They Made World of Tanks a Single Player Game

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Source: QuickyBaby

Art of is a new game mode in World of Tanks that lets you take over a squad of tanks against a single other tanker – is it than multiplayer?



  1. OK OK FRIENDS, I realise it’s 1 vs 1 and not “single player” even though there’s a single player on each “team” – it’s still a hugely different experience to anything else so far in World of Tanks and not something I think improves the experience for me personally. As someone who loves being part of a team (even if they frustrate me sometimes) it’s, in my opinion, a step in the wrong direction and makes the experience feel lonely and shallow. Nevertheless I think if we just look at the game mode as a bit of fun it can be enjoyable. HOWEVER I do detest feeling I have to grind an optional game mode just to get bonds and credit boosters as it effectively does NOT remain optional.

    • @Ry Jalo Could be that or if you have fired from the position, someone has been able to get a fix on you from their hit indicator.

    • @Ry Jalo Does your commander have the 6th sense skill/perk? Each crew member has certain skills/perks they may train as they earn XP. The light bulb going off is on of the skills/perks the commander can train.

    • @Ry Jalo if you play on the North or South American servers pm me in game Slava_Ukraini_ I can walk you through some of the basics

    • @Ry Jalo, you have to reach 100%, than you may train sixth sense.

  2. i don t like it but i ll play it for bonds

  3. “If you really want to complete these collections you have to play the strategist gamemode every single day” And this is what i dislike about missing out on these extras when you have poor internet and by the time the update is done, the gamemode is offline for the rest of the day. I now already cant get them all, and probably be missing out on the bonds again.

  4. QB You neglected to mention the “Fight at least 1 battle in a tier X vehicle to participate” opening screen I just hit. I am only at tier 7 so don’t have a chance to compete.

  5. Looks fun. Thx QB

  6. I like the game mode. It is a pleasant change. I could see an adaptation where an actual commander can give orders and human tankers get points for following them.

  7. 15v15? Nahh, more Grand Battles and Frontline! That said, I will definitely be playing the AoS mode to get the rewards.

  8. good game mode, but one of the worst AI I have ever seen…

  9. Quicky porque no haces un video hablando de porque los tds nivel 8 y 9 sacan mucho mas que los nivel 10. Ejemplo e3 e4 268,que por tiro sacan 600 y los 8 y 9 sacan 800 a 900. Sacar un nivel 10 para que sea inferior a sus predecesores es un asco y te desmotiva jugarlos

  10. And why no ????

  11. Would like to see a quick video of your tank recomendations for AOS.

  12. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    Three draws two wins so far. Reminds me of Total War game play.

  13. It has potential. It’s a nice variation… AI could be better and it could be nice if you still could controll other tanks while your are playing one of your tanks. Not having to jo out.
    Also it could be 15vs. 15 with 3 people in a platoon having their own 5 tanks to control.

  14. I think this gamemode might very quickly build superb avereness of map positions.

  15. reminds me of Red Alert

  16. We had this on console in commander mode. It sucked too. Gets old quick and you’re right 15 humans vs 15 humans is about where it’s at! Not here.

  17. Wow, this looks extremely boring, yawn.

  18. This crap was called Commander mode on console, and it went the way of the Dodo. Utter garbage.

  19. it nice mod to play like a red alert strategy 🙂

  20. WOT should keep this as their single player mode

  21. I would play it as a C&C fan

  22. I’ve been asking for the option to have AI teammates for more than 10 years, because the most frustrating thing about this game is having to deal with AFK, tomatoes, unofficial bots, children, window lickers, trolls, cheaters, etc. To invest so much time and energy just to get a team that loses in less than 3 minutes is heartbreaking. My team has been comprised of up to 7 WoT created AI tanks for a long time, due to the lack of human players needed to create a full team within 3 minutes of entering the queue. More people are leaving each day, so it’s time for WoT to let us have a full team of up to 14 AI tanks on each team with at least 1 human player. We can select the tier, the tank type (LT/MT/HT/TD/SPG) and the AI’s skill level (recruit/veteran/elite) as we wish to make each game more challenging. I would definitely play a lot more if I was confident about my team, because a WoT AI tank is better than an AFK tank. In my gameplay with the WoT AI tanks I have noticed that each tank performs differently, which leads me to believe WG already added skill settings. That’s not only unfair because we don’t have any control of what quality our team gets, but it also is good because those skill levels have been implemented already. I’ve seen WG AI use repair kits, side scrap, use cover, change ammo to HE and coordinate, while other WG AI tanks spin in circles, camp and don’t help to cap or reset. I believe that WG plans this as well due to the diminishing player base. Thanks!

  23. The 1v1 mode is only for the first 4 days, just so people can practice and get used to it before the 1v7 is released.

  24. Another waste of time and resources that doesn’t help at all with the known issues WOT has…….

  25. Michal Řeháček

    Why the negativity quickybaby?
    Having multiple options is great… they are not “making” WoT into a 1v1 game… but whoever doesn’t like the extra option given to them can stick to the main game.
    1v1 mode will be great for storytelling and challenges… “hey I’m such good player, I can beat you on my own… all of you…” you jump into a game with this 3rd person control of the whole team against a team controlled in the usual FPS way by the opponents and you prove your point.

    The only reason why these additional options might be unhealthy for the game I can think of is if they enabled cheating somehow.

  26. Maybe, they could in the future do a similar game mod but with real player in tanks and the strategist is the comandent who say what do for win

  27. Randomly Entertaining

    Damnit, got my hopes up that I might actually be willing to play the game again. I’d happily play the game if it was like the co-op in WoWS or the custom battles in War Thunder. Just improve the AI and it’d work.

  28. Jonathan doesn’t know what a single player game is.

  29. I think this looks pretty awesome. It’s not at all a replacement for the regular WoT but a different game in the same universe

  30. They are getting us to provide them with data to train machine learning to control a team.

  31. this is what im looking for, but in WT

  32. They’re obviously testing a game mode that will allow them to retain players when the queues are empty. This may also be meant to appeal to people who feel they constantly have idiotic players on their team or like they’re frequently getting stuck with bots as teammates as it will remove those issues and allow those amazing armchair generals to prove just how well their team would do if only they’d listen to the elite strategies posed by the players who would enjoy this game mode.

  33. I wont play it, period.
    I think it has too many commands, where as I like the simplification of WoT, & then there are the rockets, lazars, flame throwers, etc… I DONT WANT any of this. I just wanna play tanks.
    If I wanted that nonsense, I would have played Armored Warfare; which SUCKED.
    TOO many commands, too many tanks to look after, totally stressful, not fun at all gaming. I won’t even try it. It’s that bad IMO.

    Candie ^..^

  34. No one wants turn-based strategy game in WOT, this is a pain in the ass mode.

  35. Pavel Slavětínský

    I did try one game in rhis new mode, sry, not again.

  36. I dont like it.

  37. This is the most boring thing ever…

  38. You best broo am respect you. Froom gecce like !!

  39. Tired of all the events. I don’t have the energy to learn a new complex mode that I have to grind hours every day for two weeks to get some bonds. I don’t think I will play it even once.

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