They love the content. – T43

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your here: !


  1. Artys with XVM. Wheee!

    • Or artys just shooting the easiest target like normal 🙂 maybe XVM but I find nearly every below average or worse player will shoot the easy target regardless of the tactical sense.

    • Robert Pettigrew – You’re right, of course. If the artys were bad players, they’d go for the easy kill rather than give their heavies the support that’d ultimately win them the battle.
      It’s still weird that they go for a tier 7, when there’re tier 9s around. So… XVM or incompetence or both. 😀

  2. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Must shoot circon beep boop baap

  3. my best stats are in this tank xd

  4. Do a m46 patton pls

  5. On the bright side, if you had good support, you are able to bait enemies with XVM. Once in a blue moon though.

  6. this or the T-34-1?

  7. Derp guns are the best.

  8. thumbs up to the arty. I would take out the unicum over other targets too.

    • condemontanelas I guess you are the arsehole to think I would need XVM to know who Circon was in a match.

    • look like we have a cancer around here, you are the type to yolo me just to kill me, or play an arty and focus me all the game if you play with xvm?

    • TheDukeV / if arty are cancer, then unicums must be ebola.
      as for XVM, I don’t use it. in fact I think it should banned due to the amount of idiots who think its stats give you the outcome of the match.

    • Most of unicum, like me, don’t use any mods, but xvm cancer bots, love to use it to complain and focus us.

    • TheDukeV / I tend to look at clans and vehicles (big damage or OP armour) and focus them down. what’s the point in in get a few kills for the team if you let the guy carrying the enemy team survive ?

  9. can you do the Panzer 4 H with the derp next?

  10. Arty prevents camping – STOP CAMPING!!!!

  11. Hard to say if Circon too OP and arta wanted to nerf, or they did not know Circon (would be a shame) and XVM sniped him…

  12. Kappa kappa

  13. Why this tank even exist?? LTG is superior in EVERY way (apart from derp)…

  14. Those arties doe..
    Yeah why win..
    “Mest shut perpl”

  15. I’ve been playing this tank all wrong.

  16. So, the real question : T43 derp or Kv13 derp ? :>

  17. What are the chances those arty didn’t have XVM installed?

    • Kurgosh1
      I would guess pretty high. Couple of months ago I installed XVM to see how many players actually use it. It was surprisingly few.

  18. have a quick look! Youll laugh your balls off lel

  19. i mean.. if i was arty i would shot him to, he was the fastest tank near them, killing him means they might get another shot on the slow heavys

  20. Circon, a question from an old and huge fan: If you did not have this arial mode which provide you with the bird prospective (i.e. you can see the other side of the hill/house), would you have achieved the stats that you have? Sorry if you find it offensive, not my intention, but isn’t it a massive, enormous advantage over the enemy that affects the game tremendously?

    • I think too, it grants some sort of advantage. But it’s a legal mod, that anyone can use. And just installing the mod itself doesn’t really improve your performance. Only if you know how to use it to your advantage it improves your gamplay.

    • Eh, i think around 20% of my games are with zoomout, so i dont think it would matter much tbh.
      I wish no mods where allowed, i’d give up my mods in a heartbeat if it meant a more even playing field.
      Id also give up my mods in a heartbeat if XVM would fuck off. (the stats part.)

    • I am a bad player but I put zoom out mod on and got 2 kills first game because I could see red tank behind hill its not fair for other players if they don’t have it

    • Circonflexes
      Is the penetration/armor indicator useful? I currently only have the MoE mod and I’ve been thinking about that. WG’s own reticle feels a bit funky sometimes.

  21. Load the Skill rounds

    What a goofy fkn game lol

  22. Arta always go for the bottom tier meds, it’s an unwritten rule, especially if top tiers are spotted

  23. Arty and XVM both cancer.

  24. thats how you recognize a non arty player.. of course arty shoots the lower tiers, because they can deal more damage to them. Actually they prefer to shoot at light tanks above anything because they actually have a pen chance on them.

    PS: love my M53/M55

  25. Arty shoots you because the recognise your name. They now have bragging rights.

  26. Damn XVM users, it should be an illegal mod.

  27. You should play the Obj. 704 with the howitzer, the same that’s on SU-152.

  28. Favorite sentence in game:
    “Stop looking at me!”

  29. LoL you call it xvm sniping. I call it you was the closer tank out of all of them.

  30. sorry man, i’d shoot you first too. 🙂

  31. immobile… OFC arty goes for you. you know this… seemed a tinsy bit salty at that last comment 😀 😉

  32. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    Bots activated,”kill circon module”

  33. As long as XVM still exist’s, you’ll be targeted by Arty Circon. You should be used to this by now. lol

  34. Ah, the T-43 … I dunno why, but I always enjoy watching games with that tank, not sure why.
    Maybe because so few people actually play it ?
    It’s like watching a unicorn run across a football field, and get blown up by a mine.
    … ok, that got a little dark there, I’ll admit.

    • Rainbows everywhere. 😀

    • It’s my favourite tank so far. Together with the T-34-85. The gun is just good. The reload the pen. Of course not against high tier, you just get fucked. The mobility is great, the armor profile is also good. You’ll always encounter idiots who decides to shoot your side rather than your front.

    • The mobility is nice, and the tank rotation + turret rotation, means that the T-43 is the first Russian medium that can really whip that turret around in a hurry.
      The top 85mm gun is somewhat lackluster in many areas, including the penetration.
      But then, it is meant as a flanking tank, and there’s always the derp gun. 🙂

    • The gun is good against lower tier, okay on same tier, not very in higher tier. The thing about the gun is it’s high reload rate and thus, DPM. Its fun nevertheless, even if you can’t pen an enemy.

    • True, if you can get to the less protected flank of an enemy tank, it can take a good chunk out of them quickly.

  35. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    That shot going down the hill near the end is why I play wot. RNGESUS BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  36. As an arty player, you were tracked, sideways on, angled so your engine deck was exposed, and are the most lightly-armored tank within effective firing range. You may as well have a sign that says “shoot here” bolted to your tank.

  37. I love to see people having good games while bottom-tier. 🙂

  38. a??????

  39. Circon, I just want to thank you for uploading just about every day. I don’t get much time to play, but watching you play is very refreshing. Keep it up bro!

  40. followed your example with the 122mm, just got my first gun mark. lol

  41. You were tracked and in the open, id take that shot all day.

  42. 3-Mark the TOG 2 if you haven’t already!

  43. Nah, I’m here for the tits

  44. It seems like XVM teaches players bad habits in target prioritization.

  45. You hate arty? Go play WoTB! I even managed to survive and win in a T-43 against T9

  46. That O-Ni Just got shat on by 3 arty xD

  47. Next title is gonna be “He was hit with 152mm HE, you wouldn’t believe what happened next!”

  48. you were balanced

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