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Source: Trepkas

This… was not actually that bad apart from the fact the tornadopocalypse happened as i was doing it…

Discord server: https://discord./Tem4rWDb


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  1. Make a fresh account and grind it free to play way 👍👍👍just to torture u even more 👍👍💀💀💀💀

  2. You sir are my fav YTer, this is such good content LOL



  4. How much money do you spend 😭😭💀


  6. You play ps4 or ps5?

  7. You already got Toptier by buying that 70 Dollar plane

  8. He Is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will. 👍

  9. Babe wake up trepkas just uploaded.

  10. You just earned a subscriber, thanks for the great content.

  11. Last thing I was expecting was me in a vid lol 5:43

  12. 3:49 ACC YOO

  13. Love these, will you do more?

  14. So play a BUNCH of F4 games in 29 hours… to unlock another F4.

  15. Meanwhile me stuck at playing T-2, because I FUCKIN’ HATE SU-25 PLAYERS WITH EVERY CELL OF MY BODY

  16. Dude you played 38 h straight in italy 2 weeks ago
    If it was only one video okay, but doing this on a regular basis is not good, you can die of a heart attack

  17. Bro got bored of life and decided to finish all of the nations in wt

  18. Bruh premium vehicle

  19. What’s the fastest way to get rp

  20. Babe wake up, Trekpas just posted! (only 9 hours late)

  21. You always make this game looks easy to play, then when I’m in game i remember that I’m just a newbie…

    Ps. Keep up the good content as always

  22. The Waffle House has a new host

  23. You need help

  24. Yo trep can u make a video how u grind to top tier French?

  25. 5:20 most mentally stable F-5C player

  26. bro is speedrunning wt at this point

  27. how old are you trep?

  28. I love that we buy these premiums and then we don’t want to let them go when we get top tier so we play the premiums more😂

  29. Next France 😋

  30. @5:00 Boss, you just killed a child…..
    *Base boosted mission complete sound bit*
    Amazing Boss no wonder why you are the best of the best, the one and only.

  31. bro i love the mems and anythings just perfect

  32. and i am grinding japan as the first nation that i choosed fom a whole year tanks and planes

  33. Bro, you’re pure discipline bro – congratz!

  34. try rust they dont let u sleep ether!

  35. 1:38 how do you get that green crosshair for bombs, I’ve been looking for that shit for a year

  36. Trepkas please make a squadron!

  37. Yes yes
    How many dicks of Gaijin employees i need to suck to get free GE to buy premium and say how much i struggle to get to top tier? 😀 Oh yeah i better ask EuropeanCuckold or other bitch that complains about the game but sucks snails dick for free shit anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  38. If u think that was hard just remember I grinded all the way to the T-2 with the premium sabre

  39. @Trepkas How you grind so fast and How you fix your self if you boring when grinding.

  40. why would you do this

  41. Cmon thats ez method , i grinded all plane of japan with an f4u a1 won in a lootbox

  42. I have a discord server now Press the link to join:

  43. i grinded to top tier with the JASDF and it took me 60 hours straight while suffering from all aspect russian missiles

  44. Bro ur body still okay?

  45. Bro didn’t grind the bomber tech tree (sad sigh) 😢🙁😕☹

  46. aaaaand he did it again

  47. I have 100h on war thunder and I’m glad to say that I actually reach rank 4 😭

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