This Guy BALANCED The Entire Enemy Team | The CALIBAN in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Caliban, Tier 8 British Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Caliban Best Battle/Best Replay, Highest Damage Battle. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 Loot Box Tank. World of Tanks Advent 2022 Offers and Deals.

it is time to take a look at one the MEMEiest tanks World of Tanks has ever released, the brand tier 8 British premium heavy tank Caliban… Let’s see what it has to offer!

What do you think?


  1. Oh Dez posted a Talib- ahem, Caliban video!

    Calibans Fallen shall always be remembered as the Emperors finest.

  2. had my first good damage game yesterday in the Talib..Caliban. slighlty over 6K damage but 0 kills :/ ninja people man. amazing how this tank can work when fishing for sides and asses of tanks.

  3. you have to know how to play with this tank, otherwise it’s pretty bad

  4. I found this tank not that enjoyable and satisfying. Also Dez I left you a message in the garage 😛

  5. Lmao the fact that the nickname for this tank is TALIBAN is so fucking funny 😂😂😂

  6. wg nead to buff he pen of caliban is to low 180! 1000 pen for he min and mby 5000 dmg per he shot! f… shitshow

  7. you should make a vodeo to discourage bots to play with gold ammunition is used abusively in 2 3 matches 1 or 2 players play with standard ammunition the rest only with gold ammunition what role does armor play in the game?

  8. t10 fv4005 td 92 pen with he and t8 prem hevy 180 pen with he what joke of game

  9. This tank is probably the closest experience of playing a Battleship in World of Warships while not playing World of Warships.

  10. pay2win cancer
    I’d rather try to level up my tier 6 in any WoT beta patch than play any tier 6 in today’s game.

  11. Just one question. Why isn’t this abomination a TD?

  12. Taliban not good but masive money for WG.

  13. Got it and its meme king in this game

  14. That alpha with autoreloader and a fully traversable turret? Seems better than the Jagzillia. Ooh.. this is T8? Hahahaha

  15. this is the meme tank. as per definition. WG, congratulations.

  16. In the World of Tanks

    WG says.

  17. You put a nuke in the thumbnail, funny thing is, the real life Caliban was designed to fire low yield tactical nuclear warheads.

  18. I just farm a caliban min ago lol this tank is lucky in mm, if u get noob team and u are a lucky boy…gg, high dmg!

  19. This tank burns so easy tho, every game i have had it has burnt from the first shot hit. you can hit the rear of the tank from the front because it pokes up behind the sides of the turret. its lame as fuck.

  20. Imagine this tank before HE nerf

  21. Dez — Today, I began a game with 4 Caliban and 4 Tornvagn on the opposing side!!! Not including three other heavy tanks on each side.

  22. This tank is broken. It can be massively OP and massively boring, frustrating and UP at the same time

  23. Bought some boxes, gladly not this ship.

  24. stinkdier70 Eu server

    He must have a 50 % credit booster already

  25. As a 50-100 player i knew this thing had potential, a lot of CCs were hating this tank watch them change their mind after a few weeks.

  26. 38s. reload for the 1st shell is just enough for you to jump in another battle and get blasted again before guy in previous battle has completed the full reload.

  27. RNG worst garbage in this game

  28. If you only shoot once you only have 20 seconds reload time. Thats the secret of how to play it. It massivly improves your dpm to never shoot twice.

  29. Things like this are the reason why i stop playing wot 3 years ago. I miss the old good wot.

  30. Its like you said an extreme tank. You one shot people or finish with only 1 hit… The thing that was a surprise for me is that even if i shoot full gold (ap), i finish with more than 90k credit after expenses with 2-3k dmg… is it because i destroy alot of modules with the nules?? I am confused

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