This is BROKEN – Lower Tier Arty Rant – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Went on a little rant on the state of lower tier arty. https://discord./vnVP5FK


  1. “Working as Intended” (TM)
    -WoT Devs.

  2. T5 and 4 arty can do 100-200 damage when most people only have 300, maybe 500 or 600 health. It’s kinda fucked up that they can take 33% of your health in one shot

  3. that’s why i’m on M37 now cant wait for M44

  4. Lucifer Morningstar

    so very very very salty

  5. Lefefe still has its HEAT rounds….

  6. Rembember sir foch and his rant? Better say bye to circon now that we still can

  7. joined 5 years ago. annoyed by arty. played a few games in arty. no longer annoyed by arty. stop whining and educate yourself.

    • just so everyone understands what I am saying, if you learn how arty works, you will learn how to not get hit by it. arty hits noobs and suckers.

  8. “Let’s make a support class and give it the stats of a pure damage dealer and then get really confused when nobody plays your fucking support class as a support class” let’s get mercy in overwatch and just give her bastion’s abilities too…

  9. i use this tank for the arty missions on getting top damage and xp. no splash tho.

  10. Anthony Gianettino

    Stats are one thing, the real world is something else. It simply doesn’t work that way because arty misses so often. I have an M44 and there are many many games where I don’t pen a single tank. Funny rant but it’s just a rant not based on actual results, just raw stats….the actual games always play out differently.

  11. Well… if WG fixed the mapps… Artillery could do a little more

  12. I feel you circon and anyone can disagree with me but i feel the french arty are probably the least broken cause there lack of damage

  13. The ANSWER to all your WoT problems.
    War Thunder.

  14. Also looking at the view range, its retarded. You lose 33-53 meters of view range going up at tier 10. How did this get past the early testing stage. Do they only let monkey who throw shit at the PC instead of playing test these things? Then there are all the other points circon adressed. It’s unbelievable. The balancing team of WG is literally the worst and elementary school kids would do a much better job.

  15. quickybaby on his video commented that he would prefer arties pre-9.18. like vastly more innacurate(but with the good ol’AP and HEAT shells back), but it would then lead to concentrate more on heavies, and disregard shooting at quick targets because the long reload will not pay off. Thoughts?

  16. there lies the premium French arty that would stand out even more as OP if every other arty is nerfed

  17. M44 has more dpm then tier 10 arty. Nuff said.

  18. And even if you have some armor, the Leffffffeeefe thing still only need 2 shots that it takes like a couple second to reload ….
    And you see them in game ALL THE DAMN TIME !!

  19. M44 and Leaf literally ruin lower tier gameplay

  20. Thanks for this circon, I have been wondering why m44 been hammering me in my spaghetti grind

  21. *”Arty at Low Tier still able to be played, Please Nerf.”*

  22. And the bad thing is. People will get used to playing arty and being successful at tier 4 to 6. They will say hey this is fun I’m gonna play artillery all the time.

  23. lower tier tanks have less armor then tier 9 or 10 ,they take more damage from arty. And it not like you ar 1 shot everytime.

  24. give arty ap for heavies. Decent pen, reasonable damage, ok accuracy and reload. Give them special shells that actually help (mb like AW smokes and shit) and create a decent counter battery system.

  25. low tier arty all fucking blow, its mid tier that you have problems with. tier 2-4 aren’t problems. they all blow dick. its 5-7 thats rampant.

  26. You’d complain if you won the lottery.

  27. Lovely rant- thanks for speaking truth to power. Little chance WG will listen- the game has one foot in the grave.

  28. Artillery works just fine when shooting at you. On the other hand, if you take an SPG to play, you’ll notice it misses a lot and generally doesn’t work that good…
    As for M44… I admit I don’t really play arty a lot, just occasionally, but M44 seems very derpy to me despite the stats. It barely hits anything and the number of times I hit heavies, especially tier 7 and 8, for 0 damage with it is amazing. SU-8, on the other hand, is pretty much a beast! That may be considered as OP.
    BUT, lefefefe is the real cancer! The number of those in the game is extremely high, almost no game without them (I had games with 5-6 of those, what a shitfest!)… And it has HE, AP and HEAT, around 7 sec basic reload (can keep you permanently tracked), HE pen comparable to tier 10 arty, view range of nearly tier 10 light…

  29. Lets not forget Circon, put a rammer, vents with BIA and food you can get the reload on the M44 closer to 14 sec.

  30. and the lefefefefef

  31. Goes to show you how shit T10 arti is when the T6 is so much better lol

  32. And that’s why i love my M44…
    Equiped with vents, a gunrammer and a 100% crew…
    Almost every game is in Jingles-style….omnomnomnom…?

