This Exploit is Ruining Tank RB | War Thunder

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Source: MikeGoesBoom

? Allied CAS isn’t new. However, more and more people are using an exploit to further abuse this unfair advantage.



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  1. And I didn’t even mention the psychological effect of seeing your team blow up around you.

    *Discussion thread:*

    – Your opinion on this exploit;
    – Abused/Suffered from this;
    – How to fix.


  2. And people say CAS is not overpowered not at all…

  3. The other problem is that German and Japanese(especially) AA vehicles are bad and there is so low amount of them in battle that those can’t do nothing. It is also very hard to aim targets if they are flying in high altitude. Only way for shooting down a plane is making you as a target and shooting that low flying plane which is very dangerous tactic because it is coming fast with blazing guns. You should also be able to defend yourself against ground vehicles which isn’t possible for example with Japanese tier 1 Type 94 AA truck. That 20mm cannon on it can shoot great but only backsides because(my own theory) it is designed for STAYING in camp and moving with infantry, not attacking on other vehicles. And still it isn’t as bad as that Russian Gaz AA truck where Ivan Rambo is using 4 maxims.

  4. warthunder – ground targets. great game. its amazing why these games has to have ultimate annoying things.

  5. I am agreeing that tactic is stupid, but all he does from then is complain about how OP his rockets are…

  6. Why Britain won the war.

  7. Cheatfier

  8. Planes in arcade are completely pointless and are just extremely annoying

  9. I’s tragic, really. I played 15 games of german 6.3 today and we played pretty damn well in some of them. We didn’t win a single ficking game. Not one.

  10. 19% less able to hit a tank

  11. I want to thank you for positing this video. Lately when I play War thunder 90 present of the time I get bombed in the first min. or too of the game and I never see a tank. All I’m doing is trying to avoid the five or so enemy plane’s killing everyone! Keep in mind I only play Tanks never plane’s, I suck with plane’s so I stick to Tanks. WTF this shit needs to stop its not fair to us tank guy’s.

  12. This makes me want to go back and get the mark 24..

  13. This is what SPAA’s are for, learn to fucking play them and this “exploit” will disappear as if it never existed…. oh wait… it already never existed.

  14. This is exactly why I stopped playing tank RB it’s just no fun anymore I either play AB or SB

  15. Glad I stopped playing tanks years ago when I got fed up with inconsistent damage models.

  16. welcome to the last 3 or 4 months 🙂

  17. I don’t even know how you kill people with those rockets, even in close proximity they fail miserably at even scratching a light tank

  18. You are german, are you?

  19. Is this arcade mode ? or realistic mode ? can you do this in both mode ?

  20. And I’m asking myself why I lose 8 out of 10 matches playing germans

  21. Repair cost of aircraft too high vs tank

  22. This has been something Myself and others i know have been complaining about since Air Craft where introduced into tank battles

  23. Completely Agreed

  24. I would say that they should increase the spawn point cost of spawning in planes.

  25. This is pretty much the reason why I stopped playing WT outright.
    I’m still kicking myself for being stupid enough to have spent money on this game.
    I really wish Gaijin finally fixed their sh*t, because I love this game. But the frustration is not worth it.

  26. Tank only Gamemode.

  27. jeffrey schreuder

    this could be a solution too.
    If you J out without having any damage AKA no one claims the kill on you.
    you have a 2 minute cooldown.

  28. all i’m saying is who ever came up with this idea is smart asf…

  29. Make 2 cap spots enough for a plane, make bombs and rockets give you less SP and the next plane with ordinance should be triple the cost of SP of the first one. And tank kills should be awarded more than cap points

  30. give aa ground to air missles.

  31. I think its somehow balanced:
    – Germans have better tanks
    – Germans still have decent airplanes
    – German teams are usually more skilled
    – Germans have Ho-229

    Don’t tell me you never played rank 4 Allied teams that got literally raped by Germans. And according server stats Germans still rape Allies slightly more than 50% of times.

    I never understand that German whining.

