This is not the SKORPION! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The M56 rare site on the battlefield World of yet in today's video I'm going to show you why still has a sting in it's tail!



  1. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Had some sneaky battles in the scorpion ..I highly recommend it especially with a good camo crew.

  2. Scorpion and skorpion is not pronounced the same btw.

  3. Nail biter! Way to clutch up at the end.

  4. I love the Scorpion. When I just want to have a good time and probably win, this is the tank. I use rammer, binos, and exhaust. Exhaust because bushes are everywhere, but getting to a forward bush needs a little help. Also helpful for when you’re running away from someone.

  5. I think the Steyr WT is criminally underrated

  6. Thx for sporting a “lower” tier tank.

  7. i have it i love the little monster he can hide in a lot of place other td s can not but it could use a gun buff and or gun handing buff but i still like for how small it is

  8. well its german so it would be SKOR-PEEON

  9. its been 7 years!?!??!?!?! since it was released??
    FUCK if feels like its less than 5 🙁

  10. Vgg, thanx.

  11. Scott Sluggos Rule!

    My fav tank

  12. i think you messed up your thumbnail qb

  13. Yeah a turbo or improved aiming in the primary slot for -7% is the way to go.

  14. skorpion g is terrible i sold it.

  15. This is my favorite crappy tank. It’s literally the only tank I bothered 3-Marking. Love my little weirdo 😀

  16. somehow the tank remind me of wall-e

  17. skorpion g had horrible camo rating and gun wasnt as good as it used to be.

  18. Yup have to agree. It’s such a mediocre td compared to almost every other prem td (or even other prem tank) you could get, and it sits in my garage almost never played for that reason.

  19. It’s the big brother of the UE57

  20. Thank you for showing off my favourite tank. /hug.

  21. Now imagine how much more confusing Wargaming could make things by also having the FV101 Scorpion light tank and MOWAG Skorpion tank destroyer.

  22. This game is infested with cheats.

  23. The thumbnail: THIS IS NOT THE SCORPION
    While showing the Scorpion, it was confusing

  24. I actually play it regularly because it’s a cute little thing and somehow it always hits its shots.

  25. Official Hog Ryda


  26. Played masterfully.

  27. Rotation device vs turbo? After outleaping that KV-2, good luck getting that crew into a scorpion again without a turbo.

  28. When team damage was still around, the first 10 seconds are always the most nervous moments for this tank.

  29. Before WG stopped teamdamage, I remember always having to be super careful at the spawn to avoid having anyone even brush against you in the Scorpion, otherwise your HP would be dramatically reduced even before any enemy engagement

  30. Gotta feel bad for that KV-2. All that explosive mass, and it doesn’t even have a burst radius any more. Dude got robbed by Wargaming.

  31. M56 my beloved! I love this little paratrooper’s vehicle. It’s gun never disappoints me and it’s always filling my pockets after every game regardless of the outcome! I don’t feel dirty playing it either.

  32. 7:28 not the first time the tiger went to the eastern front

  33. Nice ad vid

  34. I like my Scorpion, but every option I have has gone towards increasing the abysmal RoF and the absolutely tragic traverse – both hull and gun take what seem like HOURS to rotate 90 degrees. Although I might have left the camo net on to get above 50% camo rating. (makes a surprisingly good passive scout!)

  35. thomas peronteau

    maybe a replay worth feature since E100 is top of the tree. a good way to show that Tiger ll isnt terrible

  36. I love this tank, play it like an Alecto

  37. Gvozden Stankovic

    playing against biggest noobs in wot !

  38. The Cat's Backyard

    It’s fun to watch others have fun playing this game. Way more fun than dealing with the typical marriage level emotional roller coaster that this game entails.

  39. Tier 7 has been the Red Headed Stepchild in Tanks, the Forgotten Tier… This not only goes for Tech Tree’s, but the Premiums as well…

  40. Idk why but I think this is one of the coolest looking tanks in WoT.

    If you’re interested in this vehicle in real life I’d recommend watching the video Nicholas Moran aka ‘The Chieftain’ made covering this tanks history and function in the “Inside the Chieftains hatch” video series.

  41. This is the Scorpion

  42. I really enjoy when you play underdog tanks, the games are much more tense and interesting than face rolling with an OP death machine.

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