This is from your NIGHTMARES | True HORROR (War Thunder)

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This from your NIGHTMARES | True HORROR (War Thunder)


  1. Wow no views, we’ve broke it again good job lads

  2. hey phly what is the best 7.7 french jet i am about to star researching 1 and don’t want to get 1 that sucks

  3. Phly I’ve seen a lack in the American bias…we need a taste of the good ole Red, White, and Blue. Please respond as fast as you possible can…She needs you. ??????

  4. “Where the wild things are” but its an Italian pz2

  5. “WOAH, DON’T LOOK AT THAT” lmao

  6. Make a top 10 paint job design video?

  7. Phly, could you do the volcano team death match custom battle again? I honestly think that was one of the most, if not the most enjoyable video of yours to watch for me!

    Attempt #25

  8. this thing almost can not move in the snow

  9. protect thee commie

  10. dangit phly. I already said “no armor is best armor” before you even asked me..and then you go and congrate me? What kind of anime level brainwashing is this?

  11. İts take my all of 1.2 Soviet tanks

  12. You mean what is the porpoise ? of this? Yea you did

  13. Hey phly which parte oficina they US you live

  14. StalliniumServingSovietSergeiStronker

    It looks like it’s supposed to drive backwards

  15. 0:28 you genuinely scared me there Phly wth lol.

  16. God that was funny at the begging when you said clio, wait no magazine jibhaijbagehag

  17. Mr. Take Things Too Seriously

    Bangalore: “clips are what civvies use in their hair, this is called a magazine”

  18. TankDailys back!

  19. For the record, 7.62’s have had 10mms of max pen since before the pen update. Also the italian 20mm does have tiny amounts of HE filler in its AP-T rounds

  20. I feel like this thing drives around backwards…

  21. I put the number “3” decal on there sideways instead of the mouth it looks so cute.

  22. 0:27 lol I died

  23. You know, constantly disabling them so that they can’t move is probably more annoying than outright killing them.

  24. Phly can you play a low tier Russian tank? Like 1.0-2.0 cause the Italians are decimating them

  25. @PhlyDaily i know this has nothing to do with you but the tigor merch i ordered is taking forever… like it will have been 20+ days when i get it. Again i know you cant control this but like.. i just wanna know why.

  26. Protects against standard ball ammo, does not protect against steel core penetrator ammo (in real life anyways) but then again why would any tank have a full load of AP 8mm for machine guns? Weird shit

  27. Play the SU 122 BR 3.0 Attempt #2

  28. It looks like an evil Thomas the tank engine

  29. Maybe the m2a2 is finally usable in battle so yea…. play the m2a2

  30. Endurance The Jedi White Wolf

    Never underestimate the power of the M22 POLICE FORCE!

  31. When papa frank dropped the track meme machine he was talking about the Italian tank tech tree

  32. That trolling noise in the clip-magazine interlude, your joyful gobbling and typing-spasm, made me laugh, mate.

  33. Felix James Ainsley

    you havent played the aubl and the piat yet

  34. Looks like something from five nights at freddy’s

  35. Typical War Thunder Player

    10:55 “They captured Jesus”

  36. Pls try the bf 110 g2 with the 4x 20mm. I want to combine the two good thing. Plhy=good 110- g2=good. Good+good=AWESOME

  37. Come on brotha, please just do it. It’s the M551 Sheridan’s turn.

  38. Murder machine

  39. 14:38 My Hero Academia S2 end credits XD

  40. 0:27 dat sound

  41. Play bt7 please attempt 10

  42. @0:27 someone call the Asylum Phly has lost it again 🙂


    Looks like a gremlin

  44. shoot down a jet with a brummbar

  45. Garrison Outdoors and Gaming

    Can u do more loving the unloved episodes I’ve been watching a bunch of the old ones and loving them

  46. Mark Jayson Aquino Miranda

    0:38 damn that is creepy face , Watching this video at 2AM is really a bad idea.. i can’t sleep ,HELP!

  47. 14:40 Hilarious

  48. Attempt # 57 play the Churchill black prince. Slowly crush their dreams when your drinking you tea

  49. Do ka mi

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