This Game Made Me SICK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today playing the M60 is going to make me SICK in World of Tanks!



  1. I actually watch this battle on your twich – great job QB

  2. Most stressful time in WoT?
    Before the T-50 was nerfed years ago I drove straight into the enemy cap from the start of the match. I got the counter to 98% dipping & driving my ass off before someone shot me. I lit the whole team before taking that 1st hit too. Their whole team had turned & was trying to shoot me or ram me in their cap. This gave time for my whole team to drive up behind them & take them apart. I think the match lasted under 4 minutes.

  3. MVP was the big old rock in the middle of the base. GG QB. Your situational awareness is over 9000!

  4. Hair loss? Hair loss? You call that hair loss? I’ll show you hairloss!

    _Put that away Cohen. No really, put that away please._

  5. the only thing that gave me a headache was you screaming like a girl lol geez calm down

  6. Quite amazing when the same people who did the mistake says that “its ok” to the other person who he did wrong.Flattering

  7. surely; you QB are the only person who could possibly commentate to your own plays… bibbidy bobbidy boo go QB!

  8. is the 279e really al that? looks pretty weak on this replay.

  9. and this is why you are great player

  10. Wot? 😂 graduate already. Come over to the big boy club and get kicked in the balls every game or two in “Escape From Tarkov” 😂🤷‍♂️💪

  11. nice game, well played… of course!
    Quickybaby only 80000 games… in 12 years playing?

  12. lol the intensity was funny

  13. i woke up sick today and this was the first video i saw

  14. Catalin Ionut Florea

    You are GOOD, Bravo !

  15. full ilegal mods

  16. trash game idiot

  17. I had two games yesterday in the Rhm. Pnzrw. (Or however it’s spelt, I’ll just say tier ten German light tank) where I was the last one alive. I should mention I play on console. One match was a 1 v 7 and another was a 3 v 8. In the 1 v 7 I was able to get it down to a 1 v 3 before running out of ammunition and died. And in the other scenario I was able to help get it down to a 3 v 3 and running out of ammunition once again. I then proceeded to make a misplay in the 3 v 3 leading me to loosing the rest of my hit points. All in all the Rhm. Pnzrw. needs more ammo.

  18. Well done. Keeping your head pays well.

  19. now you telling me that M60 isnt worth all that bonds, but i have 121B to and i am performing better in my M60 than 121B…

  20. That one tense game between endless roflstomps, that makes WoT experience worthwhile.


  22. It would be nice to share the aftermath in the stream also 😅 QB feeling literally sick from the rush 😮

  23. amazing cap lololol

  24. Sphincter tightening!!!

  25. That’s why you are the best….

  26. Quickybaby will there be QnA and do you play War Thunder?

  27. How you handled that FV under so much pressure was art.

  28. Gamer Warlord QuickyBaby

  29. Georgios Papahatzis

    This is an absolute beauty of a game. One of these that makes the game worth it. Well nahhhhh…. not really. It is so frustrating playing this game that one game in the whole week doesn’t change anything. The only thing that does is remind you what a great game used to be and then to slap you in the face on the next game with what has become. Besides, for the 99% of the players it would have ended where the 277 charged on him. Even if it hadn’t ended there, definately would have ended when the Fv got the back of M60. Only a guy with 80000 games could have bearly pulled it off. Playing other games where stressful exciting games happen more often is preferable. Such as Total war series where huge games literally being won on single unit left.

  30. 6:43 yes,I see my men of culture 🗿

  31. I had a 5k damage game in my t34-85m maybe you want to watch that game. It had also a very exciting ending

  32. watched it live, ngl it made me little nervous at the end 😀

  33. Well played.

  34. wow nice game😮

  35. look at that Grilles stats from the last 100 days. 23% winrate on FV4005 and 38% on Grille. WOW.

  36. I both love the M48 and the M60. Their Gunhandling is so crazy good xD

  37. QB playing on side with 279 spilling his wisdom out, ROFL. MAN, what a cash machine! Kids, subscribe now!

  38. commenting 279 game on 1-side (YOURS), REALLY QB? what a Bullshitter you are

  39. hahaha, your team had 279 QUICKY NOOB and lost…GIVE ME A BREAK

  40. Oh man, I love how adrenaline inducing that was. Amazing play.

  41. Awesome play!

  42. i stay sick with this game

  43. Stop saying ‘scenario’ so much nub…

  44. on like minute 11 quickybaby mutates to eimnem 😀

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