This BUFFED Premium Surprised Me in World of PREMIUMS

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Source: DezGamez

World of AMX CDC, M48A2 Räumpanzer and 59-Patton Gameplay. World of Tanks Buffed Premium Tanks, Premium Medium Tanks Gameplay.

One surprised me a lot actually, the 59-Patton, kind of a hidden gem.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. 🔴 PS! Still on my long weekend out in the woods with friends, but this was one episode I pre-made for you. Will be back on Monday. 🙂
    What is your favorite buff from the patch? Enjoy your weekend, enjoy the show! ❤

  2. “world of premiums” JAJAJAJA

  3. Try the OLD FV201(A45) in this new meta please 🙂

  4. “I am goi3to talk about this tank”
    *proceeds to talk about maps etc”

  5. Thanks for all the content mate! But I don’t care to play it or watch content on it anymore wg are literally fucking brain dead…. Will stay subbed though!

  6. Btw why are His enemies blue?

  7. These American tanks have a huge ‘tumor’ because it was considered much better to protect the person instead of having your torso sticking out of a hatch to fire a machine gun. Why WG insists hitting this would cause max damage, idk. Should be fractional damage imo.

  8. You know the game is in a bad state when even Dezgamez hasn t finished the battle pass. This is sad. I’m not enjoying myself anymore in WoT and i think it s a shared feeling

  9. Can you please play the T95E2

  10. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The CDC should have got a big alpha boost as well, 300, maybe 320.

  11. It’s a big laugh looking at the chat in the first battle though… I don’t know why the ISU was so mad at him. =P

  12. That 59 Patton got M60 gun handling, just a bit worse premium round. wow


  14. What MoE mod is that?

  15. Retropaintball clips

    Have never understood the whining about patton 59? Have been mine favorit premium since years back! Surely I have 4+ perk crew and 3 modules but I think its one of the best all-rounder of the prems

  16. M41D pls! 🙂

  17. I love my 59-Patton, it’s a reliable machine to use it’s pretty good tier 8 as far as better buff for the 59-Patton is a better rate of fire maybe put it 5.6 to make it a good tank in comparison with Type-59

    • cmon type 59 have 185mm pen vs 212 59-patton so yeah type 59 is crying in the corner need gold most of the time

    • @Jefneurotoxin I said I love the machine, so if I said anything it mean, I want this tank to be overpowered.

      Plus I hate Type-59 getting all the attention, it’s nice to see 59-Patton getting some praze

  18. The Gift Above Official

    I got the Amx CDC many moons ago. I like it but never performed for me… have been getting better adjusted to how to play it and with the new buffs it makes it a little better. Really what it needs is a slight damage buff, at least 250 alpha.

  19. I’m still watching! 😁

  20. CDC is complete garbage on nowadays meta….. Even with this ridiculous buff! WTF plays it? I have it but gaining dust only…

  21. Maybe Lowe next time ?
    Noone play this tenk.

  22. Have not played panzer 88 in years. I’m sure it’s still junk.

  23. yah, The CDC is rare to see anymore. WG takes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to do anything. People find new tanks to use, and by the time WG changes anything, we are commited to our new tanks. never to look back again.

  24. Nice vid Dez, I’m glad to see that some of these lackluster premiums got some love. You should give the T34 Heavy tank a try, after playing it, the buffs feel more substantial than what they looked like on paper.

  25. I remember how people called AMX CDC broken when it first got released, lol look at it now, the powercreep is real

  26. 59-Patton is one of those tanks I do poorly in, yet I still somehow kind of like to play.

  27. Is Dez not going to complete the battlepass there’s only 1 week left?

  28. you get better RNG them free to play players as your wargaming CC so you cant say the buffs are better, they are for you and other CC but f all for free to play players

  29. you should try t-34-3 new pen buff from 186mm to 196mm

    • It’s OKAY at best, sometimes I have a massive trouble penning some armor, and sucks so you can’t rely on that. I like the tank a lot tho, especially with the Pref mm, definitely not gonna pen tier 9, hard for a lot of t8 heavies. But it’s fun , I like it a lot

  30. the idea behind it in the real tank was to give the machine gunner a safer place from small arms fire it like the new Humvee turrets covering but it was not a good idea in the long run

  31. what is your normal language i always wounder… if you have said this i can not find the video.. anyway hope you are have a good day… but you speak English way better then i do lol

  32. nice video alway like when you do video where you play th tank because it always give me better idea an that 30 video went fast

  33. U should rly work on time stemps for your Videos

  34. AusCan Plant Support

    Test drive the Patriot.

  35. It would be nice to see you play these tanks the way regular people have to. You put all your free form WOT bond eq on and your 9 skill crew and try to sell this crap to us with a skewed view of what we will experience. nice but very misleading.

    • Wait what? Out of those 3 tanks, I used 2 bounty equipment units on 1 tank out of 3. 😀 I guess you simply didn’t watch the video.

    • @DezGamez My comment was written at the start when I saw the bounty equipment on the CDC. I thought why do all these guys always load up every advantage. You got me I didn’t wait to see if you did it to all tanks. It tends to be the trend for community contributors tho. I do love your videos. I watch everything you put out, so I’m not a hater I’m a fan.

    • that is what most CCs do, wish the skill level of crews (didn’t notice them in this) was similar to average player; same with equipment not knowing what average is for equipment, perhaps what AMX had in this video is average?

  36. What if a KV2 hits you in the CdC ?😕

  37. OH..i’ve to ry my CDC again. That tank really bad when i got it 🙁

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  39. I *still* think the 59-Patton’s ridiculous double-cupola needs to be cut in half. Remove the machine gun turret portion of it, and it’s *still* a pretty big tumor.

    And the Raumpanzer needs to be made a rampanzer with more engine power.

  40. what that MOE mode you using Dez?

  41. What about the Type-59?

  42. Love these types of vids Dez. More please!

  43. Sure u will have awesome epic game in old premium tanks once in 10 plays. But reality check you will be lucky to do 1.5k in most games. Perhaps a better video would be explaining why because of boosters and blueprints tier 8 is now totally swapped with low skill players ruining gameplay.

  44. Jesus man, remember when CDC used to be meta? I cant remember the last time I saw one in the random battle. I forgot this tank existed, its literally a rarity, you have a better chance to get in the game with Type 59G than CDC, and it used to be super popular.

    • The only thing I didn’t like about playing mine was the constant ammo rack damage. Safe stowage and the wet ammo rack option helped a lot.

  45. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Earning 30mioCr would take me 60d, but who will cook and carry!

  46. CDC still suck..need DPM and Camo and top speed!!

  47. Nice video Dez. How about the buffed T34 also? Thx

  48. I had the CDC out in Frontlines. It did great and made me some credits.

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