    Maybe Germans should took ZE UBER WUNDER KUGELBLITZ and wipe you out of skies? But they didn’t.
    And that’s how it really happens in 80% of times – Germans have BEST AAA in game.

  32. to play as the germans right now is very hard to justify. our tanks are slow then the armor they have which makes them slow is totaly defeated by planes and composite rounds. every move you make as the germans you have to think hard about because your way to slow to be able to run away or manuever arond the enemy and they can pen you far more easily. On berlin in my tiger 2h i probably average 8mph and half the time i dont see anyone before i get destroyed by a plane. also why only tan camo? im stuck at tier 4 germans right now and unless i spend 50 bucks i think ill never go any further. that makes me very sad that ill never experience half the german tanks let alone other countries. It simply takes to long and costs to much. like i just unlocked a new panther and i bought it for 300k (i had only 367k) and then it want 76k to train the fucking crew. so i worked so long to grt this tank and save up to pay for it and then theres so much extra cost.

  33. It’s a smart move and works well. All you need is SPAA support to kill the planes

  34. You could have easily been taken out by an spaa. People need to add cheap spaa to their lineups and most importantly use them as AA. As someone that plays medium tanks I always take an spaa in my line up because if I get one shot in my med tank I can still take the spaa. I’ve had very successful matches where I’ve been outflanked while flanking and had to spawn in an spaa. CAS isn’t broken, the meta just hasn’t evolved to deal with it. Maybe if they lowered the SPAA spawn point cost so you could take out an spaa if your first vehicle is knocked out no matter how many spawn points you earned.

    Granted I play low tier and can’t comment on upper level matches.

  35. Maarten van den berge

    I’ve noticed since my tigers seem to sudenly detonate 1 or 2 minutes in the game especially when against Brittan

  36. Just how long would it take Gaijin to address the exploit is the problem. I mean they were aware of the exploit to remove all the foliage entirely from maps letting you easily pick out tanks trying to hide and delete them in the RBs, and yet how long did it take them to address the exploit. Never mind the first time they did do something about the problem they didn’t even actually remove the problem. They just added a detail slider but left the check box to remove it all completely in the settings.

  37. Richard Gustafsson

    >Be me
    >Quit WT 3 years ago
    >Sees this video in recomended
    >Watches the video either way
    >Laughs at the devs
    >Feels good to be playing WOT…oh wait

  38. id rather they not the planes are easy enough to kill in triple A by doing this newer players or players that are less skilled will have a harder time

  39. Most effective way to win in tank RB = Squad of at least 2 hellcats, any more is overkill.

  40. Honestly it’s really annoying seeing like an US low tier AA rushing into cap zones only to kill himself and get into a P-47, kill a half the team, kill himself again and get into another, I lost many times because there were people like this, ONLY playing aircraft! Literally only having one tank and the rest being aircraft! It is ridiculous!

  41. Well you just told all of your viewers how to abuse this. Expect to see more of this now. Lol

  42. What is crazy is how easy the fix is. Charge more for rockets. I would lower the reward for zone capture but that’s biased to how I play. Maybe half reward for the original cap realistically. Im better at bombs anyway and mostly use Germany tank RB so I never really thought about it. Will be using the 109 f2 now!

  43. isnt this why SPAA exists in the game?

  44. And thats why every team needs good aa cover. Its unrewarding work but somebody needs to do it.

  45. Nguyen Tung truong

    while some German/Italian having fun blowing stuff up with those big ass auto-loader on the sky, a German bitching about CAS, go fuck your German ass and stop playing the game then. Stop crying, play the game like it is.

  46. Philly Cheesesteak

    British/America air superiority FTW.

  47. Teamkilling whoever tries to use this exploit should be allowed

  48. What about the Wyvern with its 16 rp 3 rockets xD

  49. Add new gamemode – combined arms. See how many people play that vs tank only.

  50. One of the reasons why I don’t play WT nearly as much as I used to. Recently played again for a bit but all that happens is that you get blown up by aircraft. There really is no point in playing tanks.

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