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  1. Your crazy @PhlyDaily HSTV-L
    Change my mine

  2. You need a proper hunting rifle set up for long range shooting

  3. Gotta love Mr. Clarkson

  4. I like the bagel a lot but it’s really held back by lack of AA track, bad IR, weak TOW and the rounds aren’t half as safe as the 2S38s in the hull. I largely find it hard to use in comparison to the PUMA now and it’s downright weak compared to the BMP-2M.

  5. It’s not as fun as when it was 8.7

  6. Bro you think that’s loud and fun come shoot my ar12. Semi auto, mag fed shotgun. High brass 3in shells sound like a cannon!

  7. They have a SKS kits, but they don’t really look that good with the wood furnishing, and it’s probably easier to get an AR built anyways. Keep the good ol SKS in its metal and wood form.

  8. You should talk to Matt at Demo Ranch. It would be awesome to see you on his channel to try out some ARs

  9. My man, there is a HEAP of Aftermarket chassis and conversion kits to make them lighter, or sporterized/shortened, to add rails, optics, etc.

  10. I quit the German tech tree after raging three games in a row with the pz III L


    Day 10 play the panzer 4 H get an double ace while being the MVP on your team

  12. Gotta see if u can do a collab with Demo Ranch!! Lol

  13. 2 fan spottings. 2 videos in a row.
    Tigor is Iconic

  14. Not gonna lie, the range master always has a good smile on their face whenever a Mosin Nagant is shot. Gotta respect the small piece of artillery going off.

  15. #Legendaryfishing

    So IMO if you build an SKS like that you’re just going to look like a Chad. Build a nice AR and enjoy both. I built my AR specifically for hunting but I have a mint mosin nagant that I wouldn’t dream of adding rails and stuff to.

  16. I’m running a Stag Arms Stag 10 and so far its been absolutely perfect. I’m using a Primary Arms LPVO which is easy to use at 100 yards. I’ve fired a lot of 5.56 with my time in the Army and have to admit my .308 rifle is much more fun. Ammo is a little more money with an AR10 but its worth it. 1800$ rifle I got on sale for 1200$. Fired perfectly right out of the box with zero lube added. Cleaned and inspected with zero wear after 250 rounds in one day. Had to recommend.

  17. I have several firearms and the loudest one is my ar pistol with 10 inch upper. I was shocked at how loud it is even compared to my 18 inch Daniel defense both are 5.56.

  18. You are demon! 😀

  19. Trying so hard not to nerd out about guns! big gun enthusiasts here! range burnn out is a real thing! how you fight it is either with friends, range and accuracy, orrrrr self defense training!

  20. I have a sick SKS load out, just @EerieEnigma7482 in your server and I’ll show you it plus let you know the kit to make it.

  21. Young Aviation Lover

    3 vids in 3 days awesome

  22. the AR – 15 normal ammo 5.56.. notice i say normal there are rebores that can take different rounds including 50 cal pistol rounds.. and flash suppressor can have an effect on noise volume. well yes and no assault rifles have very specific set of new laws on them included in these new laws is u can’t clean ur AR without a gunsmith present.

  23. Day 11: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  24. That weapon is effective on the real BF today

  25. we need IR tracker for this boi i man why 2s38 can have it but this one can’t
    50mm VT has no different from 57mm VT at fucking airplane

  26. my guy has an sks weeettttt

  27. Pls do the ZUT-37

  28. @PhlyDaily I have found more light tanks that should be added to the game. Watch Tank Chats 169

  29. You should swap one of the 5,56 ammo for .300 blackout and see how that goes 😀

  30. so its basically a puma right?

  31. 13:16 steve won’t show us to see his after-screams lmao 😀 i can’t imagine the fury he unleashes afterwards

  32. Guys, as a European, hearing you talking about the fun you have playing with guns is just super weird.
    The fact that you keep taking those for toys, while this being so obviously one of the biggest problem of your country, is very disturbing.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving you lessons nor pretending I’m in position to do so. I’m just pointing out something I simply don’t understand.

  33. I hate this thing

  34. It’s a good tank. very fun to drive.
    but only when the russian team is on your side 🙂

  35. Day 8: I challenge you to take out fully bomb loaded A2D-1 in tank battles and get at least 5 kills without respawning. If you check your video “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, it was me who saved you at 13:55 so I guess I deserve it xD

  36. 2:46
    this is the most American thing you could say phly lol

  37. Day 5 of asking for a tank masterclass with different tank classes

  38. I remember when Begleit was 8.7…. wish it was still there… It was badass.

  39. i want my APHE back

  40. Wildan Regy Andreas

    Why u dont hit the objective? For kill? Daaaammmmnn…

  41. “bakelitepanzer” is not how you pronounce “Begleitpanzer” lol

  42. i am not sure but i then with a little adapter a mosin PU scope fits on the SKS

  43. Can you do a British bomber video?

  44. tizanik and 1900 others

    Day two of asking phly to play the centauro 120:

  45. phly talking about the how boring it is to shoot at targets

    my bro cracked out a the school jokes

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