    If you can’t beat them, join them…

  33. bUt iTs tHe bEsT nON pReMIuM mOnEy mAKeR – idiots

  34. Stop fucking moaning about artillery. Tank destroyers can one shot tanks and you are saying nothing. Arty fire he which hardly ever does full damage. The luchs at t4 can kill a tank in one magazine. Kv2 is so op in the gun it’s ridiculous at t6, but do you moan about it? No you make a ‘fun video. Make every gun the same at tier do the same damage. What a fucking crap rant.

  35. Hi Circon. Have you guys considered that the m44 gets +2, -2 matchmaking? If an m44 is top tier in a 357 match-up, the tier 4 mediums have around 350 – 400 hp, lights and td’s considerably less – my marder 38 has 270, the m8a1 has 265 hp. New players come in and encounter these m41 / m44’s fairly early in the game and often the result is “I want one of those so that I can one shot everyone else as well” – so a whole new generation of arty drivers is spawned.
    I played opposite a platoon of two m44s and one of those 1718 armoured car bullshit stories that wg have recently introduced to fuck the game up even more – the race car ran straight through to our spawn area and in a minute, we had lost two of our arty and a td. Fire support gone – please red team, feel free to yolo at your earliest convenience!!

  36. Player:”Selects t8 heavy”
    MM:”Gives him top tier match”
    Also MM:”Puts 2 m44’s (1 of them being unicum who playz for xvm)”
    Player:”Gets spammed by both of those m44″
    Stun”Gets refreshed in every 8 seconds”(if the both m44’s decide to sync)

  37. Truth Meme right here. Great work yet again Circ.

  38. Technically 1300 plus 25% could 1 shot a WT TD.

    How many tier 9 meds can 1 shot equal tier meds?

    Go down to tier 5 and play with 10mm derp guns. The problem isn’t with low tier arty. It’s with the little amount of hit points low tier tanks have.

  39. If you compare performance of e.g. Bishop on t.5 and Crusader SP on t.7 is it the same song. Crusader in stock is unplayable and Bishop is fairly well.

  40. Umm please don’t nerf M44, it’s how I make credits as free to play haha

  41. I recently started playing WoT, grinding down the IS-7 line because my friend told me to and I am having fun because I dont know what im doing but after my 10th or so game against arty I started to take notes by what tanks, classes I get killed to see if it had a pattern so I can improve my gameplay and the result is that I 37%% of the times I die in my KV-1 and KV-1S is by M44. Sure I have like 350 games, barely a 90% commander and whatnot so I fuck up regularly but if one single machine out of all of the ones I can possibly face is responsible for 37% of my deaths then its fucking broken. And thats not counting any other artillery like the Grille, the leFH or any TD whose line of fire I happen to run into because I dont know any of the maps.

  42. whoever the fuck said “its your fault you play low tiers” in chat is retarded.

  43. Dont play the game?

  44. Agreed so many tier 5 tier 6 battles ruined by arty.

  45. Circongate incoming

  46. spicy circ rant is spicy, haven’t even played wot in 2 years still subbed to circ kek

  47. Exactly, also the view range is the highest on M44

  48. *Spiderman.jpg but with Circon’s face.*
    Careful now, he’s a hero.

  49. Exactly. This is the kind of BS, that really shows how fucking clueless they are, OR they just do not give a flying fuck (or both). They have a game that can potentially survive for many many years, but every single change in the game, after the armor buffs on the super hevies have been shit, shit aaaand shit.
    PS. Defender is on sale again, go buy your bundles.

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