This is everything you waited for, supertest news! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

FINALLY! Some excellent news straight from the supertest.



  1. One of the funnist WOT vids I ever saw !!! GG !!!!!

  2. World of Russian tanks , : what you expect from Russian game company !??? More Russian tanks ,easy ..
    Nice video bro

  3. It really doesn’t make sense unless they are toying with us.
    It would be unique enough with 250 alpha

  4. Won’t ever spend money on this game again. Will probably continue to play though until it dies in two or three years.

  5. we hear at War Failing just want your money

  6. Joint facepalms across the world.. lol

  7. It’s literaly the same concept as with the t-34 shielded. Take a f2p tank, put space armor on it, sell it as a premium.

  8. *Watches first WOT content after not playing for a year*
    *Sees gold custom skinned type 59*
    *Sees the 95th IS tank and 57th premium IS tank added*
    Ah yes, just about as expected.

  9. you can never have enough russian premiums we need more Is-2 Premiums

  10. WHERE IS MY TIER 1 RUSSIA HEAVY WITH 1,800 Alpha with 9000 pen?!?!

  11. (2015) IS-2 Berlin: Slightly worse IS with premium status
    (2018) IS-2M: IS-2 Berlin with some spaced armor
    (2020) IS-2 Screened: IS-2M with some more spaced armor
    (2022) IS-279(e): IS-2 Screened turret and gun on 279(e) hull

  12. Yo bro, heard everybody loves that IS kinda tank, so yeah…we made more…a lot more. No breaks on the IS train my dudes, keep pumping them out until I say when and here’s the spoiler…I never say when.

  13. I am sick of where WOT is going. I have bought zero loot boxes (and yet reached Festive Level X). This new IS2 will do nicely with my current stable of two tech tree IS/2 and one prem IS/2. To reward WOT for this excellent new tank, I will open my wallet tonight and buy as many loot boxes as I can.

  14. I was sensing a touch of sarcasm in this vid.

  15. And this will continue until the community stops GIVING THEM MONEY for all these. But we all know it wont happen. Myself? I have stopped giving them ANYTHING. I only have donated about $300-$400 but that is all I am going to give them. Stop paying and they start paying… ATTENTION

  16. People keep shoveling money at WG, so they keep on keeping on.

  17. Oops all IS 2’s

  18. I can only upvote this one time, and that is the real travesty here.

  19. LoL m ur stupid LoL 8:21 you $ got the Russian Accent LoL. I still Love Russian Tanks, Ships, Air Planes, as An American.

  20. i was hoping for a season pass lol

  21. Are we sure this is an official WG premium tank? I ask because it looks like a Russian Ikea tank that you have to put together with an allen key that doesn’t fit.

  22. I want the bundle of all the IS-2s in the game. Of course for the low low price of 200€.

  23. This is unfair, you’re clearly exaggerating, you even had to add the KV-4 Krevslaskiy twice to make your point. F*** your biased opinion.

  24. with spalliner it will hopefully screw over arty players, at least…hopefully. too bad shielded option isn’t an equipment option. type5…shielded. foff sky cancer

  25. snowisthebestweather

    Look on the bright side. At least they aren’t adding high-tier premium artillery.

  26. Finally!
    Thank You, Wargaming, Very Cool!

  27. We need IS-2A version 2 shield

  28. Now THIS I can get behind. These are the memes I subscribed for

  29. Now that Wg has filled this massive need of the game could they finally get around to giving us a tier 10 russian medium that would be groundbreaking by wg…

  30. lol you do wonder what they are thinking sometimes

  31. I love sarcasm when used with skill and finesse.

  32. Dripping with *sarcasm* ahhhhh mmmmm

  33. Yo dawg we heard that you like armor… So we put some armor on your armor so you can bounce incoming shells while you bounce off incoming shells

  34. Ima go buy it right now!! NOT lol

  35. Hahahahahahhaaaaa! AWESOME! XD But really this game should be taken from WG and given to someone normal….

  36. I hope WG HQ gets bombed and all the employees die

  37. Whow … Finally ?

  38. When we get a KV-2 with 3 barrels and
    IS with 6 barrels?
    WG pleased……

  39. Guys I think Circon was being sarcastic in this one. I may be wrong though.

  40. How much you wanna bet WG will see this vid and think to themselves… ‘Hey look.. the player base wants more russian heavy premiums!’


  42. What would be nice imo is premiums on which you have two different guns both good but whose stats accommodate two different playstyles. Wg is the “meme” that keeps on giving.

  43. All these vodka tanks make this game unplayable.

  44. Ok, right, finally – repetitively couldn’t take more than two mins.

  45. Side bar. Wasnt waiting for improved mm where std b drivers seem to park behind arty.

  46. D25 T is my most hated gum, worst gun on the game but at same the most seen

  47. Great analysis

  48. Wait what is a is2- never seen that thing on the battlefield

  49. Also there is no premium Russian SPG. Wat tha hell?!

  50. Circasm

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