They Forgot I have 279e… | World of Tanks Object 279e

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Source: DezGamez

My Best Battle with One of The Most Overpowered Tank in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Object 279 (e) (Объект 279 ранний) Gameplay, 10 Heavy Tank.

Today, exactly 1 month since my video about unlocing Object 279e, I am actually showcasing you my best battle which I have had so far.

Enjoy the show! 😉


  1. My all time damage record is a bit over 11,000 with T110E3, but this thing is already sniffing quite close to it…
    Have 279e yourself? What do you think about it?
    Have a fantastic day, Legends!

    • When i play my 279e, Dear God the artys focus me no matter what’s going on in the match. And anyone else on the enemy team will shoot nothing at me but Gold. It’s insane how much of a attention i get on her compared to when i play anything else.

    • I hate this tank with a passion most games its just garbage but that one game it works if there is no arta you will shine. But because of that one game people call this tank OP af. Also my all time best is in the E3 but it’s to slow for my taste.

    • actually watched this live, was a lovely game ggs 🙂

    • My damage record is a bit over 10k in an Obj 268 V5. 279 can definitely be a punishing tank to play because most will focus you. Super easy to pen if you make mistakes, but in the right situations it’s absolutely broken

    • @Raven Rox So now u think 279e doesnt deserve so much “attention” ? 😀 Maybe those players just wish to avoid situations like Dez had here…Rekting more than half enemy team alone…

  2. As much as i want this tank i just know i will hate it. The -5 gundepression is a big problem for me.

  3. i havent been able to do the last mission for excalibur yet, still need 2 battles in german/japanese vehicles with 2 heroic medals
    its such a pain cus i cant even start the next set of missions before this is done

  4. after a very bad motorcycle accident, (i almost died), i lost my nervous system on my left hand and i cant play anymore, yet i still enjoy your videos even after i stop playing for 4 years. hard to walk, can’t play, but i still love bikes and dez 🙂 gg and drive safe.

    • Hey man, that sucks. Wish you a swift recovery.

    • I got a friend who can only use one hand if you right hand isnt to shaky they make gamin mice with 12 or so buttons of the side it’s certainly a learning curve but you can game that way if you haven’t tried it

    • I almost lost my life 2 times with a bike. The 2nd time told myself will not go for 3rd round. Sold my bike and lived on knowing that was the best choice.

    • Hi mate really sorry to hear that.
      I had a fight at work with a chainsaw. I cut my arm and lost feeling in my right hand apart from my little finger and down half my ring finger. So using a keyboard can be difficult. I have got a left handed mouse and bound most of the buttons that would normally be on the keyboard.
      The Mighty Jingles did a vid about a Chap who lost a hand and was still playing WOT. I tried to look for the vid. but could not find it. I sent Him a comment to see if He can find it to send me a link and I will pass it on.

      I can get salty sometimes when players send me PM`s to say how bad my stats are and use it as an excuse for why I am shi% lol.
      Jokes aside their are ways of playing but that is up to you.
      Any chance it will get better? I was told that nerves can grow back at about 1 mm a day.
      Wish you all the best mate.

  5. This is one of the tanks that needs nerfing!

  6. Nice game finaly a game where you dont get steam rolled xD

  7. Did not see it live,,,

  8. Playing the 279e ruins the fun of playing other heavies 8)

  9. In my alternate ammo loadout for my foch 155 there is a full HEAT alt loadout I save it for when the enemy team has atleast one 279E or cheiftain and then I tunnel them

  10. Nice vids Dez, like always 🙂

    I follow you since 2016 and right now I’m not in a great phase of my life. But watching your vids make me think about how the past was good and it help me coping

    Love from switzerland

  11. Woohoooo! What a game your the rambo of world of tanks

  12. Shit tank… this is the worst kind of games – play a tier 10 so OP that you decimate the entire enemy team. i would love to see an uderdog getting this result. Show a game with Type 5.

