THEY PUT ME IN World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

They put QuickyBaby in WoT! Haven't played in 30 days? Get me for free…

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays for 6 hours+ Starting @ 17:00-CET / 16:00-GMT / 11:00-EST

Or find me in the premium store.



  1. Recently I started watching your content again and was tempted to try this game again since not playing for few years. Glad I didn’t! Now I get a lot of goodies for free!

  2. Why do non Active players get premium time and free QB but active players dont

  3. quicky, tell WG to do a 3-D commander for you on console – that’d be AWESOME! edit: forgot to say – your voice-over is the best of any commander.

  4. Hes going in my e50m, that way it will finally be strong!

  5. Wow they only gave you zero perk brothers in arms

  6. I’m just following you in youtube and I don’t watch the streams. I would be glad if i can get you with some missions in the game. But congratulations, very well deserved.

  7. Bakunawa Mandirigma

    i put my QB in the “M3LEE” glorious combat indeed…

  8. Happy QB made it in.. All the free loot tells me War Gaming are short on cash flow and desperate for players..

  9. love the way he ignore the fact that you can get any content creator as a commander in this event 😀 clasic QB skill4ltu and AEG will fit me well

  10. Ah… ability to play with yourself in the game. Priceless.

  11. I cannot figure out what tank to make you the commander of?

  12. @koni baloni Yeah that seems so weird but I guess I’m glad I took a break for a while so I get it for free.

  13. Man you were the face of tanks for me 5 years ago lol

  14. Yikes…it’s painful to hear…sorry but jingles did it better….this feels like nothing but an ego flex…sorry QB but it sounds more annoying than Arnie

  15. Quickybaby, I put you as my Comet commander, seemed appropriate.

  16. I remember couple of months ago there was in game survey that ask me about what my opinion about celebrities voice act, and I said it dumb! because they recommend about celeb that doesn’t fit in WOT, then in suggestion box I write, I want to hear QB, Dezgames, and some other community contributor voice in game. and they delivered!
    thank u Wargaming!!!!
    can’t wait to get ur Voice in my tank!!!

  17. When Quickybaby comments on a game which is voiced by Quickybaby as well:

    “This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them”.

  18. Probably Tortoise and it will be SlowyBaby

  19. Hehe a bit cringe but I am happy for you. Good stuff!

  20. Personally, the only thing sad is that the Commanders don’t issue a gimmick voice to tell the Loader (Or Gunner if it’s autoloading) to switch shells being loaded i.e;

    “Loader, AP!”, “Loader, load HEAT!”, “Loader, hit High Explosive!”

    Then I would feel complete just to hear QB just say; “Alright, dab on that number two!”

  21. Your lines are better than Arnolds! It’s a shame I don’t play WOT only enjoy the videos-

  22. Shame we don’t get it on console WoT

  23. When Chems??

  24. Gsor or Gsor 1008

  25. You’re going in my FV304 mister 😀

  26. Psychedellic Toxin

    I wanted to get it, then I realized the stupid amount of Twitch I’d be forced to watch or the money I need to pay. And now there’s a code for not playing the game. I regret playing a single game just to see if the game got better every few weeks because now I am missing out. Wargaming finds more and more ways to fuck its player base over.

  27. I think the quickybaby commander will teach Me how to play the game fr, its a very cool thing that wg added to the game

  28. They put Jingles in World of Warships, about time they put you in tanks.

  29. HOT DANG FINALLY!!!! a code that is worth the wait been not only does it have 14 days of premium, but you can get the OG GOATS of WOT for free congratulations QB!!! also those voice lines are AWESOME!!!

  30. Maybe but you didnt participate in superplatoon with other ccs.

  31. I feel like WG had missed a huge opporunity with the custom voice lines. That is to have for when the 6th sense getting activated. I mean, I would love to hear Quickybaby yelling “We are spotted! Quick! Move!” into my ears or “We are spotted, the enermy arty will hit us!” or something in those lines. I know the one I currently using is a dog bark that was used for Rudy. Nice to have that kind of sound to make me sure that I know when Im spotted and about to get slapped

  32. I’m putting my QuackyBaby’s into my Arty.

  33. Congrat. Voice lines are so generic however

  34. This was overdue. Congratulations!

  35. Haha this is brilliant, I love it!

  36. Got U. I’ll put U into Strv 103B

  37. Cant do the twitch thing as im at work at them times…..dont have mondays or fridays off

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