This British DRUNK Contraption THAT KICKS A#$ (War Thunder Tanks

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Source: PhlyDaily

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This DRUNK Contraption THAT KICKS A#$ (

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  1. Sorry about the AUDIO glitch, should be fixed tomorrow. Unfixable however on this recording.

    • Did Baron Die like for real wheres he been at do i need to go to his house and rough him up a bit

    • PhlyDaily its actually funny

    • That’s a relief. I thought I was having a stroke

    • TheLoneWolf_NZ Audio bug might be due to too many cuts in the second game. Some guys were talking about phly in the chat box (me included :P), after I was killed by Phly I noticed that it was Phly. There was some cursing too in the end in the match against the spawn campers (not Phly).

    • PhlyDaily Biggest mistake ever made by BBC was when they sacked Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear and Jeremy, Richard Hammond, James May made The Grand Tour a award winning “Tv Series” where you can only watch on Amazon with Amazon Prime. It’s an ashame that the ratings of the new Top Gear has gone bad… but really it was their decision to fire Jeremy…also on the other hand I am crazy how I never knew that you watch it. ? Would love a QNA soon to ask a lot of questions ?. ❤️ o7

  2. Thanks Phly, for what you do. Your videos mean more to people than you might think.

  3. “Speed is everything” PhlyDaily 2018 everybody. Lol

  4. Could you do a video about the F3D-1 Skynight (it looks like it’s the A-6 Intruder’s dad/uncle/relative).

  5. Play the T-10m plz

  6. Hey Phly, I was wondering how get the 150 golden eagles with the logo. There is no link in the description

  7. Could you play the AEC mk2 with the super hellcat?

  8. Can you make cheeki briki stuff with the good n old m22 loucust

  9. phly try to take out the maus with only HE shells and kill a tank

  10. I had the logo for awhile now and I didn’t know why I did till now.

  11. I feel dirty like I need a shower kinda dirty after watching this video. 🙂 Thanks Phly

  12. I laughed so hard with the beginning I woke up my whole family. Nice Top Gear reference man

  13. De ja vu

  14. Yea, the audio was wonky. Please fix. Thank you.

  15. Phly I have a question for you and I’d love if you could possibly help me with my inquiry?

  16. try to get an air kill using a P-26 in a 8.0 tank rb match

  17. When you say turret it sounds like turd XD

  18. Hey phlydaily. Could you please play the new american jet skyknight? Like if you agree

  19. Play the ST-A1 for the Emperor! Feel the sluggishness and the horrible zoom for most maps you’ll play on. The gun is okay for flanks until you get the HEAT-FS round, then you can go through almost everything you’ll face. Have fun and a really good next video!

  20. P51 mustang that fits the br and the American bulldog #attempt2

  21. Play the Ontos!

  22. Audio seemed screwed at 7:20

  23. Can you play the m22?

  24. So why don’t your arms stick out

    Play this game called War Thunder.

  26. Look at this depression.. gorgeous

  27. TheGamingMercenary

    #ChallengeAlert. My dearest Phly; I have a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it. Best my record of 18 destroyed tanks with the “StuG III A” a.k.a the shnaping turtle. Attempt Numbero uno…

    • TheGamingMercenary

      Any map, any ammunition of your choosing, your only objective is to achieve/surpass the 18 kill tally. Nothing more, nothing less. Happy hunting 😉 ( I can send a video of it from my hard drive if you would like)

  28. Ha-Go and F-86F-40 Attempt

  29. next time try the kikka with Ho-Ri production
    or the Ro-Go with D3A1
    There is a challange for Ro-Go.
    Use the rear turret 7.7 machine gun get at least 1 kill.

  30. what about the ps4 ppl how do they get i

  31. hello phily,,,i’ve been watching your videos a lot,and i like all your videos about war thunder!!!!and i want to play with you,,,,can it be???my name is fahmi_99 in war thunder,,can you invite me sometime??? i hope you can invite me!!!
    :)that is it,,you are the best phily!!!!!

  32. Thanks for the info on your decal. I’ll be getting one!

  33. I actually like the way this machine looks.

  34. I got many phly emblem when the m4a1 fl10 first appeared in the shop

  35. Hey drivedaily play some planes

  36. Hey phly, can you go with Japanese Sherman with the ki-109 attempt 2

  37. Can you get your decal on PS4? If so, how

  38. The kill cam at 5:55 lol

  39. Why you do such ridiculous things,,,, but who the f**k Care’s

  40. Biggest Mistake when they sacked Jeremy Clarkson… ?

  41. ” That’s my weak spot” – Phly. I think logic would like a word with you. That thing doesnt have armor.

  42. Mikhail Gorbachev

    Haha dude that’s what I thought when I saw it.

  43. What does that air strike mod do?

  44. Dollin : when you have a random playlist and fortunate son plays

  45. Drunk on tea

  46. T32 the true American muscle


  48. I have a request of 2 years ago you played the hetzer and the ju 87 g before they added ammo pen i like you to play with that combo again i bet be alot more fun now

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