THEY SAID THIS TANK IS GARBAGE?! – Leopard 1 in War Thunder – OddBawZ

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Source: OddBawZ

The gets a lot of stick for being a bad tank. Even though it’s been moved from 7.7 to 7.3 in last year, people are really struggling with it.

Leo has an absolutely outstanding cannon for its BR. It’s a 105 L7 that is capable of firing an APDS round with 300mm of penetration and a very potent HEAT-FS shell that can punch through any tank it’ll face.

In today’s video, I’ll be using Leo 1 almost stock just to prove how well it can perform while playing aggressively rather than cowering behind the spawn and waiting for enemy engagements at long ranges!

The is an amazing tank and it’s one of War Thunder’s most iconic vehicles!

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LEOPARD (02:35)
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  1. What do you think of the Leopard Space Telescope?!

  2. I’m guessing it’s the newer players who got used to the KT/Panther playstyle and try to play Leo like one.

    • I know, all the people that complain about the leopard focus on its armour. I don’t think they realise that the point of the leopard was to snipe Russian tanks from kilometres away.

  3. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Leopard 1s are so annoying to fight but full to kill. The L/44s are worse at 9.0. Damn things are everywhere.

  4. Centurion mk10 next video?

  5. You are great Odd but f this game to hell.

  6. Member of the oompaville shungite cult

    Dang I wanted to see some death dorito gameplay

  7. Dollars = monopoly money… To be fair anything that isn’t sterling is monopoly money 🤣🤣

  8. Odd is a good player, and these are some favorable engagements, but the tank is trash.
    Facts which do not vary with player experience or engagement luck: the tank has ZERO armor, POOR mobility, POOR secondaries, POOR survivability, and a barely MEDIOCRE gun.

  9. It’s not a bad tank, it’s an unprotected tank. The German Tech tree before the Leopard 1 are armored Heavies and Mediums. Throw them a light tank and they will struggle.

  10. angry Wehraboos noises

    I asume the problem players have with the leopard 1 is that they aren’t used to that kind of mobility and just go strait to the enemys spawn and getting killed on the way because they are over exposed. At least that was the problem when i first got the leopard 1

  11. Hey odd! so ive been making some content on war thunder and my video recording software is really bad, lots of lag and low quality so i was wondering what recording software you use. Thanks for the daily upload!

  12. The IKV 91 is just a leopard at 6.7 … change my mind

    Also play the ikv 91 odd

  13. I love the leo 1 but I still prefer the Ru 251 even when up tiered to 8.3

  14. The thing about the tank is that German players go from steel fortress heavy tanks to nimble sniper. Of course it suck if you use it as a heavy, it has no armor.

  15. no tank is bad for oddbawz

  16. Every time I hear the bricks/rubble falling, i think of Jake and Elwood Blues coming out of Elwoods collapsed appartment after Jake’s Ex GF blew it up! Great video Odd!

  17. The leo is a little OP at 7.3, as is the object 120, but dumb**** who don’t know how to use them are the reason they are at this br, honestly i didn’t expect those 2 tanks and the sabre and mig15 to stay at they’re lowered brs for this long, hopefully we get that fixed soon. (Ik the sabre/mig and these tanks are an entirely different story, but they should both be fixed by gaijin).

  18. Do a video on the Leo’s main nemesis the t54 1949

  19. There is no bad tank only bad players


    Odd play The Cromwell V RP-3

  21. Dave's Throwaway acc 1

    APDS got a buff a while back. Before it either bounced, or penetrated and caused no spalling and fragments, resulting in enemy medium tanks like T54s and T62s being able to survive multiple side shots.

    Also at its BR, German players would be going from Tigers and Panthers with reliable armour to a tank that was built around mobility, not armour, which resulted in German players trying to go head on against ZSU-57s.

  22. Germany suffers tho

  23. Yeah, “featuring a jet!” LIES

  24. Just a panzer crewman with wifi

    Its not bad but fighting 13 basically identical centurion copies gets annoying. Source: german main who just wants to fight something aside from falcons and centurions

  25. The Leo 1 is that tank that forced me to start playing realistic battles. Its survivability its soooo bad. But the point is to not get shot whatsoever and it made me realize that. What a GOD of a tank jeez.

  26. “Germany Suffers.”

    This tank is absolutely phenomenal. Unlock the HEAT for it and laugh manically as you slaughter the enemy team by flanking their main within 5 minutes.

