THEY FINALLY FIXED IT – Best ATGM ^^ (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Play the M8 Greyhound and the I-29! I want to hear an expert opinion about them!

  2. so, uh. did you play the p51 yet? Not that .50 cal gay shit. im talkin about the 20mm version


  3. I think they should remove the “you missed your target” feature and see a button that lets you stop controlling the missile.

    • That is, assuming that’s a “you missed your target” and not a “you ran out of wire” because realistically the wire for those missiles only went so far.

  4. Does anyone know in which video Phly says “why you heff to be mad? it is only game”. Its stuck in my head and i need to find, im losing my mind over this. Send help


  6. lol the intro was cringy

  7. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    lel still the shittiest atgm

  8. Alright, time for a REAL challenge now. Take out the type 60 ATM like in this vid, and kill a plane with these laughably slow ATGM’s. Sorry phly but, someone had to right? Oh and an optional part, break one of your fingers every time you miss a shot… You know, for fun.

    attempt #1

  9. OMG IM IN THE VIDEO HOLY CRAP! Cfoxtrot98! 5:28 Im in the kill feed!

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  11. Play the type 74 booooooooooooooooi

  12. #Phlyjoy Series

    We watch Phly play his top 10 favorite tanks in a series of videos. Attempt #1.

  13. which nation this tank?

  14. ATGM challenge! Javelin missile, use any ATGM (or one of both control choices mouse aim/keyboard aim) and try to get vertical kills!

  15. 1:57 thats only 190 miles per hour…..
    something tells me a ROCKET should go faster…..

    my model rockets as a kid went faster than that……using B motors….
    and the D motor rockets i had got FUCKING MOVING

  16. Stop uploading Overwatch, you fucking Australian

    STB-1 plox

  17. Use this atgm in a custom battle against Po 2s

  18. Stbd1 time

  19. you could see that panther on the mini map the whole time he was talking before getting killed. 5:42

  20. I was high as fuck and that intro make me the nigth (y)

  21. Lol phly

  22. broski you gotta play that a1 line-up (i have no idea if this is good but what evs). maus for the push to get your team in battle, the leo to break them cookies, then a flying aircraft carrier as the broom and dust pan.

    (attempt #1)

  23. Get an Ace in the Type 60ATM without reloading rockets from an objective!!

  24. Phly….start the repair and then cancel the repair……you can turn or crawl to some cover. You don’t need to sit there taking hits……

  25. You know Phly, you were playing at 7.3 every game because of your R2Y2 KAI V3…

  26. phly, I think they fixed the Horten’s accuracy but changed the Armored targets belts, so can you make a video about it?

  27. Volatile productions

    15:13 no Phly, you were quite far off the ammo.

  28. The red balloon in the background lol

  29. It can be so frustrating to watch you plsy!  You don’t watch the mini map!

  30. Type 64 missiles have 1,800 meter max range.


    HETZER & DO 217 E-4 4×1000KG YOU CAN USE FW 190 A-8 4×50KG 1×1000KG


  32. He beginning was so cringe


  34. 6:46 panther 2 phly.. panther 2..

  35. Use the SBT-1!

  36. LOVING THE UNLOVED M41 Walker Bulldog

  37. 85 m/s is 306 km/h or about 190 mph.

  38. Once I understood this game could get me penetrated, I stopped playing it.

  39. How do you get it to where you can see the rounds coming in like that?

  40. Γιάννης Χωριανόπουλος

    Am I the only one who heared ATM instead of ATGM at 5:52

  41. Hey man how about playng that shit and the STB-1!

  42. Where is cod wwll ? Why no have today

  43. Phly the missiles got tired I should know I was in the military that’s how missiles behave.

  44. EVERY ATGM has its own maximum range.

  45. How can you fire ATGM’s while using binoculars? I can only fire then switch but they just fall out the air. Cent Mk3-ATGM version (Strv 81)

  46. 0:12 Red Balloon

  47. how can you control the missiles in mid air?

  48. If you are having problems using 1080p and can only get 360p, It’s very likely you recently installed a big Win10 update.
    That update added a HEVC codec pack that disabled H.264 in some browsers, such as Pale Moon and possibly others.

    Go to ‘Apps and features’ and uninstall HEVC, restart your browser and see if 1080p works again. Fixed my problem.

  49. The Type 64 MAT only had an operational range of 1.8km

  50. Seag mode, but yes they have a guide range, then it gose where ever the duck it wants to go.

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