This Crazy Mod will make you laugh in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

, What are Those? – Mod Changing Tank Models. World of Tanks Mods and Funny Mods.

► Mod link:

During one of my streams a viewer called “Incoming_with_an_L” asked if I want to test out a mod which he made, a mod that turns many lower tier tanks into goofy looking ones… Sounds enough for me, so here we go!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. I am ready to see now i just have to watch it
    Thats the funniest shit ive seen in a while xD

  2. Was a blast,, in any way 😀

  3. Hearing loss: A mod.

  4. Something ‘that’

  5. hehee gg 🙂

  6. You have to show that to the AwesomeEpicGuys.
    They would love it so much.
    Especialy AMX40

  7. this is tha same cused level where in league, i play as hecarim disguised as a white toyota tureno

  8. All we need now is a chicken dance sound for the 30 seconds countdown

  9. Doesn’t this give an unfair advantagre where you can more easily see where the enemy is pointing its turret?

    • Visual mods are only for you, every other player doesn’t see anything

    • Dez even said only you can see it…..

    • So, if you install this mod that changes the tankmodels, you see the enemy tanks with the new model. Therefore, in stead of a small turret with a small gun, you see a giant turret and a giant gun and the enemy does not see this, giving you an advantage over them. You are more easily able to see if it is save to peek the corner or if the enemy is looking at you.

    • @Alucid Nope, Dez even says so in the video : the outline is still the base model. The game is server-based, what you see is just what the server tells your PC to see. If the server says the enemy is behind cover and you don’t spot him, you don’t spot him, even if your model has a 20 foot gun poking out midway through the entire map. You can aslo see it in the gameplay with the “autogun maus” on the top of mines : his allied tank clips through him, therefore the model we see of the maus isn’t the model the game sees

    • @Sazabi4prez Ok, let me make it even clearer. You proxyspot a hetzer around a corner. You want to go out and shoot the hetzer but don’t want to get shot in return as he can oneshot derp you. You zoom out and try to see witch way the gun is pointing. Can’t see it because the gun is short and grey like the rubble around it. You have to do more work to see it or you have to take a chance. Next game. You now have this mod. Same situation. This time the gun is way bigger, so you can instantly see it pointing the other way and can savely go around the corner and shoot the hetzer. Clear advantage. Same for the small round amx40 turret with the short narrow gun, it has now become way bigger. BT5, short narrow gun in smal boxy turret, now way bigger. Tiny square PZ2c, you cant see witch way the turret is facing or the hull, it’s all small and behind the corner of the building. Now it is mausshape, giant turret you can see, giant hull you can see, you now in an instant if he is looking at you or if the hull is facing you. You have situational information about tanks that you wouldn’t have without the mod. It is a very clear advantage.

  10. watercannons collaboration

    This mod is basically what happens when WG discovers the motherlode of sekrit dokumints

  11. So a tier 8 premium maker?

  12. 1st one looks like rhm turret…

    I was on stream and after logging in I was like what was I watching? New mode? Server? Was it even Wot? My head was hurting trying to figure out what the hell was that…..

  13. To be fair, wot left the realm of WW2 Tank Only ages ago… I would not mind a game mode or a completely new game where u could build your own tank (Like in a Cross out)

    Imagine a Maus hull with a Chieftain turret and Badger gun.

  14. I love this, never new these mods even existed.

  15. This is bullshit. Will just mess with your brain. No usefulness.

  16. Vids like this are the reason I keep coming back to this channel…

  17. I was doing that until they changed something with mods now I can’t do it anymore


    Just no.

  19. Gotta do whatever it takes to spice the game up.
    Everytime WG wants to make a change to the game to make it interesting Twitch streamers/grifters get mobs of snowflakes to cry and whine to Wargaming of how it will break the game.
    Then Wargaming cancels changes.

  20. FireBloxerGamer TV

    Cursed tank simulator moment

  21. Have fun. 😀

  22. combined it with the 1gb soundmod.

  23. 299k bonds, 245k gold, silver cant even write in no. Free exp nothing but another creator on wots payroll.

    • he is on the WG provided press account, that is not his private account. It is an account with access to all tanks, all mods etc to allow content creators and the press to play w/e they need to without asking WG to enable it. if you notice the account names all streamers have a CC somewhere in the account generally to show it is their content creator account

    • @JagerEinheit Then read care fully what I wrote.

  24. Wot Addict Global

    Thanks buddy! Btw I have a mini-custom Mod where I change the crew skins into ANYONE/ANYTHING I want! Let me know if you want to feature it! I would love to see it on your amazing channel!

  25. Seal clubbing -_-

  26. thank God you are not playing on the NA server with the dumb Trash they have playing this game, you would be a unicorn player in a weekend.
    NA mostly American Players are too dumb to be on a game much less let out of the basement.

  27. BuZz-lecLAiRauChOcoLaT !

    the TKS-20 with the grille 15 gun is perfect !!!!

  28. 5:14 lol shout out to DamiensGaming.

  29. Are you ready to change your video resolution from 1080i to 1440p?

  30. lol silly mod

  31. AMX40 x KV2 ,the AE Guys dream tank. Also, let’s be honest, all our dream tank, too.

  32. Are there anymore mods that adds high caliber guns to all tanks?

  33. KingTiger503 Gaming

    That Mod is soo Stupidest Bruh.

  34. This was fun to watch… Thanks Dez.

  35. while not recommended for tanks that rely on armour due to hitboxes and visuals not lining up, slapping silly mods around on your leopard 1 or grille 15 is hilarious

  36. I love this MOD XD

  37. wtf is this?

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