this is a thing | ft. wirbelwind from hell (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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this a thing| ft. wirbelwind from hell (War Thunder Forces)

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  1. >1 out of 10 deaths it won’t explode
    Ain’t that the truth?

  2. Is this some rare footage? For *Education*

  3. I never really look at wirblewinds because i play the Kv1E, an even more armored version of the kv1, 20mm shells dont even scratch it…

  4. i like how nobody uses the good anti air for it’s intended purpose but people still complain that planes in tank rb are “OP”

  5. Wheeble wobble tho. War crimz

  6. you know if you take away the HVAP and AP rounds for AA then suddenly become balanced

  7. Ok my man let’s see the Coelian and the D13 spank some shit

  8. You said its really tanky
    But 50 cals eat the turret for breakfast
    Just shoot the bottom with a shell and dead

  9. Thank you for showcasing how obscenely OP the Wirbelwind is. Absolute murder weapon against planes, kills tanks equally well, and survivable as hell. If one of these is on the field, don’t bother flying out a plane at all.

  10. the wirbelwind can kill the IS-2 from the front on the turret ring, you should try it sometimes

  11. awesome video as always my man

  12. Ostwind pls!!

  13. I once saw 4 of this AA rape a pershing tank

  14. Beware le Pat Pat for le Pat Pat is the saltiest of AA

  15. “It takes two or three shots”… not with my Hellcat.

  16. Its not that its op, its that by the time most people use it, its when they are getting pushed closer to their spawn

    Less distance means the wirbelwind will destroy
    Any distance and its hard to get a kill

  17. YES PHLY

  18. C’mon, Phly… Let’s make japanese plane again. Even horrible, but we want to see you’re using japanese. Pls?

  19. Godzilla master MASTER

    Play the KV-1 and show the wehraboos a real heavy tank

  20. I actually played with you two matches in a row :D. A shame your sidechat is off, I began promoting communism with a few other guys.

  21. Wirble is awesome. I use it even in 7.7-9.0 easily killing ally tanks from The side And back. The worse Br For it will be 5.7-7.0 though because those American And Russian tanks get crazy with side armor.

  22. Kins Rose the Panzer kommandant.

    Ah, yes. 20 easy kills using it.

  23. I have played almost completely american tanks and I can not describe to you how much I hate being ambushed by the Wirbelwinds when in the m18. and when I’m flying there is nothing worse than seeing the green death lasers fly past you and blow up. It shuts down aircraft so fast and the survivability is so dumb

  24. Very educational phly it’s definitely gonna help me at school ha ha

  25. The_Mad_Bear 1096

    There is one tank that outclasses this tank. The al mighty KV2.

  26. the sound of the Whirbelwind guns is so satisfying.

  27. Phly! I said for you to do this a long time ago but take the Wirbelwind to top tier to hunt tank! It is possible, I killed a T64B with one!

  28. P.S, the Amos always explodeds.

  29. How do you reload like that without expending all of your loaded ammunition first?

  30. Spawn camping rat!

  31. Teamspeak > Discord

  32. jackwackogaming 145

    hey phly i have recently started my own youtube channel do u have any tips of wat i can do better if u want u can watch one of my vids at jackowackogaming 145

  33. I wasted like 500 rounds of a 20mm and 2x100kg bombs on a wilberwind. It ended in me flying away for my life… gaijin pls

  34. DO IT T34 and AD-4 for the american fun combo

  35. Are you okay Phly? You look sick

  36. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Play m4a3e2

  37. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #71!!

  38. Wirbelwind……. best tank of the war

  39. DatAmazingCheese

    She still kicks ass at 8.0 so. I would concur that this is still an effective vehicle.

  40. if one pz ii c is good 4 must be better!

  41. I can’t not one-shot wirbelwinds in a T-34

  42. Yeah SPAA is my fav during a game I’ll get more plane kills then tanks but I always get taken out by one dumb 1000+ km shot that takes out all my crew is a 100000:1 shot

  43. I bloody hate wbrwrdwdwrnd and ostind – they are damn OP.

  44. An ostwind killed me in a COMET

  45. What is with the ‘World War’ tab in his hangar?

  46. RB nightmare !!! I hate it

  47. Give me robux in war thunder.

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