This Game Made Me JEALOUS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today Anzekz is going to have a game that makes QuickyBaby jealous in the Object 263!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. so jealous he didnt gife a premium account this time

  2. Daily content is fantastic Will.. always something to look forward to in the evening ?

  3. Russian balanced tier x tank that ppl have no problem.

    WG: *I’ll fix that*

  4. Can u review the forgotten tanks on tech tree??

    Like Ke-Ho, Arl V39, Flak TD, Stug III B, 59-16, Kv 13???

  5. #BringBack263

    Said this since they went to change it

  6. Possibly my favorite tank

  7. Envy not jealous

  8. 7:01 I can answer that, the concrete pillar was covering the vision checkpoint to the rear and the building was covering the middle vision checkpoints. This video from Wargaming explains it.

  9. This tank doesn’t need view range. It’s a brawler. In there face pounder of a tank and quite frankly it’s way overlooked. Great game

  10. 5:25 a shot that if the IS-3 were to try on the 263 V4 it would have never penetrated, even with gold guaranteed. The Version 4 is absolutely a retarded that tank. It should have NEVER been added to the game at the same time while the JgPzE100 is a paper tank, the fact an assault tank with STILL AFTER THE NERFS is still OP, still has arguably featherweight medium tank speed and, better armored than the super tank destroyers of all tank destroyers. I get that angels mean everything but still, don’t like tanks that defy logic and physics all fitted into one nations tech tree that just so happens to be the parent company’s home country. At least War Thunder has the decency in putting tanks like the Abrams and many others like the Leopard 2K, Chally 2 clearly distinct advantages over the other.

    • What’s the problem of Russian tanks being the best? Are you racist? The company is from Belarus not from Russia. That’s like saying Americans are British.

  11. I love the 263. Easily one of my top 3 tanks in this game.i’d rather play it than the 268-4.

  12. Imho this is a better tank than nerfed 268v4 tier for tier. It is more nimble, without top weak spot and has better mm. This is where I would stop on this line.

  13. QB “what’s with the low tier shooting HE?”
    Me yesterday I play my 277 at highway, enemy 263 spam HE at me all the time, I ate all his HP?????

  14. thank u qb for awesome videos

  15. autoaim, click, penetration, repeat… and never get tracked ofc… meanwhile my grille 15 bounces off bat chat 12t…

  16. I loved this tank in tier 10, it was my first tier 10, and I grinded to it without premium, completely free to play. And it was amazing. Then for some reason WG bumped this down a tier and gave me another tier 10 which was fun but not the same. At tier 9 I found this tank to lack that fun DPM and I ended up selling it and buying the French tier 9 TD instead. Why couldn’t WG have kept the tier 10 version of this tank just for the players who already had it?

  17. AUTOLOADING RUSSIAN TD’s confirmed with 700 alpha 3 rounds with 1.5 sec clip interval with 30secs reload


  18. Idk why but somehow in the thumpnail it looked like t92 (light tank)

  19. The previous tier 9, the su 122-54, sucked and didn’t make sense to be in the tech tree line towards the 263, so they solved this problem by moving down the 263 and adding the 268. That’s at least why I think they moved it down.

  20. Of course Russian….sell out!!!!

  21. *insert generic russian bias complaint here*

  22. I had a round where I got over 11000 xp and I’m pretty sure it was a glitch but really cool.

  23. Sta kaze Kvikibeba, ovaj tenk se zove opanak?

  24. 3:05 what’s ironic, is the T25/2 could have splashed behind the mantlet with HE there… And he switches to AP. To be fair to him, they brought HE, and took the time to think “I have the rear of the Object, this would be a good time to take advantage of my dieing team mate, and make the most of it, by loading HE while I have the shot.” Which would have been a good idea if they’d hit the side, or aimed just above the rear access door, to hit the inside of the small roof/overhang from the front casing.
    Whether they panicked, and didn’t think either of the above, or his guns accuracy failed him, the actual sad part, is he/she likely felt punished, and that swapping to the HE was a bad idea. Because their next shot was of course, APCR. Hopefully, they’ll be like me, and decide, in the future, I’ll still load the HE when my instincts and/or conscious judgement suggest I should, and for those moments I feel like experimenting. I personally don’t have the skill set (yet) of knowing every armour I face, and while I don’t remmember every ammunition stats when I carrying it. I still make a habit, of checking it when I hop into a different tank, or after a few matches in the same tank, to check the other ammunition. Like the HE I’ll have brought etc.

    So wad the T25/2 wrong? No, it’s just unfortunate, for whatever reason, it hit the wrong spot. As I said above. Hopefully they’ll still think to load it when time suits in the future.

