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Source: DOLLARplays

STOCK Leopard C2A1 MEXAS gameplay …

War official website https://.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Summon All Gods – Dream Cave
Bargain Basement – Martin Klem
King of Nowhere – Rockin’ For Decades

Intro song : Sunstorm – ELFL(edited by me)
Outro song : Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. Should I do part 2 with full upgrades ?

  2. I love the editing, and music. Always hella good videos

  3. Арсений Фастов

    That was a good “wide (name here)” joke potential, and you waste it. Shame, real shame

  4. Me encanta las edición 😁

  5. What recording software do you use?

  6. u know u have played USSR too long when being able to dodge ATGM after moving out feels strange

  7. Can you make tutorial about angling tank armour

  8. Leopard C2A1 MEXICAN

  9. Where is Dollar from? he has a unique accent!!

  10. I don’t need your sub titles, I’m from Canada, we are used to different accents…hell all Canadians talk fast….

  11. My expectation would be every mexas driver apologize after they hurt or destroy an enemy property.

  12. Стефан РОГАЛЬСКИЙ

    Tu mérite tellement plus d’abonner, continue comme sa, je me régale a chacune de tes vidéos !!!! GOOOO SUBB !!!!!

  13. I’m 30 seconds in and laughing hard, well done sir, well done.

  14. Stalinium > Maple-Syrupium

  15. Chiky Briiiiky position!!!!)))))))

  16. What a beautiful tank 😳

  17. id rather call it C2A TEXAS

  18. Again, 6 months after your FAQ, we’re waiting for your Twitch Channel, we’re happy to think about some Tarkov, WT or some others gameplays in stream 😮

  19. Do a video on the friz x

  20. Love it!
    Waiting for the full upgraded C2A1 vid 💪

  21. Dollar you know that you can repair crucial systems of your tank without parts right?
    You always left the tank after loosing your breech and barrel, it’s a bit of a waste.

  22. lets be real here, alright guys? the OBJECT 279 is a pass, pass for what you ask? why its a pass for noobs at high br.

  23. Love the MGS alert when you spot a target

  24. Unsubbed to phly bc i found u straight up higher quality that man just puts full games in his vids boring as shit not even that funny you actually edit

  25. Yo I have an idea for you, what about gameplay of BT-7 (F-32)? (i dont know if its still there hope you find ount lol)

  26. 0:21 Czech Republic!

  27. I dont understand how to get this Tonk

  28. I’d get so damn bored of playing this lol, even on my phone when I’m bored I wouldn’t log onto this.

  29. Leopard C2A5 we sure as hell never fielded C2A1 variant.

  30. Us canadians have tanks??? I thought our pm cut our military so that we dont have an army

  31. Best intro so far.

  32. 7:35 How it feels to run the Leopard I and fight ATGMs and IS6s

  33. yess this is why i watch you loong time before, a real game play of without upgrades.

  34. Вери Чики-Брики позышон

  35. God I love your videos.
    Seriously yoh should get the Nobel-price in medicine for curing depression.

  36. Bruh yet another Leopard

  37. It finally appeared after so long ……4:10

  38. JustSomeRandom Ostrich

    0:00 that’s what i call quality humor. Most entertaining WT youtuber PERIOD


  40. just got the coupon for this thing yesterday. I thought the canadians used the leopard 2 for their MBT but i guess i was wrong.

  41. Мне очень нравятся твои видео.Есть кто русский?

  42. Exelente edición de videos tengo el juego pero prefiero ver por aquí es muy divertido hahahahahhaha….. Saludos.

  43. The D O L L A R PLESI thing is killing me

  44. E X T R A T H I C C

  45. Very much reminds me of GigaKubica

  46. Thats creepy as soon as it said 3:28an it was acutally 3:28am

  47. maple tree launcher


  49. I hope WT add a ticket mechanism that allows you to put certain vehicles like the mexas to the UK tech tree or USA 🤷‍♂️

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