This Equipment is BROKEN in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of released a sandbox test server to test out equipment 2.0 and I’ve found one specific module makes bushes nearly useless!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. Look pugsly. It’s not easy SPOTTING
    Not easy tracking TARGETING individual tanks in kind.

  2. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    IMO, this should not be a module. The issue with light tanks in the current meta is the fact that there are only a few good spots on the map to spot from. What i would say is that light tanks should get a standard 10 % seetrough bush mechanic, and get a extra bonus of 10 % from bushes theselfs, that means that light tanks should try to counter light tanks.

  3. Kagton Blackmoon

    Maybe 5% or 10% instead of 20%

  4. LOL QUICKY for a gut who never 6 CHECKS you should stop I SPOT post my tank to assist all my mates in battle no SHERIDAN T49 I wish I had them all there’s a idea all ACCESS membership all TANKS / TIERS ERA fighting. If I could STREAM I gladly would not in my covid19 at home hunkered in budget
    Stay away from masses of conflict
    Trying to ASSIST. Those wanting a bit of real info on play styles tanks HISTORY. Damned shame I watched
    The TANK FEST VIDEO mix yesterday ASHAMED I play with players in such a HURRY you want a freebie here it is

  5. I just noticed that the bushes were moving when QB goes through them. Is that some kind of mod? 😮

  6. Isn’t the whole point of the rework of equipment about it being badly implemented – I.e. heavy tank vents the same price on tier 4 as on tier 10?

    If so surely the better option is to stick with the known options and adjust the pricing accordingly? Every time I look at these videos it just seems too complex, too situational and (because of map rotation RNG) just a compromise? If you know the map you are playing – say in clan wars – then yes it’s got relevance, but for me this will just get under used day to day as it’s a pain to keep changing a set up.

  7. I really hope Wargaming doesn’t release this, but
    if they release this I will actually stop playing WoT forever.

    It’s sad to see a game that I really enjoy playing, being broken because Wargaming decide ​​to put stupid equipment in WoT.
    By the way, this is my opinion, so respect and don’t complain.

  8. I like to compare WoT spotting to Warthunder spotting. Where in warthunder no one is ever invisible, so to spot them you have to click on them essentially. This mechanic mixed with a spotting mode where you look down a scope that has a filter of some sort to make it harder to see at distances could be cool. I could imagine buying better equapment then all of a sudden its less blury or something when I am trying to spot.
    It would fix the bush issue as you could spot tanks through bushes if they don’t blend in well, but also stop people from afk spotting, and would rely more on actual skill, rather than just buying modules and rushing to a op bush to camp in.

  9. War thunder?…no?

  10. Spotting equipment evolves so few wise ENOUGH to employ it in BATTLE QUICKY. BUDDY it’s a GAME
    Of death ok bad habits KILL players FASTER than tech LOL ask MARTIN
    HOW MANY MISSILE SHOTS YOU WANT of idiots lol impatient getting
    SMOKED. LOL summary
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  11. In The depths of HELL

    Don’t worry, that’s been on blitz for so long

  12. bushes meta is so stupid

  13. When you spot a tank it should only be pinged on the mini map, not highlighted so anyone on your team can see. Or maybe you have to target the tank and keep him in your view line. T spotting was broken before this. They try to be realistic with everything else but this is pathetic.

  14. I like this.

  15. Comerad Joseph Stalin

    Wotb players : first time?!?

  16. Seems like EVERYTHING WG tries to redo just ends in failure and a worst system than currently exists. HE changes (scrapped), Shell Rebalancing (scrapped), Overmatch mechanic changes (scrapped), AMX 30B buffs (scrapped), and Arty Rework (Terrible).

  17. I actually like this. But what are campers going to do now? WG is making one step forward two steps back.

  18. I love it, and yeah don’t see how you would defend the prok 2 line camp ever. That Leo was too far forward. Bet he doesn’t sit there now. Wasnt nescessary. Makes light tanks relevent again, and that is welcome IMO. The certain bush problem is a huge problem, and it often dictates where you need to go in a light tank and that isn’t good or fun really as using creativity and picking where you can sit passive early. It counters EBRs fairly well as well.

  19. I like the idea of it, but to see thought 5 bushes in a row is a bit absurd. To have a choice to be a scout in a scouting tank is a good thing too, especially after they have ruined all of the light tanks, I believe they owe something to them after that and this might just be the thing.

  20. Easy to counter. Everyone puts it on their tank, all tanks are immediately spotted, everyone dies in 2 minutes.

    It will eliminate camping.

  21. No matter how many bushes there are, they only give 80% additional camo anyways.

  22. No one….. WG: Hey, let’s try modules that make already iffy bushes and old map design even more useless…. lol

  23. Thank personal missions🤭

  24. ManDrake Vermilyea

    Keep old spotting mechanics and implement actual render distance so we can see tanks that are “unspotted” in the open or hiding poorly in a Bush so that players can actually just use skill (like in warthunder) to spot tanks for their team and shoot them. Similar to how battlefield games have spotting.

  25. One more problem i think about is all players are thinking that they have possibly deal with that piece of equipment in the enemy team, whether it’s good or not. And because of that they play extremly passive, standing so far behind (both teams) that nobody, exept the heavy tanks, can shoot eachother. It can shift the meta, the development of the match substantially. Maybe 15 minutes arent long enough anymore ?
    All the new scouting equipments feel pretty OP but do they perfom in as good as the standard layout in lets say 100 games ? You’ll outspot your opponents in one match with a good map for the layout and your teammates think you did well there with choosing this build. But in the next match with a completly different map, it could be the worst sh*t. As you said QB, its rolling a dice everytime you push the “Battle!”-button.

