This Guy Was Legally Cheating, LUL!🔴| World of Tanks FV215b 183, The Best Alpha in The Game

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV251b 183 Gameplay, The Biggest Alpha in The Game. World of Tanks Best Tank , Most Dangerous Tank. World of Tanks Best Battles and Best Replays.

I did not even notice how fast time flies. I mean, my last episode featuring FV215b 183 was almsot 5 months ago, so let's better get to it FAST! 😀

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Ah HESH, how the mighty have fallen. I can only wish for this level of performance.

  2. OK, if we can have this one shot tank. Why can’t we have the Waffentrager E100 back ?

  3. I wish they’d take tanks like this out of the game. FV4005 and Jag panzer . 99% of the time you work your ass off flanking spotting moving aiming for weak spots. Than this dumb ass sitting in a bush all game gets one lucky shot and it’s game over. Most of the time it’s the only damage they’ve done all game. 1 pen. Annoying and dumb. Don’t reward lazy play with these garbage tanks.

  4. Maxim Ionut-Alexandru

    I thought you talk about cheaters lol,not that are existing inside the game according to shitgaming

  5. Hate this thing – worst purchase ever.

  6. this tank need to remove from game

  7. No lights makes this a whole lot easier. Otherwise he would be spotted.

  8. Too frustating to play with!!! Miss Miss no pen…..

  9. Surprised we haven’t seen an object 183. Same gun but 300mm turret armor

  10. I’m just gonna throw in my 2 cents.

    I have a 4K5. Between it and the deathstar after the nerfs the only thing the 4K5 gets over its brother is the great 10 degrees gun depression and very slightly better mobility.
    Still one of my favorite tanks in the game because I played half and half AP/HESH well before the last HE rework. 310 standard AP pen is God like and it will over match anything with 60mm of armor. While supporting a heavy flank you can do serious damage when heavies think you are only going to splash them for 200 and pen his face with AP for 1200.

    The trade off these tanks give to be the only vehicles in the game with a high roll potential of 2187 are so huge. More often than not if someone gets oneshot by these things it was their own fault through sheer ignorance, poor positioning, or were an EBR and fully deserved it. This match just struck me with how many people were in awful positions, perfect to get broadsided by a 183, why was there a Char 4 in the open, why were those heavies not closer to the red line, why in the name of serb was there a Maus in the field…

    The man who played this match should go buy a lottery ticket.

  11. I think we need a Manticore with a 183 HESH similar to the T49/Sheridan meme light tank. :3

  12. Still-not-extinct-dodo

    I honestly really can’t get how is possible anyone is complaining about the 183s when out there are lurking the 268v4…I mean, just ridiculus.

  13. This shouldn’t be possible.

  14. Most Played Tier 10 in my Garage and it had a 22 Sec Reload…. 5 Skill Xmas Crew….

  15. I like these vintage thingys.

  16. I love how WG nerfs HE but not hesh

  17. -Rng works
    -Friendly team is worse than enemy team but is dying at the same rate this guy is doing the carry damage and not just melting away
    -Enemy team has a Maus vibing in the open
    -Enemy team decides to go to the best position of the map by the time they are only 5 left and their hill snipers are dead, also they wait to get picked off one by one
    Yeah, probably the battle that will never happen again in a lifetime

  18. That guy over yonder

    Makes me miss the old top tier 8 arty days

  19. I hate I can’t get this tank anymore. I love the big guns.

  20. whats this cabal with all you people doing the same vid at the same time, scam game, scam community

  21. Super fun video love it!

  22. Lucky there wasn’t an ebr on opposition as it would have bounced the shells off its wheels, then circled him to death.

  23. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    1000 like for you Dez! .. Sick replay !

  24. Brick Fox Productions

    Good grief Charlie Brown! <3

  25. There is a major difference between the FV185b 183 and the Bond reward FV215b. The 183 has so much alpha damage than the Bond version. The Bond reward tank really sux compared to the 183 version.

  26. I really wish there was a way to get this tank again, I was grinding up the British TD line but then they removed it before I got to it 🙁

  27. Fuck off with those click baits labels.

  28. Fun to watch

  29. Its a cool tank, but only special ppl have it… soooo, who cares.

  30. How do you get this tank i want it so much but if its for gold i am freetoplay

  31. I think both FV and 183 are broken (as well as KV-2). Not broken in the same way as Cheiftain. But being able to kill a tank in one shot and at the same time being a sloth machine makes it incredibly frustrating to play against in a bad way.

  32. I played 183 on my friends account..
    Bro i wanna send WG mail to get me that tank..
    Take my money 😀 😀

  33. Just good they nerved arti.

  34. I have no complaints about this or the 4005.I don’t own either of them but they are not annoying on the battlefield, they are huge and slow, they are not a chiefftain or a 279e, if you know what I mean.

  35. I’m so glad the only way to obtain this is the black market. Thanks WG. Why can’t the 183, fv215b heavy, and foch 155 be collector’s vehicles like the wz 113, amx 30b and t62a. I already have the foch 155, but seriously, they were tech tree vehicles.

  36. Dude can you stop with hyping this tank . After the nerfs these tanks are useless . Maybe show all the times it bounces ffs

  37. As skill4ltu once said . If you are getting one shot a lot you making a lot of mistakes . You have tons of lower tier tanks and tanks like the kv 2 that can one shot higher tier tanks . One tank at tier ten that can do it and everyone is crying . These tanks took a huge nerf with the changes it bounces a lot now .

  38. You are going to get this tank nerfed for the 4th time . Please stop hyping it . These tanks took a huge nerf and didnt get anything in return they nerfed the spaced armor penning ability by 87 percent before the HE/HESH rework was released . Wargaming also said they would make to special consideration with hesh and main HE tanks . Well these tanks got nothing BUT the RUSSIAN kv 2 that was out performing this tank tier for tier a buff bc ok buff one but nerf the other .

  39. Tanks like this makes me wanna delete this game and never play it again…

  40. If he had been greedy it would have been a 15k battle

  41. If that was me trying that 2nd shot at 0:54 it would have hit the moon instead.

  42. I have never got a 1900 roll in this thing yikes.

  43. The FV251b 183 was the whole reason I started grinding the British line. Sucked that they remove it then sold it for cash.

  44. If all the stars are aligned the DoomStar is shining bright 😉

  45. one of the toxic tanks in this game – 183

  46. Can’t even enjoy this one makes me feel sick

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