Think Ill be working Towards T-55A Missions Today — Also Streaming on

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  1. Good stuff again lemming….can’t believe you went to scout Campinovka….did you have to shower afterwards?

  2. Shit gets real at 26 min mark!

  3. My first time this early, also never got a notification to a hidden video.

  4. Any tipson mission t55a meds 15?

  5. 2:18:42 Did Lemming just almost shoot himself via a bounce?

  6. Alexander Agustine

    1:13:39 when you looking for a light tank I see that your Tier 10 BC 25T has a lock on it with a number 48:09… I have never seen that before… what is that?

  7. 3 hours and 0 missions lel. Im also stuck at that block x3 hp shit.. that 6 spotting mission is ez. Just wait for malinovka prokorovka or shit. Btw im still waiting for the south spawn highway tutorial for meds.. xD

  8. It took me 6 months to do this mission, I was trying to do it with my T 29. The 2000 damage was easy but my blocked wouldn’t quite be there. I finally caved in and bought the VK 100.1 and finished the mission the first game. I hate slow Heavies.

  9. Do u own a kv 122 ?

  10. I cant even penetrate the Primo Victoria’s turret with my T100 Lt

  11. I m 2 missions away from the Obj 260… for 3 months now!

  12. I’m only a 1300 wn8 pubbie and got the T-55 A two days ago, all legit and not really intentionally. The hardest part was setting things on fire a tier higher twice, but I think they made that one easier recently. Continue putting these streams online as it’s not always possible to watch you live.

  13. Watching whole stream like 3 days after u upload it, lol im crazy, but nice stream i enjoyed it, can i make a question?? ik u prob wont answer cuz isnt a new video, but i need to try :”)

  14. 2 missions left for Obj 260

  15. What light tank line is the one that has a higher ish skill ceiling?

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