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Nashorn in War Thunder is a Destroyer that has the same cannon as the King Tiger! The only problem is, doesn't have the same armour and of course the crew are completely exposed!

Since overpressure was added to War Thunder this poor thing has been moved down in battle to a place where there are more fighters and even more quick reloading tanks that the 88mm cannon sometimes completely overpenetrates.

HE will send you straight back to the hanger as will . If a so much as sneezes in your general direction you're done!

BUT… when you get to the right spot, the cannon is a LOT of fun! 🙂


  1. Please play the Panzer IV/70(A), its comically low tiered, but nobody cares or plays it.

  2. Proxy fuzes would make those vehicles so much more fun to play, and considering this BR is always full of powerful props I think it would make the matches more interesting.

  3. I still wonder why you cant elevate the mg34s upwards to disencourage planes… They have anti air visors and are clearly modeled on a pivot mount. Would be nice to crit a plane before getting quashed

  4. play any of the olifant variants

  5. As a Nashorn main player (approx. 3.7m sl won and im level 37.) It is a good sniper tank. Very fun to play with.

  6. what i don’t get is that the nashorn has 2 MGs with anti air sights but they can’t elevate upwards lol

  7. the nashorn is definition the of glass cannon

  8. Every time i shoot at the Nashorn with aphe (god forbid apbc) it bounces. I don’t understand how.

  9. I always bring HE when I play 5.7 Soviet, so I can always kill German open top without thinking

  10. On those sorts of vehicles they need to make it so that the driver in the hull can’t be overpressured then put another crewman in the hull sitting next to him.
    That way even if you’re hit by HE/HEAT you have 2 crewmen who always survive.

  11. Even your sneeze was Scottish

  12. If you kill someone while using and open top it’s like you just started a timer ticking down to your demise. It’s only a matter of time until someone you kill is gonna spawn that plane and come back to bomb or strafe you.

  13. 5:58 – 6:04 “I’m not him”
    Oh the irony: 6:09
    It’s not your fault, it’s the greatest map design ever.

  14. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    Yeah but overpressure is so damn inconsistent. Yesterday I hit the barrel support with a 90mm APHE…”Hit”. Still, as someone who mained Germany’s TT when I started, this things line was pure suffering. This thing in a nutshell is the absolutely useless mg’s they enabled a few years ago. No elevation…

  15. play sons of the forest and post a video

  16. First game was a shame. And the reason why I stopped playing war thunder two years ago. People just stay around camping and not even trying to cap. Worthless team mates.

  17. It can actually excel in urban maps if you know the maps pretty well, its advantage is a very high gun placement and scope allows you to peak over a lot of urban terrain most can’t and if you find a nice building to sit in makes it very hard for planes to even notice you, trick is to find a spot like this that can cover high traffic crossings at a good distance

  18. An ace with the Leo 1 using HESH

  19. Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series

    Please can you do a gameplay of some 10.0 vehicles to show what it’s like to play at that BR after the decompression? at 10.0 you can no longer fight against the top vehicles and I wonder if it makes any substancial difference to gameplay and if that change has made the 10.0 vehicles any better in the current climate. I don’t know if it’s a conspiration or something, but every WT youtuber seems to have forgotten that such change took place and as I’m on my way to the 10.0 US ground I wonder if I’m going to suffer any less than the people who were grinding that BR before me.

  20. Hey odd could you tell us how many games it took you to get a few good ones so we can get an idea of how good the wehicle might be? I think it could be somewhat precise indicator

  21. Whenever I see someone with YT or TTV in their username, I tend to check their creds on Youtube and/or Twitch…usually they have like 3 followers and almost no content.

  22. Welcome to what 90% of us have as a game experience, continually getting taking out by air gets a little tedious!

  23. The Nashorn is one of my favourite tanks of all time, along with Waffentrager and Leopard 1A5

  24. Nashorn…..full stop. No argument there!

  25. ISU-152 pls…

  26. try the panzer IV/70 (A), just because its 4.3 with a 5.3 gun and a decent frontal armor and IT HAS A ROOF

  27. If you want a difficult challenge try playing the Churchill 1 but only using the secondary HE cannon

  28. wth how do you read it wajndnawsdsan

  29. Video 3 of asking for the BA-11
    big funni rank 1 car

  30. Horatio Scale Models

    “That guy did not angle today” Dollar would be so happy to hear you say that

  31. Katyusha overpressure

    Bless you for the sneeze.

  32. My poor Dicker Max crew knows this pain all too well.

  33. is he on the test server?

  34. I’m sorry i did not angle against a flanking nashorn, i brought shame to my decal.

  35. Wojtek Piszczorowicz

    bless you

  36. Why is it the nashorn’s 88 is lower velocity than the Tiger 2? Its the same gun with the same shell and yet its harder to range with than the Tiger 2’s

  37. I wish the 2 machine guns could cover more vertical space, to help deter strafing runs.

  38. @Jameroth risk HE overpressure

  39. Good to see that the Nashorn still can do the job – in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing – and at the same time deliver some funny comments on the way. Im impressed 🙂

  40. My problem with the Nashorn is in MOST situations you’re just better off in an Emil due to the far better gun depression.

  41. at the start bro sounds like national geographic

  42. i do believe things like the flak bus should get proxy fuse but gaijin does not know what balance is

  43. Why were you playing arcade?

  44. Well, proxy fuze would be unhistorical af… But I think it would be fun to have the crew automatically guess the enemies distancr and speed and setting the time fuze accordingly and have a decent way to manually set a fuze-distance.

  45. Dicker max, emile and Nashorn are extremely annoying to play, I’m constantly getting strafed by aircraft ruining the fun of the large guns they have

  46. Instead of giving them proximity fuses, they should give each team a radar station on the map to feed rangefinding data to AA platforms. Make the timed fuzes take their timer setting from the range you set your scope to instead of having to rangefind to a random rock or tree.

  47. Do you play in ULQ?

  48. Tristen Cardenas

    The dicker max is iconic

  49. I have been taking a break from War Thunder and now I found you finally playing the Nashorn. Despite how overpressure and CAS can shred you, I found it deceptively survivable at times due to No armor best armor shenanigans. Taking around 25 rounds empties the ammo on the sides and many AP rounds simply pass right through the top superstructure without detonating. Since this thing is not very common and not considered that much of a threat, many people are not fully aware of its layout and might fail to disable you with one shot of AP.

    My preferred playstyle is using this as a first spawn and staying somewhat close to teammates. Just enough to know that they are engaged with something and take it out if its giving them trouble. Or park in chokepoints where enemies will drive right into my sights. In my lineup, my goal is to use it to soften the enemy as much as possible before I use the Tiger to clean up the rest late game.

  50. godfatherofbloedniss

    i have the bst rounds for a long time with the nashorn. this is an awsome tank

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