This Broken Ability Makes Steel Hunter EASY! | World of Tanks Steel Hunter The Best Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Best Steel Hunter Tanks and Nations. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020 Gameplay, Steel Hunter Victory. World of Tanks Best Steel Hunter Tank, Nation, Vehicle. World of Tanks Steel Hunter Tutorial, Guide.

Chapters in video:
00:00 | Introduction and Overview
02:48 | German Tank Review
06:13 | French Tank Review
11:15 | Soviet Tank Review
13:49 | British Tank Review
16:43 | American Tank Review
19:50 | Conclusion

Today I am going to talk about Steel Hunter modes, which tanks are best, the strongest and the most overpowered tanks in this and which tanks give you highest chance to win.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Both trap and berserk are broken. Fireball, repair zone and mine field against those? Give me what they are smoking over there in Minsk!

  2. Hate this mode

  3. GalaWOTs Galavits

    I think the Raven with horse power, turret armor and autoloader is by far the best build. I finished the event in 16 battles and i won 7 out of 8 with Raven autoloader, so i totally agree with you Dez

  4. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    My favourite is the French machinegun 😀

  5. True. Any class can win the game but the Trap is way too OP. Even if they reduced the efficiency to 25% it would still be very good, they’ve just pumped it up too far.

  6. this is a very helpful video but could you show us the upgrades you take?

  7. why would someone want to know which is best? like are people so dumb to need know others opinion to make their own?

  8. I finished steel hunter like in 5 hours with american too, but i always go for autoloader.

  9. Hey Dez try to play steel hunter in platoons it is completely a different meta. You will see 3 teams teaming against you and you can’t do anything about it. I would like to see a video of you playing platoons!

  10. VERY OFTEN… My number 5 and 6 skills just stop working. The buttons dont do anything. So I lose. And I restart the game and it works again for ONE ROUND, then I have to restart the game again. Its ridiculous. ANd this happened last year too.

  11. 5:02 the enemy tank has do
    SelfDestruct because they have no idea to win

  12. I played a single game in the british tank with a build that my friend recommended me and used a berserker and absolutely shredded people… I got 12 or 13 kills and 15k damage.

  13. bad day for me yesterday. I am still lvl 7, I made 1 top 3, 2 top 5 and the missions done, I am not a unicum just a random player so it will take me much longer to get lvl 15. in frontline I needed betwin 24 to 28 battles here I will not know yet how much time it will take me

  14. Štěpán Petříček

    I feel like a noob here, with one win, one 2. Place And like 20 times I died tenth. (After like 5/6 hours lvl 11)

  15. I had 2 wins with the russian and one woth the german tank. The problem with the us tank is that i died verry fast and often at the beginning of the game.

  16. Added chapters as well, if you have aspecific tanks you want to see, its easier now. Have a good day, my friends!
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 | Introduction and Overview
    02:48 | German Tank Review
    06:13 | French Tank Review
    11:15 | Soviet Tank Review
    13:49 | British Tank Review
    16:43 | American Tank Review
    19:50 | Conclusion

  17. raven is op

  18. Love the new steel hunter

  19. poor gun choice, why would you pick a single shot gun, if you could have a 5 shot autoloder with the same aplha, dpm and gunhandling?

  20. Just minutes ago one of top Russian vlogers uploaded a video saying that playing Chieftain is a cheat 😀 Seems like the tanks are actually pretty balanced, apart from the French one.

  21. It is so frustrating I am even writing it here. I am at stage 12, but it’s terrible. I end up 80% as 10th and it gives me nice 0 progress.

  22. In my opinion the british and american ones are the best, but I simply was unlucky with them (played only a couple of battles)… in the other hand, I had today session 7/7 wins with german one (speed and dpm built) and easily secured 15th lvl
    with german one I search for ram in the start and in the end I won thx HP and repairs

  23. 1st reaper company

    i always play the soviet tank i foucsed on armor and alpha DMG i always choose the double barreled gun

  24. heavy murican tank is fine. the slow movement doesnt matter much when you can make the enemy just as slow

  25. The French vehicle is amazing if you just use it in a kind of boring way by keeping to the outskirts of the map untill late game than going in with your auto cannon while the last 3-4 tanks are fighting and picking off the lowest hp winners

  26. Arlequin is a monster. By playing passive and getting all mobility boost i was able to get i simply ran away from my enemies unless they are low on hp and rushed for loots. when i got level 7 i took the 10 shot gun and it became a super fast monster with 1100 clip damage. I had the consumable and ammunation advantage while problalby having the health advantage aswell since i was the “third guy” in general i had 3 battles of victories in a row. with this tactic i was able to get tokens anyways so i quickly climbed up on levels

  27. I agree, yesterday me and 2 friends were playing in a platoon and we found out that US autoloader and armor strat and we won a lot of times

  28. Waaaaaaaay to easy… just got 13 kills first place ofc. Just mobility raven.

  29. Dez im playing with german language and in german it actually says that the firerate is getting an boost so maybe they just forgot to put it in the english description

  30. Raven’s nerf circle turn ANY tank into trash.

  31. My first win was with the british tank. I have had a ton of second place games with the frenchie tank. But its rough going against an american or british tank at the end.

  32. I was done with it on day one. Well tbh I was done with it the first time they brought it out, after three horribly frustrating games. The only special mode I even remotely liked was historical battles. But ranked, frontline, steel hunter aka pubg with tanks, the ones against bots etc are just maddeningly frustrating, RNG dependent grind fests. I despise all of them.

  33. It took me 4 hours to finish it, my fav tank is 100% german bcose if u take HP “torso” and amor helm + autoloading gun u are pretty unkilleble

  34. So i guess raven build is single shot and mobility?

  35. I need to know,where the hell is earned XP going from steel hunter???

  36. I have + – 20 games in steel Hunter And no win game And no in best three

  37. the Russian tank is the best … what a surprise. that’s not like WG at all to do that.

  38. I just drive around like a maniac with the french one lol

  39. yes, won twice. and others u could say i got wasted. I’ll try raven next week, sounds coolio

  40. WG likes to nerf German tanks/ships nothing new 😉

  41. Karlsruhe's Bad drivers

    The trap is really overpowered I was with the French tank and I couldn’t move with the highest mobility upgrades

  42. FIRST match i play, and win, raven ofc

  43. Diego Fernández Ruiz

    The Raven with Speed+Armor+Armor is absolutely broken. Amazing DPM and penetration both with magazine and single barrel, enough mobility to keep up with fast enemies and out-manouver the heavier ones, whilst also enough armor to bounce HEAT shells. And on top of that, brutal consumables.

    The best. Period.

  44. I just did 11.3k and won in the harbinger. The six button power is pretty aggressive but it works Amazing.

  45. Rusiia and germany are the best. Everything else is fucking trash. When it comes down to 1v1 they can’t be beaten.

  46. I was able to get 15 level in 2 days with French anti tank gun

  47. I would like to know what happened to our 5-key award and why prize disappeared and Wg pretends that never existed in first place. allot ppl grind this aniversary just go get this T 8 tank and now they have nothing.

  48. wow thanks Dez !

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