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Source: QuickyBaby

Epic tank – check. Great match up – check. They never stood a chance in World of Tanks!


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  1. Only you sir. I play this tank and I am bottom tier always and for the life of me I cannot get it to fire just one round, always two which leads to my early demise. Well done as usual on your part anyway.

  2. Trittan delos Reyes

    That disrespect at 3:01. Firing at another tank when he was face to face with another one.

  3. I want to meet QB in battle

  4. Thumbs up for you, thumbs down for WG as this is just another OP-russian tank. But we’re used to this.

  5. This is o e of the reasons i stopped playing WoT and thinking about stopping WoWs too

  6. i have never seen any object 703 II players make more than 3k damage, so this tank is not op.

  7. QB farming red tier 6s gg……I’m excited

  8. This battle war unreal. No one was using a single gold ammo. Luck of the year with matchmaking.

  9. Can’t get this tank anymore right?

  10. Russian premium is all you had to say !

  11. I never purchase gold rounds o on my premium, and it’s another story.

  12. The Sheridan sucks dont it…Why showcase it. who wan buy Sheridans

  13. 1:32 it would have abysmal DPM if it wasn’t a premium

  14. Wow another qiuck qack gameplay 😀 I/WE love you quicky, coz you are honest!! BUT one day i hope all contributor got our rng.. same number of hit with same tank.. ricochet, we didn’t even scratch them, critical hit, that was bounce.. RNG is the official cheat! F@kin wg are put you in a sucking box and there is no way out! Approx. 30% of this shit depends on your knowledge, the rest rng.

  15. Skilled in an OP Top tier VIII. Great job.

  16. This is fine

  17. GG WP WG………3-5-7 is not broken at all….. no need to change the MM… MOAR OP Soviet HV..that’s what we need….. (sarcasm)

  18. QuickyBaby thanks for taking the intrest away for all the normale players of u play with the rediculous tank(s) bye bye zwaai zwaai

  19. As I’m saying to everyone:
    Lefe and 703 and tier8 EBR are the only tanks.
    Anything else is reasonably balanced.

  20. dude not even fun to watch top tier soviet premium tank shait on tier 6

  21. Perfectly illustrates that +2 match making is broken…

  22. terrible rainbow farting unicorn match lmao

  23. qucky is WG employee….they even found his wife………garbage ….. against -2 tier

  24. …do not hate the CC… Hate WG for this OP things and MM!

  25. Have fun doing this in an IS2-II guys.

  26. One reason why I am about to stop playing WOT: becomes more and more a p2w game. How much fun does have these enemy tech tree tanks, which may probably in grind in this game. And should not have everyone some fun in a game? So stupid by WG to power creep prem tanks more and more

  27. 703 with rations fighting against Tier VIs. Willy the Goat in its natural habitat.

  28. Absurd amounts of blocked damage that quickly… And the longranged accuracy is beyond belief lucky. I have 72% hitrate with the same tank mostly because i only rarely even try hitting at long range with it. Hitting with BOTH shots when doublefiring beyond 100m? That’s practically unheard of.
    I LIKE the tank, sure, it’s definitely pretty good, but i just have no idea how you can be that lucky with BOTH blocked AND your own shots.
    If i try anything even close to your rampage like that, i take 10-15 hits in as many seconds and go BOOOM before i’ve even done 1k damage.

  29. You know how broken the 703-2 is when QB shoots the Panther on the right hill lol 2:58 , ignoring the 53tp in front of him :D.

  30. feel like i need this tank in my garage… how do i get it?!?!?!

  31. For me, this is all WoT has become. “just an overpowered (soviet) premium tank” hence why i uninstalled and stopped playing completely. Just don’t have the cash to dish out to be competitive in this game

  32. shout out to that M6 for not freaking out and spamming HE.

  33. 15 – 4, shows that the game is not balanced at all. No games anymore are close to being 13-15 or 14-15. It’s always a major win or a major loss

  34. this weeks top of the tree – “American light tanks and the Sheridon” lol

  35. Your opponents were jackasses

  36. These Ghost rounds are getting worse with rounds going through the middle of tanks. WG just doesn’t care and is making this game worse by not fixing major issues while instead making fake wheeled armored cars and broken Russian tanks. But that video all but says WG gives RNG bonuses to some players as none of us would bounce the majority of those shots.

  37. Alexander Grabowski

    The Only Reason why is video Length, is so low, now is he is just being lazy, I mean He is making maybe 1 or 2 Yt videos a week. And he is the “Biggest Content creator” on the EU server, And well, yes you can argue this game was fast but he was fighting on a nice alley of tier 6, and 7 tanks, almost always shooting when he is reloaded. I mean Skill4ltu and dezgamez, upload videos every 1 to 2 days, I expect it to reduce, but QB is not really Enjoying the game for him it is like a job, play get tips, gifted subs, new subs, etc, he also gets the most viewers when he plays wot on twitch. So he kinda has to do it, but he seems to enjoy, games like Deadspace 3 or World of world of warcraft. Sorry to break it to you Qb fans but it is the sad truth.

  38. 1 word: Russian.

  39. I think they should give a 3rd barrel to this tank but it would only appear if you are a real tavarish

  40. WG vomit , pain , nonsense and vomit again.

  41. +2/-2 is really good for the game right ?

  42. Wait a sec, why are there 2 versions of the 703-II, one with a 100mm gun and one with a 122mm? How did that happen and how can you get the former or the latter?

  43. What has happened to the balncing center of wg lately… why do they have to do this….

  44. 703 is best tier 8 heavy tank.

  45. Well, that was some serious clubbing you dished out.

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