This guy Slapped The Entire Enemy Team!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 60TP, Tier 10 Heavy Tank. World of Tanks 60TP Record in 7 minutes. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

It is time for an epic battle episode this time let’s into 60TP. You are going to see the player slapping almost the entire enemy team like and absolute MADLAD. 😉

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. How is he hitting these shots my 60 tp misses the turret of a fv4005

  2. 7k dmg done and enemy team still have more Hp,…THIS GAME

  3. The T34 B should’ve been in the bond shop and selling it for 10k of bonds.

  4. someone should send this to wg. i think he may be cheating. look at these crosshair jumps

  5. It’s the second time I saw this video today. Earlier today saw it on Hardcore Let’s play.

  6. man this guys using cheats we can see the crosshair jumps send the relay to wg filthy cheater

  7. Enters in battle, first thing he does is press number 2. Everything aligned and he is “pro”. What kind of battle would that be without gold spam?

  8. slapping contest. all gold again. fk off with these. they cant play. they can only pay.

  9. i like these type of these videos they teach me how to play better apart from the gold spam ofc

  10. Thank you for showing my game 🙂

  11. The slap part 3

  12. Quite a jumpy turret 😏

  13. slapped enemy team especially with the help of gold rounds ofc

  14. No words

  15. 2nd-9th place combined did less dmg than him. dayum

  16. Well, nice, but did you see kolobanovs with TOG II* ? 😀

  17. I’m not even gonna finish watching this; this guy sold his soul to RNG, and there’s nothing more to it; nothing else to see here, let’s all go back to our true world, where we miss point-blank shots on the broadside of the moon.


  19. My RNG would send that heat round straight into the 430u’s tracks.

  20. damn farming almost 50% of total enemy hp. that is impressive

  21. yeah not cheating at all, every shot he aims goes exactly where he aims, yet 99.99% of my shots go no where near my aim. Yeah okay. Who did he make happy at wargaming?

  22. Yah ok buddie click baiting us with a vid of a guy using cheats common bro

  23. Alexander Stoyanov

    Yea HE change was totally dumb and still is totally dumb, but hey at least Chieftains and Russian heavies can llay hull down and you can hit for 0 or 34 dmg and take 400+ in return

  24. Nothing special from the player (and no, I’m not saying he’s bad), 90% was good rng 10% was positioning and aiming

  25. HE are shity ammo now. And premium ammo always will be a piece of shit ruining games thing.
    That’s how a lot of players have hight stats value.

  26. lol excellent

  27. *Doom slayer music kicks in*

  28. If i shoot HEAT with My 60tp.. 1/8 shoots MAYBE Will do dmg.. My HEAT bounce/do nothing than it do dmg… 🤦‍♂️

  29. Well then he “Didn’t Slap the *ENTIRE Team* 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    He got 86.67% of the team.

  30. Pay 2 win?
    How much money did they have to put into the game in order to get that RNG!

  31. dis replay i have seen before🤔🤔🤔

  32. Jullian J. Weskier

    Shows you have broken WoT stuff is when he didnt even get ONE barrel mark for this

  33. I liked the planes

  34. Bring more of this

  35. I see “2” right from the get go. Dislike.

  36. ah gold ammo who would have thunk it

  37. Idiots: 60TP is balanced, it has a small 260mm effective hatch in the front

  38. hey Dez here is an idea organise a Tier 10 game with no gold ammo in the load out

  39. Tell me how to change my team/player hp bar menu like dez have? do i find the settings on aslain”s mod or where? please help. Big thanks tank community 🙂

  40. It’s not only the HE ammo, that’s bringing this one fantastic game down, the WG’ greed is rearing it ugly head once again!
    My outings with the new, and improved 2.0 has discussed many of the older players, myself included!
    And if this bovine excrement is good enough, how about the fantasy MM, as declined to the point people aren’t going to want to lose 5-15 almost every game!
    (Note to WG; Isn’t it about time to address the devastating MM, before screwing up more important aspects of the present game? Seriously?

  41. Gold Spammer slaps enemy team. This is my surprised face.

  42. Can’t blame him using premium ammo. I find the pen on standard round really poor. And with the massive reload you really need to make the shots count.

  43. Cannot understand why so many people in the comments write „gold spammer“, „nothing special“ and such BS. Guys, that game was crazy damage wise and of course you need some blessing from the RNG god. But please, don’t be toxic just because you are not able to play this good and maybe don’t habe so much luck all the time.
    I guess he’s a MUCH better player than most here so pay some respect and keep your mouth shut if you only want to complain.

  44. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Nooooo… You dont ammo rack our best ruski medium, reeee…. Nerf nerf nerf ples wg

  45. Стоп… Это точно не “В боль”?

  46. 60TP is like a boss of tanks

  47. All the issues of this game is in this video.

    Premium does devalue the entire game and company itself. Ofc it does devalue this replay and the player skills too.

    Trash community anyway

  48. Seeing that 430 pop was magic. Love to see it.

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