  26. This is like going back to the beginning of WOT. I still remember the time that you can spot enemies in bushes with binocular.

  27. Grand Admiral Raeder

    1 word for that:
    If that goes into the game I think i will be depressed enough to go play Fallout ’76

  28. You seem to be missing the point… The whole purpose of the new equipment is to add specialisations and not have every tank use the same 3 or 4 pieces of equipment. Acting like sacrificing your rammer or v-stabs is a bad thing “because you might end up on Himmelsdorf” completely negates the point in the equipment overhaul. Yes this 1 piece of equipment is probably a little too strong, but the idea of making tank specialisations is a good thing and ending up on Himmelsdorf in a light tank specialised in spotting is just a risk you take for kitting the tank out in such a way. Overall diversifying the equipment will bring a lot of needed change to the game and will make battles a lot more interesting

  29. Ohhh I see Wot has learned from Wows and decided to add a radar module.

  30. we already have ebrs and now this?This is gonna be interesting

  31. trash game

  32. there is nothing wrong with using same equipments on all the tanks. they just want to increase the randomness with this game. i think they thought randomness will make the game adictive like gamble. simple mechanics best solution for a good game.

  33. This is a good thing. No more silly invisible tanks because of one bush… too many campy maps.

  34. This seems like a bit of an over reaction. All that enemy ebr had to do was make a solid active scouting run like most do and you would have been chewed up in seconds being pushed up so far. Also like you said, there’s plenty of maps where this just makes you worse because, generally, scouting isn’t much of a factor.

    This game is never fair or balanced. It’s always about matchups, which honestly seemed to be I’m your favor as you were never pressured until you got to the train tracks.

    Look on the bright side. Those passive scouting campaign missions just got a bit easier.

  35. This explains why they never tried to implement new mechanics into the game in all these years. This attempt boils down to shortsighted stats min maxing with (presumably fcking expensive or grindy) passive items. And they cannot even balance values on a damn excel sheet xD
    Love your content Quickybaby, but sometimes i wish the game would just die so you’re free to explore sth. fresh : /

  36. Totally broken. Which means it will most likely make it into the game.

  37. i just hope that the whole thing does not diminish the impact of players who play stock tanks or cant afford the modules. These days what tanks are on your team compared to enemy team can decide the outcome of the game. Now when these things come out, if there is a stock tank in you game it will really become a 14 vs 15.

  38. MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox

    You think this is broken

    We literally have XM551 using ATGMs in WOT blitz

  39. light tank players already roll the dice, since playing in cities is much les fun anyway, so extra equipment will not hurt them. also map rotation balances it a little, problem is, that players dont believe that map RNG is working . what will cancel this out is light tank on other team with this equipment. or does it work also on EBRs on the move ? playing with this module from cars would be much more gamebreaking.

  40. Well a simple fix to that would be to limit the -20% to only the first bush or have it decrease after every bush between you and the target.

  41. I would think that the reason this is… “fair” is because everyone can do this, it’s not limited to one person in the match or one tank.

    Though I’d like to hear someone else’s point of view, I only have about 1200 matches played but I have been sporadically playing since 2013.

  42. If you spot a vehicle at 250m with this module, you would spot them at 200 without. If you think this was bonkers, it’s because it was combined with the MAXIMUM VIEW RANGE. If you spot a tank at 250m then if you don’t have binocs it becomes 187 meters without them. It’s not really broken, if you compare the difference between stock and camo stacked tanks already. Camo system has been the good Player’s weapon of choice against the less competitive for years, and this one only highlights that aspect.

  43. I think its not a bad idea, but they are looking at it the wrong way, you cannot allow equipment that lowers ALL enemies’ camo value to be installed to a game where its about boosting your OWN tanks specs.

    Here is an idea: Make something that boosts your teams ratings around you. For example, some sort of equipment that gives allies within 75m of your tank 5% increased radio range, or 3% camo rating, its supposed to be a team game, make equipment that helps the entire team. Support Equipment as such.

  44. So glad I stopped paying this game lol

  45. I don’t get why they can’t just add in a realistic mode like world of tanks that removes the stealth and view range mechanic altogether. Have the optics and binooculars instead add varying levels of magnification to the sights. All the current system does is just makes it irritating and extremely unrealistic. Not everyone likes War Thunder and not everyone likes World of Tanks so give us all something in the middle that might reinvigorate the player base.

  46. Make the superheavies and slow TDs even more cannonfodder from the start of the match, really if this gets in the game no one will play them anymore. Fast vehicles only to stay with the meta or camp in base till the end.

  47. Future Phoenix Firefighter

    Unfortunately I will not be able to enjoy this update due to my house catching fire

  48. “Spotting in World of Tanks is a beautiful thing.”
    I disagree; tanks should not turn invisible merely due to some arbitrary game mechanics. I prefer the War Thunder method where not being seen is a combination of proper camouflage, including additional camo attachments for your vehicle (if you wish), and properly using the terrain and flora of a map to keep hidden. It’s ridiculous to see any type of tank turn that you are looking at turn invisible.

  49. Lol so easy to counter if one of the enemy mediums/lights used the commanders vision as well and went center map and played the active scout you couldn’t even sit there Jim

  50. Pretty sure you should have tested this on Berlin, because that map’s bushes are super broken. Almost all 100% bushes. Only tanks you need to attempt to spot in bush are S-tanks.

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