This Can Be a MONSTER in World of Tanks (with good RNG, lol) | Object 705A

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World of Tanks 705A, Tier 10 . Object 705A, The Best Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

Today I wanted to play with one kind of a hidden in World of Tanks – Object 705A. It is definitely not the rarest tanks, but you do not see that too many times. It has many tricks up in its sleeve hopefully today I am able to show you couple of them. 🙂

Enjoy the Show!


  1. Hey beasts, back with some more content… Needed couple days off after such a crazy October!

  2. Not into heavys,, but why not watch this.

    • I was not into heavies for years. I am playing heavy side-scraping tanks to master the game mechanic. Side-scraping can be used with all tanks except maybe artillery. You will get more bounces, trade better, and get some spotting damage with constant tracking shots. Overall, playing heavies makes you better in close quarter battles and overall better stats and combined EXP.

    • @Michael G I’m sure it would be fun, but i’m a light player, love to move around on the maps, so my dmg pr. game is low, thats the downside.

  3. I played prob 50 games in the 705A before I rage sold it lol

  4. After the break i was hopeing for some quality arty video xD

  5. Face reveal beast dez plZ

  6. 12000 battles in 705a, worth every minute

  7. Yeh this tank can be good in hull down. But anything else is absolute garbage. If u get caught off guard with this tank, ure DEAD. And this tank is BAAAD at Sidescraping… REALLY BAD.

    • You’re nuts. The 705A has boat side armor, and a rear turret. It can side scrape vs almost every single premium round in the game. And the turret isn’t going to be easily penned either. Side scraping is the thing it was basically designed to do.

    • @Stuka87 The upper frontal hull has very large ”shoulders” which make everything weird.
      If you angle them properly then, the upper frontal plate becomes cheese for gold and vice versa. Overangling is actually very easy in it and the turret front is actually flat at the base, so TDs spank you with gold. It’s actually funny how the one true russian superheavy at tier 10 doesn’t have the standard immortal turret. For me the tier 9 and 8 are A LOT more fun, with the tier 8 being the best in line imo.

    • @Cerberus Rex Yeah the overangling is extremely easy mistake to do in 705a, thats why I hated the tank.

    • @Cerberus Rex Those shoulders in a proper sidescrape are like 370 effective, if you do it properly you’ll show maybe a sliver of upper plate at worst, which they will need like 340 HEAT pen to go through, plus you can do what Dez did several times if you have a rubbish pile, which is wedge the front of the tank up a bit and you’ll be close to immune to 340 HEAT basically, its a beast sidscraper, better than anything in the game pretty much.

  8. The tank is full of packages it looks like an Amazon delivery tank.

  9. Wish to see you playing in special event or tournament

  10. what a surprise. more armor then a maus. twice the speed and has a 152mm boomstick all while having no weakspots at all and having a very low profile

  11. I would say Obj. 705A dosnt need gold xd it works perfekt with standart and I think this tank also dosnt like gold 😀 P.s. Fear the J P E100 with Gold :I

    Pls. More 705A 😀

  12. This is a bullshit tank. Cant be penned. And there are hulldowns everywhere


  14. Since the HE Nerf this tank is useful again

  15. I don’t have that tank yet, but from i saw about this tank, its another example “good only on paper”.
    In theory its very armored, and in good position the armor is working wonders. But in practice, you cant sidescrape every time and lower plate is quite easy to pen, not to mention side armor isnt that thick and its easy to pen from flank.
    I suspect that accuracy is so bad i would get angry very fast, so that another con.
    Yes i still will grind for it , because it looks cool as f.

    • the t8 is-m is actually great
      t9 not that good though…
      t10 too expensive for me to buy soon XD

    • Almost every t 10 heavys lower plate can be penned by any t9 tank

    • Lower plate is not really easy to pen, it’s about 250 effective, and if tanks are close they will shoot down on it make it even better, plus you can angle it to about 260-270 effective, which is the only real ‘weakspot’, turret is amazing and side armour is 100mm, more than enough to sidescrape with. Honestly if you can’t do decently in this tank then you are just bad at the game, it has good HP, amazing armour, mobility is even decent for what is essentially super heavy armour and HP, and it has 650 alpha to trade with.

  16. It sucks

  17. Scatterbrain Brain

    Is super Zoom out stock with game or a mod?

  18. This was my second tier 10 tank and I really love it.

  19. Such a nice hidden shit

  20. I don’t have this tank, but it looks like a beast to me. I don’t know why it is not more popular.

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    My god, where 705A is a ridden gem? Everybody knows it is a very good vehicle.

  22. Glad you showed off that terrible gun on that 705a

  23. Can’t wait to get this tank.

  24. i heard someone say it’s the tank the %45 players use. I’m a %46 player so i use the is7.

  25. I never see that tank

  26. I love my Obj. 705A. I have my damage record in it.

  27. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    God forbid if this thing had a missle laucher.

  28. Siddharth Uthayasankar

    Ima proud owner of this tank. its really OP

  29. I have all of the tier10’s and this 705A is on of my hidden gems as well.

  30. ah……my first heavy tank in russia branch and indeed a monster….

  31. Ah yes, the sidecraping heavy

  32. Well, i`ve sniped Kranvagn commander hatch wiht this big bear.

  33. I recently got this tank, it’s a blast to play

  34. One of the worse Russian heavies is good in the right matchup but something like a is7 is better cos it can reverse sideacrape which is similar and is front mounted and mobile

  35. I went up it’s tech tree but stopped at tier 9, which is really good

  36. when are you going to annouce giveway winner for 25K gold, buddy?

  37. Not going for it, but staying on 705. The accuracy is one of the biggest issues I think. People say like, it is a brawler, but on enough maps you can’t fight close combat and it will be a lot harder to contribute also because of the lack of gun depression.

  38. Joshua Meyer-Fortner

    Just got mine. I run triple survivability. Improved hardening for track repair, always damaged from side scraping. Spall liner for stun benefits and also HE damage reduction, only way they can reliably damage me. And modified config, for repair and just buffer modules. Amazing tank.

  39. Yesterday i started going for this tank and now you reminded me why i was going for it
    P.s i like that people say its dummy proff bcs i am not the smartest player
    Thx for great video

  40. The 705A is a flawed tank that with experience becomes super easy to deal with.
    To be frank the uppper and lower plate means nothing vs heat.
    The top left and right of the gun mantle have several places where it’s 240mm spaced armor with 0 armor after, meaning standard and premium rounds go through it like 50% of the time.
    When it sidescrapes you can pen it reliably with standard rounds if you shoot the center of the hull armor, you tell where it is thanks to the 4 protruding tank suspension.
    It is a fun tank that has character for sure, just be mindful of the flaws it has.

  41. I don’t think the mobility is bad on this tank. Having arguably one of the best armor at T10 heavy and still go at 40 ? hell yes

  42. If someone only hears how you talk about what you are doing they could think you are completely dominating. Well…. the video shows the reality. No hard feelings on my part but maybe adjust your overall attitude a bit to your completely normal skill level.

  43. Always great videos and great info on tanks

  44. Dez: Obj 705A what a monster!..
    My E100: giggles silently with heat(s) loaded.. <3

    Bc i love to shoot 705a roof + between spaced armor and tracks with my big fat pie eating E100..

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