve seen usually you do the most damage to the side of tanks and not to the back of tanks with rams. Perhaps it’s due to the contact area and splash area? I’m not quite sure honestly. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten perfect rear rams to people. Needs testing honestly.

  28. What if you would ram with the shovel tank?

  29. Kristoffer Johansson

    That looked like fun!

  30. It’s not stupid if you drive an E50M

  31. 15:05 Chad E-50M vs Virgin Leopard 1.

  32. Alexander Yordanov

    “The Controlled Impact Skill enables the Driver to decreases damage caused by ramming to your vehicle and increase the damage caused by ramming if your vehicle provided that your vehicle is in motion at the moment of impact. The effectiveness is progressive by an amount of 0.15% per percentage point of the Skill’s Training Level up to a maximum of 15.0% when the Skill level reaches 100%. The effect of the Controlled Impact Skill on damage received in a collision is cumulative with that of any installed Spall Liner equipment.

    -WoT wiki, its true on skills.

  33. 47 dislikes from roadkilled leopards

  34. Herman der German

    I have controlled impact on a few of my arty for the lols (insert evil mastermind laughter here) — S-51 does not need it with 60mm all around.

  35. Inagine platoon of 3 E50, driving ramming shooting..🤕

  36. My main question is why was the World Of Warships music playing in the background, from when in the port/dock?


    What if you do this with the ebr? I mean full mobility equipement and skills

  38. You should make a russian build of this. Because russians get that speed boost that you can activate whenever you want in the game. Removed speed governors or something. And they are usually fast, heavy and with armor. Maybe bobject or 277, or T54 lightweight, 430U maybe.

  39. I love creative builds. Everything is too predictable as it is.

  40. Who said that youre crazy ? it is amazing technogy :DDDDD xD

  41. When you need a ramming mission done

  42. Tanya von Degurechaff

    Watches video
    me: hmmm interesting

    also me a Tier 5 panther owner: WAIT A MINUTE WHY DIDN´T I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS ????????????????????

  43. Just realised, 59million free XP. how do you even?

  44. Gert van der helm

    i am dissapointed with not seeing the kv-5 as a honourable mention :(, 100 tons, 40km/h top speed, Back when the kv-5 was still a tough opponent this tank was the king of ramming in my opinion

  45. Take a shot every time he says “ladies and gentlemen”

  46. I had one of my best ever rams yesterday. Me in a KV-13 head on rammed a Skoda T-25 at the start of the game so both were on full health. I got 1 shot in just before we collided. He burst into a ball of flames and I got low 200’s damage 🙂 . Happy bunny!

  47. You can test the ramming increase of that skill by way of controlled testing within a training session. Just do 100 rams and get the average with and without that skill then average the difference

  48. Hey dez 🙂 nice setup 😀 i playing with setup like this but with medkid insted food and with fuel on my MT-25 and i LOVE ram enemy light tanks aspecialy france one 😀

  49. What am i watching ???? XD

  50. New ? I’ve always rammed. Ahthe fond memories of my Aufklärungpanzer flattening other lights and E50 bullying almost every other tank.

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