This Car Deletes Tanks

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Source: Spookston

War Thunder is a game that focuses heavily on tanks and other armored vehicles, but trucks can also be fairly effective. The Italian AS 42/47 is surprisingly good for a low tier armored car.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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This Car Deletes Tanks


  1. I played the right one this time

  2. Can u do object 292 once it comes out?

  3. @arcroauypawsor7050

    The constant event has ruined low tier

  4. Do you think you could do a video on the First T-62

  5. @gageonarampage2027

    Play the 2C

  6. oooooo you want to play the breda 501

  7. Spookston you should play the panzer 3n, the short 75 has good damage and a 3 second reload

  8. What custom sight do you recommend for the HSTV-L for something historically accurate?

  9. Hey Spookston, can you play the me 264?

  10. Have you played the m6a1 yet?

  11. Italy trying not to make wheeled vehicles 99% impossible

  12. Bully spookston to playing the sta3

  13. @matejasaponjic9356

    if you have the balls play a tank with full ammo

  14. Can you pla Play the Asus 85

  15. The armed go cart!

  16. kv220 or bmd4

  17. Next the CA Lorraine. Basically a Foch with paper thin armor.

  18. Sturmer Emil

  19. The Pansarvärnslavettvagn fm/42 is an absolutely fun “tank” to play
    To me its better than the flak because the belts are larger but ammo is limited its very natural to aim plus you can pen just about all low tier tanks frontally ive done my games of seal clubbing with it back when i was grinding out the tech tree
    But all of this is coming from a guy that also loved playing the french amd.35

  20. The M36B2 is what got me addicted to war thunder. Would love to see you play it.

  21. Could u pls play the Pvkv m/43 (1963)?

  22. Let’s continue this journey, now you will have to play the Lancia 100 with the cannon on the back, if you haven’t played it already.

  23. Day 1 of asking spookston to revisit somua SM since its lower turret part was buffed from 40mm to 120mm

  24. Duuude he’s totally shredding the narr

  25. I would say these were paid actors, but this is War Thunder, the only competent players with functional situational awareness are the CAS mains. Especially since they know how to drop bombs on the RIGHT player, who made this video. And they play right too. You don’t waste a single bomb when it comes to Spookston, because each one gets under his skin regardless

  26. Play the crusaders AA

  27. Play the zachlam tager from the israeli tech tree

  28. you should play with estabon

  29. Day 79 of asking Spook to play some variant of Type 74

  30. Spook, please do a combo video featuring, T55E1, M4A5, and XP-55. This is my current load out i cannot get enough of. 9 kills in one life in my T55E1 it was NUTS.

  31. where the fuck do you even store 300+ shells in that thing?

  32. Video 127 of asking to play the sturer Emil

  33. KV 2?

  34. Great comments in this one. Smiling for 16 min

  35. video one of asking for you to play the is-2 (1944)

  36. “Ahh i see.”

    famous last words💀

  37. I do believe that you should do the pvlvv. Extremely fun aa to use as an anti tank gun. Also, I have a question. Would you do air rb for a video or is it limited to ground rb suggestions? If air rb is an option, i would highly recommend the ju-87 G-1.

  38. day 103 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  39. Ok, so that was an armoured car with a great gun, how about a heavy tank with a terrible one? This is video 103 of asking for a Churchill.

  40. whats the peacful song spookston uses when someone blind appears

  41. Bro reads his comments more than once you know this man is a chad definitely My Favorite YouTuber 😊

  42. Want a challenge? Play it on the PS anything.

  43. @Gracefulwarrior2124

    13:07 Its alright, definitely has pretty great pen for a 20 mm; the problem is it only has three belts of 36 rounds of ammo, so it definitely takes a lot of patience and know how to effectively utilize it, otherwise a cap point is the only place you’ll be lol.

    Its definitely a beefy sounding gun, and among my favorite gun sounds

  44. 2:23 as someone who owns a braked AR-15, it has some concussion to it

  45. “There’s so many doods in there” – Spookston 2024

  46. Can you play the other Italian anti tank truck? I can’t remember the name but its the one with hesh.

  47. Ash Wednesday is over it’s 12 am, finally get to eat chicken nuggets, spookston uploads. What a good day

  48. Until you think about what your doing like that lvt gunner

  49. 300+ ammo not sure how real it is:):)
    Lmao its was ok game..16 kills….

  50. A mild amount of chicanery

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