    As for the T-34 2G I think they believed they’d get the side of the Object, and we’re hoping to get a shot at the ammo rack. They still aimed for the side when he drove around the corner, and to be honest, was regarded with taking out his repair kit, and a little damage. So, while I’m not saying they were “correct” at the time. I don’t believe either of them were in the wrong to load they respective HE shells.

  25. I thought this was called the yolowagon

  26. Hey QB, I have a question I thought might be easy to phrase into a video format. If its not a total waste of your time, maybe it would be worthwhile and helpful in filling up your full-tanks-schedule for the rest of the year.

    I’ve been playing for 5+ years now, since I was about 12 years old. When I started I was awful so my stats still reflect that, and now I’m still not very good, but getting better. But, I never fire premium/gold rounds on ANY of my tanks. I’m generally free to play but I like the tank collecting aspect of the game and have a lot of premiums, even on them I only fire a mix of standard ammo and HE to be cost effective and “fair” to my team-mates. I notice a lot of times I get frustrated, I have to aim for weak points and wait for the enemy to make a mistake with angling, over-extending or something else like that in order to get a shot off that penetrates, but generally all i have to do is peek and whatever part of me they hit, they penetrate and damage. This makes trying to make equal trades or trades where I come out on top very frustrating. It makes playing heavy tanks in general very frustrating. I know on many free-to-play accounts people still load gold and pay with it for credits anyways, and I assume you did as well, using it tactfully on your free-to-play account. So I pose you this question: Is it possible to play World of Tanks and be competetive while firing absolutely zero premium ammo? Am I just bad at placing my shots? or should I be loading the gold and watching my stats pad themselves?

  27. good matchmaking for him.

  28. this is the obj268 v 4 and t100lt’s love child

  29. why all tanks i engage….shoot at me? The obj had at least 4-5 free #$#$ shots in the replay…not to mention the sides of that german one in the end full hp!

  30. Thx to QB this tank is now on queue to more nerf hahaha

  31. Does anybody know what camo that is?

  32. And again +2 tier mm and someone else replay as usual ???
    Aren’t you tired of these +2 tier mm when the “hero” is top tier. Comon man be serious

  33. What’s going on with your hair????

  34. Oh man, what an absolutely brutal game that was!

  35. Well, QB, understood. You know the guy….
    However, a good Player in an OP russian TD blows through tanks 2 tiers lower – why do you think this is interesting?

    • Why do you have to mention _russian _ TD? What does the Nation matter?
      Also I would hardly call this OP. It’s pretty balanced, higher skillcap tank.
      Bad players <50% are underperforming in it and good players >54% are overperforming in it, but not more than 1%.

  36. Ok,. I think I need this tank 😀

  37. I think this tank is kinda good balanced. Its not a tank that everyone can have easy games in. You need some skills yourself to make the tank preform better than average. Fair enough its an easier tank to play as some others. But then again i think its in a pretty good spot as it is now.. No need for nerfs or anything.

  38. I was in QSF-L and played with you QB, but some meat head hired a new recruiter who kicked everyone out and just started inviting new players in, we went from a T8-10 strongholds ready unit who could beat FAME(the jerks) to a unit who couldn’t even play T6 strongholds.

  39. After watch alot of quickybaby video, i dont see any goodGermany tank :))

  40. Also could you review the the lost and forgotten Obj 430 II, nobody talks about that odd tank anymore and i used to love that tank before it was hugely nerfed just for a gun that shoots 1 second faster

  41. Give me the Tortoise any day, totally different TD play style, but makes 263 look weak.

  42. When I remember correctly, the 263 at Tier X wasnt only a great assault tank, but a good sniper as well. I was so excited when I started that line because it was actually kind of a novel tank. a great allrounder, not overpowered, actually rarely seen on the BF. Now it’s just assaulting. I mean yeah it’s a good tank, I have decent matches in it as well, but with the gold and HE spam nowadays, you have to be lucky to have enemies that don’t know where to shoot you. Because on greater distances, you cant really strike back

  43. What camo is that? Looks lit

  44. Thanks for the videos. Been watching most of your stuff for a while and learned a lot. I think the only thing left for you to highlight is, possibly, map tips and tricks.
    You’ve taught us about bush mechanics, spotting, weak spots, ammo, all the tanks, how to read the battle progression. I understand that you might not want to give all the good positions and/or progressions away, but maybe a few?

  45. the speed of TD IX obj 263 = all MT X ?? T_T

  46. This battle look so easy GG


    Somebody’s had a good game? Wow, anybody notice the reason for this could just possibly be that he wasn’t getting shit upon by arty every 40 seconds? Just a thought……?

  48. Could you do a review buffed T26E4 Superpershing since the time you last reviewed it it had 170 pen not like 202 it have now 😀 sorry fo asking though

  49. Object 263 – Its the russian honey badger…. doesn’t give a ****

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