THIS is BALANCE, LOL! | World of Tanks Udarniy Review

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World of Tanks Udarniy, New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Premium Tanks. World of Tanks Udarniy Gameplay and Tank Review.

TL-7, Jagdtiger Prototype and now Udarniy… This is the last tank showcase from the Asian server, were so far those tanks are exclusivly available.

What do you think?


  1. Juan José Del Pino Rivas


  2. I blame Skill for all these new prem tanks coming in. WG is just trying to give him something to do as he is marking their tanks too quickly 🙂 Thanks for the video

  3. So its a t8 obj260 i want it

  4. Support wargameing= supporting Russia.

  5. Just quit the game and try something else. Or war thunder. Stop supporting these lazy game.

  6. I’ve encountered too many of this. Even tier 9-10 struggles to pen it. The funny thing is, it almost doesn’t see matches as bottom tier because of tier 8 clustering in Asia servers, so good luck fighting against it.

    Also, if I ever see this, it almost is a guaranteed win. The only lose I saw until now were when their team were stomped hard and they’re the ones left.

  7. I think they will put these tanks as the new tanks for the Christmas boxes or at least 1 or 2

  8. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I hate this tank

  9. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Only t.d can deal with it

  10. As long as there is weak spot, Asia server players can hit it

  11. not supprised any more dez .

  12. not available now.

  13. This guy capola is larger than defender

  14. Well war gaming I’m waiting for the loot boxes.

  15. I think these new tanks might be the new Christmas lootbox rewards…

  16. looks like a dam 260 but at tier 8

  17. this tank is already running on eu servers for some people, I’ve already met him

  18. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    so dez… how’s the ASIA server meta of kemping harder than arty experience?

    or the you charge ahead to push but the guys you asked to help you just stared at you and watch you die feels like?

    i know.

    I play in that kempfest of a server. hard to be very aggressive when nearly everyone just kemp hard, use shenanigans and max spam gold at everything that moves…

  19. Played with a supertester.. he played like sn absolute retard, dude got of one shot and died.. i did 5k in my 101- lol what is the point of side skirts, 250mm+ turret and 200mm+ front if u don’t have a brain

  20. Im guessing the JT Pr, this and the TL-7 are going to be in the Christmas boxes.

  21. Ahh so another OP russian tank to just throw gold rounds at. Nothing new move on move on.

  22. Roland Yancy Dorol

    so the guy in the WG who made Obj 252 is still hangin around there.

  23. Object 252U need some buff

  24. thank you for the information and for the work done, a day as beautiful as possible and may RNG not spoil your pleasure to play.

  25. the armor is not the problem, the extremely good (for a HT) speed and soft stats makes it broken for me. having a trait that is usually for MT in a HT is outright ridiculous.

  26. So why dont we talk about its horrabile gunstats and how it gets pounded even by the own 285mm pen Heat?

  27. Thx for video. Just one note.. in the comparison you had modified Udarniy with gun rammer, food, stabilization, etc. but by Defender nothing. So the stats will not be so different.

  28. i think the udariny and ts-56 maybe will come in the boxes

  29. you should already know that there is no balancing department at WG…

    community: “its op”
    WG: “no, you have to flank it…”
    community: “on most maps you cannot”
    WG: “…”

  30. Another strong in tier and poor outside of it tank… Typical!
    Enter tier 9, see the Type 61, M103 or any 300+ pen premium firing tanks and it’s toast. Sidecraping against that pen makes it full green and frontally the gun mantlet becomes weak too.

  31. funny how i can easily kill it. hmm

  32. Armor meta exists only to “encourage” players to spam gold or lose; change my mind.
    *WalletGaming enters* : Hold my vodka; for Russian wallet tonk, we simply make all rounds bounce!!!!!

  33. We already are in world of golds so what’s the problem ? Can’t aim for weakspots ?

  34. Another Tier 8 that is really more of a Tier 9 tank. Tanks like that are the reason I’m not playing Frontline anymore. Will it come to EU? You bet it will.

  35. Loot boxes wibe

  36. Wg upcycling every gun 3d modell they have(udes 14 alt 5 gun)

    Less work more money

  37. Not enough Russian tanks in the game! They should introduce a whole new line, not a single tank!

  38. WG always suck with balancing Russian tanks:)

  39. Well lets just hope it either A: does not get relased over here or B: gets nerfed before it

  40. Not only does WG not seem to listen to the community, they also seemingly don’t learn from past mistakes.

    Releasing a premium tank and thereby disabeling themselves from balancing it properly so they make it OP in the first place. Or if not OP, then at least broken/”idiot-proof”.I guess after that there will be a new french premium that is going to break the MM next time.

  41. tier 8 Obj. 260 . . . This game xD

  42. Why so much armor on the turret if they put a huge grain on it… it’s making fun of the players like the fart of false cheifftain XI I see it as a mere act of getting money at any price

  43. M47 Imptov. medium analizer please

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