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Source: QuickyBaby

World of has increased the RNG this weekend and here’s what it looks like!



  1. Sheldon Rodriguez


  2. Oh Dear God… everyone break out your Steel D20s cause it’s about to get Wacky!!!

  3. most useless wot mode ever

  4. I was thinking about downloading the game after 5 years getting sick of warthunder… Right well nvm game still has no idea what its doing.

  5. “G” in “RNG” is short of “generator”. A generator does not have a size, hence it can not be increased. Randomness can be increased.

  6. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Great video!

  7. Gamemode for op prems.

  8. How WG works: You pay, RNG is good for you. F2P, RNG is below the tables.

  9. The most fun I have had in a long time! I hope they keep having these fun modes in the future as well. It is really refreshing

  10. I’ma play arty full AP, I feel evil today

  11. 2 weeks ago : no rng
    Today : maximum rng

  12. damage rng is ok imo but its the aim rng that i dont agree with. like if i have fps gamer aim i should be able to drive my ebr full speed and shoot the capola of an e100 100% of the time if my centre reticle is placed right to account for shell velocity

  13. Voloder Hadžimuratsefimović


  14. RNJesus is already shite,,, they don’t need to make it worse.

  15. I love how he uploads everyday!

  16. I like this game being slow. This is not need for speed. Why they keep trying to ruin this game?
    I like longer battles like 10 mins average. If every tank reloads faster, this means shorter battles. WHY?!
    And RNG? omg. I hope this is a nightmare

  17. first battle – QB just went alone in tank with soo long reload. strange. if i would do it it would be normal but qb ?

  18. Im in the first 16 minutes :DDDDD First time doing this

  19. Presented by Conor McTapper's Proper CatPiss

    Seems silly, increasing RNG in a skill based PvP game makes things pretty wonky and forcing people to rely more on luck than actual skill.

  20. The Russian bias is about to be BLATANTLY exposed…

  21. [ 4:49 ] – You keep saying the title say “Autoreloader”. It says “Autoloader” 😁😁😎😎🙏🙏

  22. Clickybaby

  23. You can, in theory, oneshot a Maus…

  24. Please play artillery with this.

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