  27. How’s the AMX 30 at 7.7 and the leo at 7.3 ?! they’re the same tank !!

  28. You make it look so easy. I never get that level of effectiveness in my Leo I.

  29. Very nice work! Thank you.

  30. You’re really becoming more positive!
    Good for you!

  31. I love the Leo…it’s just one of the best tanks in game. to hell what others say.

  32. So what ODD is trying to say is when played at its BR is a great tank.

  33. Thanks for bringing to light how broken it is that the Leo is 7.3

  34. Is3 garbage

  35. 2 youtubers i love watching in quarantine are Oddbawz and eggmanjames, they both make such good conctent both daily upload so they are actually commiting to their fanbase which is why i love them the most

  36. Dhananjay Kumar Mishra

    No tank is garbage in this game it just matters to the skills of players. I have taken 14 kills from breda.


    Anyone who struggles playing the Leo 1 struggles playing the M18 and EBR but still complain the M18 and EBR is Op when they play against it. Its funny because its true, many players think a certain tank is OP because its fast and has a good gun but they almost never have any armor meaning you need to use strategy to use them well otherwise your going to get got. When these players actually start playing these fast tanks they suck at it because they think all you need to do is rush and shoot when in reality that will get you killed nine times out of ten. With the Leo I, it’s got medium tank armor and armament with light tank maneuverability and speed but at it’s BR its armor is all but worthless except at angles if your lucky (I have bounced off the ufp of the leo wth 90mm APHE before, annoying but my fault for shooting at a bad angle lol). The leo exells at flanking but the problem with side shooting with the APDS and HEATFS is it does a lot less damage and typically over penetrates without doing much, which menas you have to learn where to aim to do good. With the Leo 1 you must always aim for ammo, gunner, driver, or barrel. Basically either kill it with the ammo shot or disable it so you can kill the rest of the crew. Aiming for the front middle of the side of a turret will almost always take their breach out unless the gunner or loader somehow absorbs the apda/heatfs, but is typically the shot to go for if you don’t know where the ammo is. This is basically how I play it and the leo 1 and EBR as the solid shot doesn’t have the best post pen dammage, but is better than the leo’s apds and heatfs.


      Forgot to mention sniping, its great for sniping but as soon as you take your shot, check your surrounding and and make sure no one is aiming at you before you take another shot, otherwise you can end dying to another sniper who places a well aimed shot at your turret. Always act like the Leo 1’s armor will not save you because more likely than not it wont, use its reverse speed to back up while reloading then reappear to finish off or kill another enemy. Reappearing in a new location is almost always better too so try that as well if you can.


      Of course this is just my recommendation and I am in no way saying this is the best way to play it, its just my preferred way.

  38. This tank is garbave cuz has less br than maus

  39. yeah, I gotta agree…for it’s BR the leopard 1 is VERY good!

  40. this is one of my favorite tanks in the game after the Panther A. It was also the first MBT that I got the free ace on. You are fantastic with it, especially for not having it spaded. When I used to play it heavily, APDS was going through tanks like a laser beam doing no damage still, so I may have to play her again.

  41. Dude the intro got me super hyped XD

  42. Aww its a cute tank. Great video sir. Thank you for showing off the Leo speed and firepower. 07 and <3

  43. ra ra ra wa wa wa o a a

  44. This things has nothing to do in 7.3.
    It was on par with other 7.7, already cost less in repair cost, and now the lower BR.

    Germany suffer.

  45. Sneaky tigor at 0:08

  46. Alessandro Nazzaro

    Werhaboos can’t stand seeing a Leo with no Heatfs loaded

  47. 9:28
    Feel the same, I’m just a bad player🤣

    Edit: After watching this video I have been enlightened in how to play the leopard
    Now only did I realize its value, its speed, gun, reload and maneuverability make it a very detrimental tank to the enemy team

    Thank you!

  48. @OddBawz just curious, why is the tank stock if it’s a good tank? I like to play good tanks XD don’t get me wrong, i don’t think it’s a bad tank.

    • I explained why in the video! I was challenged to try and spade it with only HESH but after 20 games I got let off the hook!

    • @OddBawZ and never wanted to play it in it’s whole might? But then again..if i were to play 20 games with hesh only i would have taken a break from it too probs.

  49. My only problem with Leo 1 is how badly the mobility needs to be looked at. Spaded it still feels slower than a spaded Panther A. It loses speed way too fast when changing direction, too. I still feel it should’ve stayed 7.7, atm there’s a huge black hole uptier for 6.7 where you’ll consistently see Leos, Centurions and more.

  50. I wanna play 7.7 and 6.7 but I cant afford them

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