This is MUST HAVE For STRV 103B | World of Tanks STRV 103B New Equipment 2.0

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World of STRV 103B New Equipment DPM and Mobility Setup. World of Tanks Destroyer Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of STRV 103B Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

We have back testing out some more crazy builds on Sandbox test server with the new equipment system 2.0. This time let me show you what they did to the Turbocharger equipment unit and why it is a MUST HAVE on STRV 103B, if it comes out as it is!

What next?

Enjoy show!


  1. First, pin me

  2. Hi dez !

    Damn I was so early the video has no views yet

  3. I hope you have an absolutely FANTASTIC Sunday! 😉
    What do you want to see me building next?
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    00:57 – Changes on the SB
    02:35 – First Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
    05:40 – Battle 1
    07:40 – Battle 2
    12:38 – Second Build
    13:19 – Battle 3
    16:19 – Conclusion

  4. Ello and I hope you have a GREAT day!

  5. Christian Morgan

    Second love you dez 💓

  6. Strv is my favourite tier 10 td

  7. Luka Gojkovic 2-8

    Hello Dez😀

  8. Fifth lol

  9. Today is my b-day wohoo

  10. Răzvan Partebună

    You just ended the live from twich 😀

  11. Just spend all my credits buying this TD on discount and can’t afford to put equipment on it lol

  12. what are dedicated slot for progetto 65, medium tanks overall???

  13. do 279 pls

  14. hey dez could you make stealth build e25 ?

  15. dezzzz-thebeeest !!

  16. I still want you to play batchat stock gun no premammo


  17. 101st like

  18. Turbo charger for shitbarn!

  19. Oliver Crookshank

    I dont like how there are only 1 bomus slot as it just nerfs people without bonds

  20. 16 he ammo in the first battle ? I have 5 and some times i feel like it’s too much xd

    • Kv-2 players : *nervous sweating*

    • UżytkownikBezNazwy


    • Grimmsborith1992

      It really depends on what you expect to do with them. I run unusual many HE on my E-75. In a sidescraping standoff i fire them into the rear drivewheel. Often Doing decent 150-200 damage and tracking the enemy so he is not sidescrape out as soon as i fired, often giving allies behind me the opportunity to slam one right in when the enemy tries to sidescrape out anyways.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a default ammo loadout given by WG for CC Account

    • And more gold than standard ammo while the Strv 103B is probably the last tank that needs it

  21. I just hope wheel tanks wont get any speed boost equipment.

  22. I think its minor bug. This makes it way better. The siege mode is an op stuff, which on the another hand makes it balanced.
    That +5 is a lot

  23. Snipe everything

  24. waiting for the new Equipment like…. still waiting

  25. 16HE ammo????Sure it help vs IS7:)
    Make KV2 Sniper!I mean more sniper!

  26. they need to nerf that broken spotting shit or equipment 2.0 will be a disaster !!

  27. WG:NErf ebr speed by 4 kmh
    WG:introduce something that makes a tank go 5 kmh faster

  28. Dez im wondering how will they execute when this hits live servers in matter of demaunting existing equipment on tanks we have? Will they give us the right amount of keys for every person or simply reset and remove all eq in depot by themselves? I hope they wont make us buy gold for that..

  29. kelan tuet iski tilille

    14:04 strv in a nutshell

  30. Sitting on a chair

    i dont like how “small critical damage” to the tracks (only damages but not destroys) now has the same sound as when it is destroyed. resulted in a few accidental repairing of damaged tracks. would prefer the ding sound back.

  31. in the real world, this tank had a 3sec reload and didn’t have to switch to siege mode

  32. you sexy beast, Dez

  33. OI turbochaged 😀

  34. More unbalanced put in game.

  35. It’s not Russian so it will be nerfed. Sad that they finally find
    a way to make this tank competitive, and we will never see it this way on the main server.

  36. WOW Firepower 1000+7….. Please try on FOCH B. Thank You.

  37. Uh the strv so good

  38. Instead of resolving obvious problems based on complaints of most of te players, WG is doing notorious stupidity with equipment which in fact enhances the illogicalities in the game. Amazing.

  39. “heavy tanks get survavibility”
    *cries in french*

  40. WoT is my favorite squat…hilarious Dez….Thanx for this information good sir!

  41. UDES 03 siege mode with New Equipment 2.0 gonna be nice

  42. 8:38 Did anyone else see that very strange thing the reticle did when it snapped onto the Obj277? Dunno about you guys, but it looked to me like our buddy Dez was using an aimbot to automatically target modules 😐

  43. You should test how ridiculously stealthy an E 25 can be while firing, using all the new equipment that boosts camo.

  44. With the mobility boost this might well become my new favorite tank. Being so much faster in siege mode makes a world of difference.

  45. Or they could make it auto seige mode like it’s medium counter part.

  46. why 16 HE ahaha

  47. WOW, my suggestion on stream is now a video? :3

  48. yes now maus can go 25 kmh beautiful

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