This is NOT the KV-2! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Marepbc is going to show you why you don’t have to be a sheep in World Tanks playing the KV-2 where bigger is not always better!



  1. KV-2 is kinda the daddy of tier 6~

  2. WAAAAIT thats some loong gun what is this… I have never seen this

  3. That’s not the KV-2 is the old original tier 5 KV

  4. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Great video, have a nice weekend🙂🦄👍

  5. You vill play ze KV-2 with ze 107mm gun ant you will like it!
    -Klaus Schwab

  6. This KV-2 is a sacrilege. It’s heresy!!! Burn it now!!!

  7. He wants to 3 mark it and using spotting damage to help with that

  8. Nah that guy is tryharding in a derp tank, that is just cringe overload, sorry

  9. So it’s an T-150 with worst armour and bigger turret.

  10. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Thats how I play it after the HE changes, its way more reliable when it comes to landing shots. Its not as fun as the 152 but I just play the KV2-R.

  11. Well, those guys at the end were some really well paid actors 😀

  12. Mattia Maria Gangemi

    Fury was a bot. Anyway gg for kv2, really gg!!

  13. Twentyfive lettersinmyname

    As someone who got three marks with the derp gun, this triggers me so hard

  14. 7:31 Actually, the KV-2 has the better base rate of fire on the 107mm.

  15. CRINGEEE NO DERPPP 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  16. Gold spam

  17. I’m pretty sure the 107 has slightly better stats on the kv-2 than on the t-150

  18. this is why you need to rush together when you only have few HP against lone tank

  19. they nerved the sh.t out of my KV-2R… and I am stuck with the derp gun… zzz

    • Well grind the kv-2 line it will take you maybe a couple hour to have a tech tree tank that you can configure as you wish instead of a pre made premium tank 🤷‍♂️

  20. If you want to play this tank with the 107, then you might as well play the t-150. A better tank with that gun.

  21. HE derp gun is useless now. What was old is new way now.

  22. BAck in the days, when KV-2 was introduced, you could come into T10 battles with a T1. All a Leichttraktor had to do was platoon up with a Maus.

  23. Quicky set up is everything in world of tanks lol gg to him kudos guy hysterical funny stuff watching

  24. Sadly bigger probably isn’t better anymore. Since now if you derp a tier 8 heavy in the face you’re gonna do like 0-20 splash instead of 250-350 like before HE Change. Only reason to play 152mm now is for nostalgia pretty much. Now days 107mm is sadly way better.

  25. I play my WZ-132 with the 85 mm but sometimes I like to use the 100 mm when I feel like it

  26. I disagree this gun is more accurate than the 152mm.
    Your not supposed to aim with the derp just point in the general direction and it gets the job done. 💪💪😁😁😁

  27. Unicum farming tomatos. Better make every other day videos instead of this low effort replays QB

  28. Very clean play, imo. No faffing about, looked like he had a plan and stuck to it. Well done.

  29. Even when the HE gun was viable, I 3 marked the kv2 with the 107. With such a long reload it wasn’t the best . 107 gun allowed me to play much more aggressive and consistently do damage

  30. The first time you featured Marepbc, it was the era of QuickyFetus

  31. Great game in Not the KV-2……..Hey QB, I have a suggestion to improve the game, maybe with your influence you could help get it to WG. SO new people struggle getting started with not having anything. What would you think if Clans had a “Clan MotorPool” (like a bank) we will call it. Clan member can deposit items into the Clan Motorpool like Reserves, equipment, consumables, ammo, modules, crew books and so on. Then clan members can withdraw items as needed, maybe limited to 3 items per day. It would be run by clan officers. This way Guys like myself who have extra of everything can deposit items and share them with clan mates. This would really help new people in getting started and clan members helping each other on a new level. What do you and the community think of this idea? Thanks and rock on Tankers.

  32. The KV could meet tier 9 when the game initially came out. I remember this distinctly. I once caught an IS4 that was AFK on the Abbey map and he let me put like 4 shots into his backside while he was AFK and I set him on fire and burned him to death with a tear 5 KV.

  33. He can’t do that! Shoot him… or something.

  34. What is next? Showcasing a t49 with the 90mm?

  35. Why not just drive a T-150? Better armor and same gun.

  36. Ah so this is the new meta? Nice.

  37. only 2xp less this time

  38. Why would you do this in the KV- 2 when the T150 exists and has a better hull and turret?

  39. I got my KV back in the early days, I remember getting the BIG turret and BIG gun, before the split into KV1 and KV2. But for years aftewards I’d mix up the guns, the 107 was a solid choice, but just not as much fun as the 152. Well, kinda sorta….
    I think I’ll revisit the 107 now and see how good it is (quite good it seems) post HE nerf, as I still play my KV2, but it’s rarely as much fun these days!
    Excellent game marepbc, well done!

  40. Why didn’t you mention once, that the T-150 has the same gun but as a whole better tank? The KV-2 is literally consisting of the derp gun – if you dont play it, you either have the KV2 R, or you are trolling as the guy in the video..

  41. i play with 107 as well, a week ago ace it with 3k damage up against t6 and t7

    consistent and more reliable

  42. The KV2 without the derpgun, is like a TOG with a bow and arrow. It probably will work but looks and sounds like shit…😎

  43. Eh. It’s nice to see damage and unconventional setups, but it’s quite easy to do this at tier VI with all the P2W mod cons and a wee bit of game sense…

    Not a very exciting video.

  44. i don’t understand why people play the kv2 with the 107mm when the t150 exists and its way better overall

  45. the KV-2 actually has the better reload then the T-150 with the 107mm

  46. Look at what he changes made people do

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  47. Is there any advantage to this over a T-150 with the same setup / equivilant crew skills?

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