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Source: OddBawZ

The M26 T99 in Thunder is a Premium Medium Tank for the US Tech Tree. This tank costs 7450 Golden Eagles but you can't buy it unless you buy or own the Calliope which is a further 9740 Golden Eagles. That adds up to more or less $150 USD!

What the M26 T99 is, is really just an M26 Pershing with some M8 Rockets strapped to its ears. Resembling Dumbo, this American Tank is more of a hinderance than a help due to the fact enemies and machinegun your rockets and set you on fire!

The M26 Rocket Tank does have a plus side, though. The M8 Rockets are excellent against light , open tops and SPAA's that get to close. If your barrel or breach is taken out, you still have a means to defend yourself. They also work great to block your enemies vision due to the amount of smoke and debris they kick up on impact. In some cases, they can even overpressure Medium or even Heavy Tanks.

The big question is: Is this tank Pay to Win?

Today, we find out!


  1. 3:47 I didnt knew it would exchange the loader for the radio operator without a HUD symbol showing it

  2. dude my ears almost ripped themselves apart when hearing u pronounce ashoka tano, but otherwise, great video as always 😀

  3. Amazing games. I’ve recently got into WT and for the life of me cannot get a smooth movement with the planes using keyboard. I always have to get it near to the target then use the mouse, love watching your content Odd and it’s massively helping me improve.

  4. Gaijin is extroting their players, change my mind.

  5. Is it just me or does the rockets from the front make it look like those hats with bear in them on like cars

  6. Idk why but I was expecting to watch OddBawz get an ace with only the rockets

  7. Well… This game is simulator so this upgrade must be so expensive like IRL

  8. I like the T25 although without rockets it would have been deleted much quicker.

  9. WHYYYY they are so bad!

  10. “I love when I’m fighting a good opponent so its nice and fair,” proceeds to unload 30 rockets into a cloud of smoke.

  11. I was playing in a match where calliopes where sitting on our cap and bombarding the enemy caps from over the horizon of some hills. It was awesome. I spent most of the game just spawned into a AA to guard and watch

  12. Would’ve liked to see the T99s in action a bit more, to be honest…

  13. Hey Odd I have the t99 but didnt need to get the calliope. It was updated to were you can pick it up just for i think 4 700 golden eagles. I wish I had a Pc to play with you but I dont so hope you enjoy your day. Hopefully at least I see you on the battlefield from crossplay.

  14. Odd: please can you do a combo with the archer and 40mm beaufighter. Great weapons but awkward vehicles. 6th or 7th time of asking

  15. I love mon jokes hahahahahahahha

  16. Spendy, but looks fun in your hands!

  17. The Green Knight

    Am i reading this right you have 100 mil SL?

  18. You don’t need to own the Calliope to get the M26 T99 anymore. It’s been like that for several months now.

  19. I have that tank, LoooL I got trashed on by a few players for just owning it. Killed a Tiger from the front with a rocket, Lucky shot.

  20. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i got in trouble a couple of days ago because i have taken my time to learn the distance for each map and it’s positions. for example that one winter map with water on both sides, but one side is a lake and the other the sea. on the C cap side on that map are two hills, and from one hill to the other it is exactly a 700 meter distance, and because i know this, i can be prepared with the set range of 700 meters BEFORE i reach the hill completely, thus i can shoot MUCH faster then my opponent if it is only ww2 era vehicles, or vehicles without laser rangefinders rather. i got banned, but i am now unbanned after proving my innosence as well as showing them WHY i am so quick with it.

  21. These things are the best, I just pop these rocket pods and the whole tank goes boom. Free kills.

  22. 150$ for a single vehicle in a game, when you can get few good games for the same price? What the…

  23. I now want to see a video of nothing but rocket pods. Bring the Calliope and the M26-T99. Then bring out aircraft with as much CAS as possible. Alternatively if you can find another nation with even more rocket pods in a line-up then go for that.

  24. He didn’t say “Do-do”.

  25. AdventurousHanz

    16 kills and only 12k RP, madness grind in ground RB

  26. uncletigger McLaren

    BOY OH BOY I bet the soldiers got nervous when this was parked anywhere near them. Massive Secondary Explosion Magnet, anyone ?.

  27. Man you gave me an amazing idea I’m gonna name my first born jar jar Binks

  28. “what if his name was just like. . . jim?”

    well bawz, that would be star trek.

  29. Great tank with the dumbo ears fitting lol

  30. Oddbaws”am I blind” casually destroys the entire enemy team in the proccess

  31. One match my teamhad 5 Calliope & 3 Matilda. I didn’t know it when the match first started. I found out when I almost jumped out of my skin when they started rocketing the town. Everyone else in the team but me used artillery. That town was a graveyard when I drove thru after the barrage

  32. Grejbiksen Bjerringbro

    Seems the best way NOT to get a rocket up your a** is to not move at all…..move and you’re spottet from the air…..After I’ve started stopping as soon as I hear a plane close…I tend to live longer in RB….Or am I completely wrong on that?
    Ps. Love your videos Odd.

  33. Day 216: Gaijin is just loving your money.

  34. 21:27 same for me as watching you odd

  35. i didnt pay anywhere near that, i think i got a discount for the calliope and just had spare eagles for the pershing, i think i have a quarter of that.

  36. All I can say about this thing is that it fights like a modern IFV with unguided rockets. High Survival rate against small bombs.

  37. no doubt about the fact that the MORE you spend, the better results you will have. pay to win is exactly right

  38. Hey Oz, I know it’s not a “typical” video, but would you consider doing some sort of vid on how your key bindings are set? It can be a bit overwhelming, but I think it would be much appreciated and at least give some people ideas!

  39. Or you get after they separated the calliope and that rocket Pershing and then wait some more for the 50% sale and get it on the cheep.

  40. Pay to win working as intended.

  41. MrFoxtanz Pexitron

    Just: “waouhh!!”

  42. those russians t-90 will not pay by themselves

  43. Ngl you are one of the few actually good WT players I have seen, the others usually just use OP tanks or something like that and get tons of kills

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