Think Before You Flank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing one weakest Tier 10 mediums, the T-62A and discussing why it’s so important to think before you flank in World of Tanks!



  1. Where do I go at start, with the lemmings mostly, no use trying to hold a flank on your own, it only ends badly.

  2. Hey QB, try playing a pimped-out Schwartzpanzer. Bounty/bond equipment and the field mods really wake it up – it becomes a Progetto that lacks the burst-fire mode.

  3. thks for sharing yr equipment setup love yr replay

  4. The T62 was a shitty tank with a 115mm gun…. In RL. Fuck WoT

  5. I was watching this gameplay from when QB was live on twitch he was frustrated and annoyed trying to get 3 marks and mods for that tank

  6. “It’s not the tank, but the tanker that is the beast!” – me

  7. At the start of the video I thought I saw it already. You did the intro the same and it’s on the same map as your When winning is everything video from 2 days before this. Also fun fact while you were playing the B-C 25 t in that video, the B-C 25 t here is starting almost in the same position you did for that video. Talk about Deja vu.

  8. I didn’t play WoT (for more than half a decade) but I love to watch these videos for some reason

  9. now thats how you play the t62a great video comander

  10. Flank before you Spank. Spank before you Wank… Wank before you Tank.

  11. Battlecruiser Plays

    i havent played this game in years but the last time i checked, there is always at least ONE ripe tomato just sitting in the spawn garden waiting to ruin your flank.

  12. Great video, you were very lucky the enemy didn’t send a fast scout to the island in the 1st game, they would have caught you crossing over the water. There’s that nice bush they love to use between F/G and 1/2. That happens to me quite a bit when my tank is too slow to take the hill, and I see the flank is undefended. Even when I hug the back wall it’s quite dangerous, it was fortunate all of their LT went hill allowing you the opportunity to flank. Likewise the 2nd game the enemy completely ignored city allowing you to stop pushing and consolidate your hold in the middle. Pretty much atypical games from the norm.

  13. Back in 2013 , this is one of the most dangerous tank in the game along with object 140

  14. back in the day when a 2 platoon each with 3 type 59s are terror every match lmao

  15. Joel Christian Logon

    My pc is so slow when i finish loading the game already started i cant utilize that 30 sec

  16. wow enemy stb1 using ap round 😮

  17. I wish I’d like to tell this to our light tank player but they already died before even think

  18. HOLLY FUCK!!! Ive not seen a QB video in a while. WHAT HAPPENED?! Hes looking like hes a pothead. I remember when he was clean cut short hair. I liked it better. Still love your videos and your still awesome.

  19. love your vids keep em coming

  20. 💯💯💯💯💯💯👍💯👍👍💯💯💯👍👍💯💯💯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👍

  21. Super good training. Ty sir.

  22. QuickyBaby when are you going to have a quick baby?

  23. The next Level play

    T-62a is ❤️

  24. Pure luck with overthinking post battle.

  25. Vcesniee o7

  26. Same thing does NOT apply to platoons just go all in and all shoot 1 😂

  27. Hi quickybaby. Maybe it’s a good idea to make a video about how to communicate with your team during a battle. I mean wich chat do you use team/platoon. And how to use short sentences to get messages across

  28. masterclass – good player, good teacher. thanks QB

  29. And you also managed to get a scene for the next rendition of quickybaby best moments.

  30. How absolutely horrid were those enemy tank destroyers though! Seriously!? If I were ever to be so cheeky poking that T54 totally in the open, they would all target me and I would be dead instantly. Talking about luckybaby and always playing these absolute troglodytes!

  31. I’m not sure you are exhibiting healthy tactics here. Saying that if a flank is too weekly defended it’s better to go elsewhere and hope that whatever stays to defend takes long to die so that you can get the easy damage elsewhere and come back to finish.
    This might look like a proper tactic, relying on a Defeat in Detail to get the upper hand. But this has been fuel for the current meta of fast and one-sided games and you are encouraging players to embrace it. This is not healthy because many tanks are not suited for such rapid gameplay and it forces people to play the fewer ones if they want to keep up, because the other tanks cannot hope to play their to strength.
    Seriously in this last game, how could it ever be enjoyable for the Maus?

  32. You said it very well in video. T-62A is capable of doing amazing things if you use your brain. Yeah… Big problem of majority of players 😂

  33. i think the T54 had bad ping
    because his reactions and moves were a bit…. slow

  34. Will do QB thanks

  35. one oof my fav tanks t62a is underated

  36. El Peorro De IFxXceptions

    All red means craziness….

  37. T62a should get inverse autoreloader is3a style. Make it relevant again while still being inferior to other USSR mediums in terms of raw stats.

  38. Worlof of Flanks

  39. The real T-62 had a 115mm gun, and I think that is largely all that is needed for this tank. Imagine it with the same gun handling it has now, but with a Leopard 1 style gun with 400+alpha and similar accuracy. The Soviet sniper. Maybe even a little armor buff with some spaced armor on the hull to mimic modern reactive armor. I thought it was always fun back in the day, a tank I enjoyed more than the 140. It just needs a few minor tweaks to be really competitive again

  40. Another mines replay

  41. QB’s play on Mines worked only because the TDs behind the enemy T-54 are basically all morons….

  42. Source of Arrogance

    T-62 sucks, but still it is the most beatiful tier X MT 🖤

  43. After 4 Adds to get to your show who gets that money Quicky Baby

  44. I knocked the dust off my t62a a few weeks ago after at least a year, it’s fun because the meta players aren’t used to dealing with the old beast, I was able to dominate several meta medium tanks (I’m barely an average player) so much fun.

  45. Sick of dying on the hill on Mines. Mostly go 1 line now… let someone else hit the hill with no support.

  46. Mines again?

  47. These are outstanding videos. You are a very good teacher providing a fascinating and valuable insight into the game and how best to play it. Thank you for your current proactivity in producing this content.

  48. Great vid QB. I always appreciate these vids on how to handle situations with certain type of tanks. Great stuff!

  49. QB, why you try (for weeks) to learn people?
    95% of the players are too stupid.
    They don’t want to learn.
    They don’t give a shit about f#€k#€&g it up for others.
    Example : map Glazier.
    Calling to stug…. Retreat.
    (he is from start rushing to middle).
    Got shot for being on top of it.
    Says.. He got it, and MOVES FORWARD.
    A tank just behind him.
    Gets hit, sees him blown up.
    Warm him also and…..
    Yes, the monkey also goes forward.
    And that kind of untermensch will never learn and should be banned.

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