This 1GB Sound Mod is CRAZY! | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Mods, Gun Sound Mods – Gnomefather's historical realistic gun sounds and War Mod Gun Sounds.

► Aslain's WoT Modpack link I use:

A viewer of mine asked me about the “1GB Sound Mod”, have I checked it out and tested it… Well, I had never even heard about this until then and of course, I had to test it out! So, went out there together with Dez Fam and we put this into test vs normal game sounds and the OG Gnomefather's historical realistic gun sounds.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. sounds quite nice, but with the large calibers the sound overdrives in both mods. But gnomefathers was the better one.

  2. We need more realistic sounds for sure. Tanks has sounds like water guns.

  3. The game’s sound isn’t that bad anymore but Gnomefather’s seems like the way to go.
    The War sound mod sounds like spaghetti westerns for low calibers and they start to distort the audio for the higher calibers.

  4. Marvin schönfelder

    war mod sounds realy realistic 🙂 my favourite

  5. Marvin schönfelder

    the JPE100 sounds great with the war mod,T29HCT is brutal from the sound its like a sound bug

  6. In War-Mod it looks like the sounds are taken from the Sound-mode for Close Combat IV Battle of the Bulge. I’m sure 95% of you don’t even know what I’m talking about LOL

  7. War mode sounds ridiculous for me.

  8. War mod is way too busy, distracting and it hurts my ears….Gnomefathers is my choice.

  9. To loud …m not for me

  10. The War Mod BZ sounds good tho! But other than that I wouldve prefered Gnomefather’s Mod by far!
    All in all War Mod (for the Gun sounds itself) feels like the sound was turned up to 200%, especially in the end where all tanks were shooting together, the Pz. I Ausf. C was getting quite annoying.

  11. Dez you gotta hear 120mm gun on auto loaders and e5 or sc, that’s y i am using gnomefather since 2014 (Soviet meds with 100mm gun is also one of my favorites)

  12. War mode for low cal. and game sounds for high cal.

  13. both soundspacks sounds awful, mainly because of a echos… only very low calibers in modspacks sounds somewhat acceptable

  14. the 240mm sounds like an apollo rocket takeoff

  15. Just the stock vanilla game sounds for me, please. Finding the mod ones far too distracting and over the top.

  16. IS-7 War mod, Total ASMR

  17. Some sounded better with gnomefather and others sounded better woth war sound…..

  18. I think war mod is perfect for cinematic shot

  19. Not worth the effort for me.

  20. I actually prefer the standard WOT sounds.They are certainly lame and not very authentic. But they also don’t distract me when firing so I can keep the focus on the game. Especially for fast firing guns the mod sounds are too much for me

  21. Gnome is the best

  22. Too much echo, crackling and over the top distorted sounds on both mods IMO. The lower caliber guns sounded OK though.
    Game sounds for me.

  23. Gnomefarhers the best
    War mod sounds like a joke

  24. Honestly there is still no gun sound more ASMR than wg’s 130/128mm caliber gun sounds

  25. war mod sounds too much for me tbh, especially I’ll constantly hear that while I play.

  26. They sound great but I find it difficult to tell apart the different guns (must be sure that shitbarn has fired haha)

  27. Another great video Dez
    Maybe give a chance to the engine mods as well, Gnome father’s one is brilliant, it’s always the first thing I install

  28. sounds like starwars

  29. WOW – great video. Thanks for the editing and I’ll be changing my sound mod based on this video.

  30. Hearing the 240mm fire with the war mod put a smile on my face almost instantly

  31. Try this mod with richocet shots

  32. 240mm sounds like a nuke wtf xD in war mod

  33. Nice content, wp!

  34. wow, those war mod are bad. sounds like people changing mags on their pistols or smg..

  35. and where were german 88, 105, russian 85 and 100mm etc??

  36. T92 with the war mod sounds like a rocket taking off

  37. Gnome is the choice, war a bit too much, would be too agressive in longer game play , all the time with those complex sounds.

  38. I think the lower calibers sound better with war mod, higher calibers sound better with Gnomefathers

  39. To much for me, I will stick to the gamesounds

  40. I did like the shell eject for the open turrets with the gnomefather mod.

  41. War Mod is the loser. Small caliber has WAY too much ricochet sound to it, sounds terrible. And the larger calibers sound like you’re listening to them on a blown-out speaker. Gnomefather’s wins.

  42. What a beautifull sound mod…my favourite is Borsig… That 150mm howitzer sound in opened platform is just epic…

  43. Gun sounds are the worst WG has ever made. I always have to use the modes to increase the excitement when playing

  44. It was this type of video that I subbed to you for, thank you for returning to your roots! xx

  45. I use the wot sound mod from 0.9.13 because it gives me nostalgia, I just love it

  46. Don’t forget the sounds getting hit, shot nearby and ricochets

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