This Accuracy Beats RNG?! | World of Tanks STRV 103B New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

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of the most requested builds you wanted to see was the most accuracy in World of Tanks, The Best accuracy ever seen. that, we have to jump into Swedish Tank Destroyer STRV 103B and boost it to the maximum with new system.

And let me tell you, I was impressed!

Enjoy the show!


  1. I love this tank it’s my only tier10

    Why can’t I connect to the test server

  2. Number ONE!
    STRV is a real beast and i got it too
    Edit: Can you make a accurate KV-2???
    Edit 2: Yeah try to play it only auto aim!

  3. It already had amazing accuracy than you make it ten time better

  4. I wish DezGamez would like my Comment I only ask for simple request that I ask DezGamez the best wot player 🙂

  5. Markus Zuckburgers


  6. Make a fast tog II

  7. U cant beat RNG mates. Unfortunatelly

  8. elo mordo

  9. Hi dez nice gameplay with your equipment setup for Strv. 😁

    Edit: can you make a very accurate arty using Batchat. Or make it a machine gun arty if its only possible though.

  10. WoT player experiencing what it is like to play War Thunder lol

  11. You should do just auto aiming in that tank , I’d watch it

  12. The accuracy of this tank is already quite successful.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to increase the view range?

  13. I so look forward to the day I came to tier 10… and I like the Swedish tanks.

  14. RNGless play

  15. Make KV-2 as accurate as you can get it 😀

  16. The problem hitting EBRS isn’t accuracy, it’s latency….

  17. I have better idea – play EBR without auto-aim

  18. Drowners are downers

  19. 8:13 .. Imagine Autloader Strv. That’d be fun!

  20. The result screen was empty. just like my life

  21. yeeeep, do it! I have this little baby, want to know if I can do the same

  22. Does the turbo still boost siege mode?

  23. El Grineer Exiliado

    Nice Setup but I prefer the “ghost” mode with binoculars and cammo 😎

  24. I just ate a cinnamon bun. Would have shared, if you had said it earlier 😀

  25. dez ping be like: brrr 80 brrr 110 brrr 180 brrr 200 brrr 210 brrrr 100
    my ping me like: brrr 200 brrr 210 brrr 230 brrrr 500 brrrr 700 brrrrr 720
    ^ can still get 50% winrate


    How much more can they fuck the game and make it even harder for a free to play and the more money u spend the much better crew and tanks u can have seems total fair lol

  27. This is not good cause if I miss then I won’t be able to blame it on rng

  28. i using turbocharger on STRV , it is boosting siege mode speed

  29. Might work with Leo too?

  30. Make the highest DPM possible

  31. Omg epic now I want this tank even more

  32. Best Camoed UDES 03

  33. This is sooooo similar in my strv s1

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