  13. Well done Dez. Not gonna lie though, the obj279e should have special MM and only see tier 10 and match up against another 279. With +2 mm if you see one of these in a tier 8… Eish

  14. shooting at 279e with default ammo from strv 103 B is fun.

  15. James Irwin-McConnell

    GG dez. Wish the 279es on my team were half as good lol

  16. Argentine camo? Love it , thanks dez greetings from Argentina

  17. Great game Dez. But we all know You don’t get medals if everything goes right.

  18. Hi fella,
    Amazing battle so very well done ;-).

  19. still no 10k game huh? 😀

  20. A great battle in a 279e where one shits all over everyone else with impunity, golly gee what a surprise…

    Disregarding that keep up your good work mate. cheers

    • LOL exactly what I was thinking. Dez is a good guy but 279 playing with total disregard for angling and slinging gold is nothing new.

  21. José Manuel Robaina Martín

    What a battle Dez! The best one! GG

  22. gg , i have for few years by now, it s like you said, a sunday tank, for me as well. When i get those teams 3-15 , i take it out and blow some steam in it.

  23. Soon i shall have mine also! only 4 more years to go i think 😛

  24. I’ll never get it and am a decent player. 54.2% WR on 25k battles.

  25. I actually saw this game live on Twitch at about 5 am my time ! Glad you made a video of it. NICE carry, even if it was kind of expected being you were in a 279(e) 😉 .

    You used up every last bit of HP and were all over the map to get it done. Very smart game-play. Clutch. Man you sounded tired as hell when you finished this one on Twitch.

  26. Well done, that was quite a battle

  27. And dont forget guys, OP tank, all purple, full gold, food, grate crew, and at the end skill.. This is how game looks this days.. Can he do this in some regular tank? But I dont speak about one in 10 000 games..

  28. Georgiii Vaampire

    All that E4 had to do was load APCR…

  29. NA teams at tier 10 are such a hot mess, it seems a waste to play my 279

  30. yeha i had that problem also..i have 5 of the 7 reward tanks only the 260 and the 279 e i dont have but tbh i didnt really try for the missions wheni got ehm them most of them came during random gameplay i didnt grind like others did or i probably wouldve had them already very few i tried for on the t-55a and the chimera also now ive started to stricctly do missions and try for them and ive done pretty well i think very little gold spamming i nee donly 2 missions for the object 260 some were harder than otehrs but i do well on them..the 279e ones arent as hard as people were saying they were as im pretty well along those ones too im focusing more on teh object 260 first since im close and id assume theyd be easiuer since it was the first campaign. the 279e will probably come shortly after..ive got about half maybe a little over half i was able to skip a whole line which i didnt know how to do before so i got all the other 5 tanks without skipping lines and doing every mission on every line….i know im a noob…but i have the russian line open, the german one and the french for 279 i think idk…no the french one i skipped…some russian missions are retarded like alot of these missions they are tnak dependent and map dependent… not sure how i can average 8 shots blocked a battle in any soveit tank except the overpowered tds. block 40 shots over 5 battles isnt easy wiht the tanks i have only russian of chinese tnaks…ive got i think 7 of 15 russiuan line 10-15 allies and not sure the others maybe the same 9-10

  31. Wow good game dez

  32. As much as I want this tank and hate it because I don’t have it…

    That was some fantastic gameplay.

  33. thanks for your team mate play so bad lol, if enermy rush together to you will also died in many times, but GG, it is the game only can be wish for.

  34. me:
    Ace 279 by spotting 7k in it….
    still, very well played Dez !

  35. When I see Object 279e in video. I auto click thumb down. Sorry, that’s the rule.

  36. What a battle gg!

  37. I think you mistook T55A with other tank? T55A is in 260 mission line, 279 line has excalibur and that UK medium which I forgot the name

  38. All E4 needed to do was load HE a little sooner. What a total muppet. You can always rely on the tomatoes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  39. 279e with 4 tracks, wondering if the crews either have no legs or lying down.

  40. The 777 had a good game…..not

  41. I dont know much about this tank besides its easy prey for my AMX 50B.

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