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Source: OddBawZ

US 20mm Cannons are out of control in ! With Winds of Change update, the USA 20mm AN/M2 got a HUGE buff to 38mm of penetration!

US 20mm buff means that you can penetrate most tanks from top down and even at some pretty drastic angles. You can top down , Tigers, T-34 and even Sherman tanks.

US Mains in War Thunder can now rejoice as they now have something almost as effective as 30mm HVAP from the Mk103 cannons from Germany and the 37mm and 45mm cannons from Russia planes.

I really don't think it's too over the top but I wouldn't complain if it lost a few extra mm of penetration!

Oh, this buff is SO good… I don't think you even need to bombs anymore!

GAME 1 – 18 FRAGS AND A DREAM (05:36)
OUTRO (28:53)



    Song: Jo Wandrini – Sciophobia (one of my favourites)

  2. ThatAngryGerman

    I really like War Thunder, the only thing I hate about it is how the game is literally only fun in a handful of vehicles out of the hundreds in the techtrees. Some things like the Panthers and Tigers are just kind of pointless to play imo. I wish the balance was better in this game, I’m not expecting to be slaughtering low tier Shermans in my axis tanks, but honestly fighting anything with HEATFS is just absolute bullshit in a WW2 heavy tank, and not just German ones. There needs to be a better way of balancing for a game like this. Oh, also, spawn camping is fucking AIDS and I hate when games devolve into it. I’m really not surprised so many people just ditch games and go back to hangar after 5 minutes.


    It’s okay, Gaijin will listen only to the worst decisions players suggest

  4. Fs in the chat for milespetiles who you killed at least twice lmao

  5. Fighting multiple of these on the enemy team just makes we want a tank-only mode all the more.

  6. A wee like, and a wee comment. Love your content!!!

  7. And this Ladys and Gentleman is the reason why you protect your aa players and dont fucking RAM them

  8. lol i can do the same thing ina p47 🙂

  9. MadeInGermany94

    ok that buff is too much

  10. As an old air warrior veteran I simply dont get the attraction of so saccharine a flight model as the simplified mouse aim used for flying. It offers uber accuracy to planes that simply didnt exist with normal flight controls.

    It’s ‘realistic battles’ – should probably require ‘realistic controls’ for airplanes if you choose to use them in battle. This setting is a step under “sim” and the main difference in realistic mode is you dont have to use trim or engine management, but the instructor aids are all turned off and you need to use a joystick.

    I also mapped all of my tank controls to a thrustmaster t1600 so there’s no switching in battle if I decide to take a plane. Throttle controls fwd / rvs – rocker is for steering, the joystick handles the turret and views and weapons. it’s a trick HOTAS setup for tank battle.

  11. ayo? thats me at 0:14

  12. Woah, ground battles have a really high number of flying units aint it, just as many as ground units in air battles

  13. Omg absolute carnage with the rockets

  14. This makes it worth the repair price lol

  15. @OddBawZ – that pen buff hit the XP-55, too! How about a new video with that baby?

  16. So apparently these 38mm pen ground belts are also on the cannon stang sitting at 3.3. so m4 or m10 +cannon stang carnage?

  17. doesn’t the us 30 mm in the p-39 only pen 30 mm lol 20 mm better cas than 30 mm

  18. Lord, congratulating the enemy for a good shot. I wonder how you stay so peacefully focused.

  19. I’d say the AU-1 is the best Corsair considering its massive payload and now the gun buff

  20. This is depressing to watch.

  21. I really love the corsair thats at 4.7 and the 6.0 is just a pure upgrade. After spending a waste of time and lions on the P-61, Im finally starting to work on this plane. Can’t wait to use it in 2 months because I mainly play Ground RB and you get jack for RP in planes.

  22. best cas is the f89b with armoured targets, shoot 100 rounds from 2.5k and kill almost anything in a second

  23. Every german cas and fighter “ha, weak”

  24. I main IL-2M. Close air support is all I do. [edit] *has 1000 air kills in the IL-2M*

  25. Oh no muh US cannons do stuff to German tanks, Germany clearly suffering. Plz triple German cannon pen and ammo count and lower all cannon armed German aircraft by at least 1.0 BR to (over)compensate.

  26. I have bad luck I’m getting put in 7.3 with my jumbo I don’t know what I did

  27. First thing they need to actively prevent is Russian and Chinese players coming on to North American servers just to get away with hacking and not get banned.

  28. Well done Bawz, very good editing and production. Had me emotionally invested in your intro…Love your content. Your living my dream as I love this game and play it daily, and now I watch your content, Daily… Keep it up! Thank you!

  29. Brah but puma is op

  30. How can anyone play this game in these past 3 months and unironically think “wow this game is so balanced and skill-based!”

  31. Interesting how they massacred any German cannon and buffed other planes… hmmmm coincidence?
    Edit: they upbred the Ferdinand for no reason it wasn’t even good, but they out of nowhere a premium with more armor comes out at that same br! Can’t be coincidence can it?

  32. I never feel bad about using this thing because of the number of do-335s around.

  33. Someone had to make an edit of all of these epic intros

  34. Ahhh, yes: Gaijin mechanics.
    I stopped playing this game shortly after emptying an entire stock of 20mm into a PATROL BOAT (which still survived), in that old (discontinued?) ‘Island’ map (you remember, that gigantic volcanic island with all those wonderful tunnels/holes for pouncing/sniping/ambushing, esp. on that once-amazing NIGHT MISSION!
    I tried repeatedly over the following years, to re-engage with this game, because I LOVED it so much (circa patch 1.23 days). Sadly, they succeeded in utterly ruining it, so…

    • Naval battles just suck! Aviation is hardly better unless you are lucky. I just stick with ground RB because it is somewhat balanced. I completely understand quitting war thunder though because I had a half-year to whole year break from war thunder

    • @TempDuke
      Talking about this, prompted me to DL the game (again), and give it another try.
      (curse my curiosity!)
      “Game of ‘Pilot Sniped’…”
      F. U. Gaijin.
      *DELETED* again…

  35. My takeaway from this vid: …damn, I really need to learn to use rockets…

  36. Always nice seeing a US vehicle doing well

  37. Buff too strong? Naw fuck them Germany suffers types

  38. That’s a lot of good tank play getting ruined 😐

  39. Now that was a heck of an intro.

  40. that intro though, that is amazing

  41. 50cals still out perform hispano in ground attack never mind anm2, its pure bullshit one way or the other. im fuckin sick of p47s as well

  42. Paulius Smirnovas

    Skill issue

  43. And we still have the Ki-102 otsu with HE only for its 57mm round and 6mm of pen and ke-45 hei/Ki-108 kai with 3mm with its 37mm gun

  44. godddayumn that intro really got me. you absolute jester

  45. Just saying the 50 calls got buffed so hard that it can now reliably pen panthers from the top

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