They Killed Ranked in World of Tanks!

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It took over a year but Wargaming finally killed off Ranked in World of Tanks! Here's why and what you should do!



  1. Ranked was the one event that always made me come back to the game. Sure it was a love/hate relationship but I enjoyed it.

  2. i never played ranked battles but always wanted to, especially for that golden badge i think its just badass

  3. Michael McMillan

    I only play around midnight. Ranked battles have never been available.

  4. Polaroid Popsicle

    Maybe one day the community will step up like Warthunders community and demand change, because holy shit War Gaming is hell bent on destroying their game, would love to see some actual backlash for some of their ridiculous decisions but the community would actually have to come together for that so probably a far fetched idea.

  5. Jacob Williamson

    Onslaught is just way more fun than ranked ever was

  6. Can’t wait for world of tanks gets discontinued all together…

  7. WoT is suffering from the same fate as Blizzard arena issues, small scale pvp was never intended to be put into the game during design and they are trying to shoehorn it in now…

  8. Onslaught is such a pain of a grind. You aren’t even rewarded for your performances but just for the outcome of a match, sometimes you get teams that cant pull their weight, get stuck and get fustrated quickly. Old ranked wasn’t as fustrating and you usually didn’t get held up by teams when you were performing at least.

  9. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Simply you do not notice that the problem is the fucking balancing of vehicles period. Stop being an idiot and focus in the problem that is crucial.

  10. Ranked was the most fun. Onslaught is the most boring grindy mode. You don’t even have to be good to get high ranks in Onslaught, you just have to play a lot. Horrible decision by WG imo

  11. Well, this is sad. I despise Onslaught, but I really liked the last two seasons to ranked. The progression system in Onslaught is just trash. However, losing my 2D styles is BS. WHY would they remove our rewards?

  12. Ranked and Onslaught both are just a fodder fest for 10%-15% of highly competitive players. Everyone else is just getting screwed. I played it in the first season and like QB says,,, TOXIC SHITE….

  13. Yeah. Onslaught is just not worth it. But i want my legacy 2d styles.

  14. Thank you. I sincerely agree with you, except that I feel that Onslaught is the most toxic gamemode ever in WoT. I miss ranked, but only with those fixes to it, points system, arta and EBR limits.

  15. is the charlemagne worth getting?

  16. Most competetive?
    It was standard clan battles… 90% chieftains & exploits until certain tanks were banned.

    And *endless* cheating.

  17. Onslaught sucks

  18. I’m so bummed about this. I wasn’t really in a place to give ranked a try right until they remove it. Not stoked about it….

  19. It’s fascinating how non competitive players dislike a competitive gamemode liked by most competitive players.
    Maybe the issue isnt the gamemode itself but the fact it’s made to be competitive. By definition.

    Anyways, everytime qb has a take about competitive stuff in wot, it’s a disaster. Because he doesnt understand it.

  20. Complaints Department

    So does that mean that the Concept 1B and the Kpz 50t are no longer going to ever be available except for extortionate prices in their black market auction houses?

  21. Should they rename onslaught to Blitz?

  22. The game is dying in the US at least. Everyone I used to play with has jumped ship to War Thunder or other games. I have even uninstalled the game decision TBD if I return.

  23. Why not take the best parts of ranked and onslaught and make that into something worthwhile?! Removing cosmetics is lame and removing the store entirely is just silly; you can access the ranked store from the bond shop section as well

  24. If this means a casual player like me (who refused to touch ranked) might ultimately have a better shot at getting a concept 1b, I’m okay with it. I always heard negative things about ranked, and I’m okay with it going away. I know my opinion is a VERY niche one, and I can see why people would be annoyed by this, but I don’t care much.

  25. Great video info QB, i hope they put rank tanks in “regular” Bond shop. I will not play “OnCrap” or SH. boring and the rewards suck just like rank did the last year.. WG is going down the “crapper” with the way they do stuff.

  26. 3:57 I’ve been berated for picking lights on certain maps. Usually just end up blacklisting the entire team. Last game like this I ended up top of the team and clutched it in an AMX 105.

  27. I’d rather be happy if Unslaught be removed instead of Ranked, although I haven’t get hands on Ranked, I did Unslaught only because of small rewards

  28. Limaoscarcharlibravo

    I never liked it on the NA server you had to play 700 games until I put you with people really at your level and you lost half the event waiting for the 11k rated ones to level up and play with each other, The game cannot be competitive because it has all its variables and possibilities in a “random” way, although at times it feels like the game is premeditated against you

  29. I dont really care,dont have the time to play multiple game mode. I only play some random games .

  30. I was quire surprised too after a post was posted on wg’s discord and it said “Rank was discontinued”, the normal wargaming activities is now taking over, bye bye rankings 🙁

  31. Let them keep their camos and badges. Its insulting and ridiculous to erase their achievements.

  32. Wow now us console players are not alone😂

  33. Onslaught is better than ranked, get good, just needs better rewards.

  34. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    I hate ranked, so I will not cry for that, I prefer the 7v7 mode. But There are a lot of gamers who like ranked and I find WG stupid to delete things that many players like. To have many game modes is nice for the game.

  35. Filip Kułakowski

    And that’s how dream to get 1B dies lol

  36. Thanks for the information. I’m a rather new player (2 yearzs in game), and I never tried Ranked battles. I tried onslaught, with little success… Sad news for me.

  37. They killed the game longtime ago 🤷🏼‍♂️

  38. I was training crews and myself to hopefully play ranked to get the tanks locked in the store… now I’ll have to see what exorbitant price tag they put on them.

  39. qb please feature older tanks such as the is6 , is6b , is5, T502 etc.

  40. Can you access the store if you never played ranked? I have bonds i can spend

  41. Joonas Varjoluoto

    I would love it if WG created a ranked queue along the side of the random queue like League of Legends or CS:GO.

  42. I never played Onslaught and i’ll continue to do so because i don’t like fantasies that are provided by the mode like choose your tank at the start and so called abilities.It’s much much worse then ranked wich i played every season.I like competitive gameplay and that’s why i liked ranked so much more than any fantasy mode like Onslaught.Big Shame WG!

  43. I enjoy the Great Battles on Tier X. In my opinion, WG could expand this mode

  44. TurbomanMechachrist

    Just taking a look at current activity numbers it’s sad to see how hard the game has come down in the past two years, just a shame really.

  45. iliketinyturtles

    Shit take on Onslaught QB.

  46. I saved my bonds for almost a year to purchase Concept 1b. This changes sucks. My efforts was for nothing apparently

  47. Oh man, yet another silly move by WG.

  48. Finally !!! Best decision

  49. how much time should we have left for the shop ?

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